2013 Cash Comp

Written by Motts on December 20 2012

A few readers in the past have expressed an interest in a SuperCoachTalk.com cash comp. I’m happy to report that in 2013 we’re going to have one.

The cost to enter will be $50 and in exchange for that pineapple, you will be in the running for a range of prizes. Assuming we’re running with another 23 round season again next year, the prizes will be something like this:

$450 for the winner of the Major GF
$200 for the runner-up in the Major GF
$100 for the highest cumulative points score for the year (designated as Rounds 1-23)
$50 for 3rd (designated as the higher scorer of the 2 losing Top 8 teams in Week 3 of the finals [R22])
$50 for the winner of the Nuffy GF (the Bottom 8 GF)
$50 for the highest one round score for the year (designated as Rounds 1-23)

The league will be run by site regular AB – who we trust implicitly. He’ll hold all monies throughout the season and then transfer the winnings in the week after the final round. Obviously we’ll need payment well and truly before the season starts to organise replacements if you have a change of heart/don’t pay up.

If you’re interested contact me via the site and I’ll put you in touch with AB.

Cheers and good luck!


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41 thoughts on “2013 Cash Comp”

  1. Hoping the selection process will be determined by who has supported the site for many years Motts – that way we can have an easy kill with PA! 😉


  2. I am in… I look forward to taking ur moolah.. Also, we doing SCTTL again?? Loved it.. Its good to be back.. 🙂


  3. Would love a spot if there is still one Motts. Did u get your free pizza after I knocked off Kensington Pizza for one of my few wins this year?
    Merry Christmas to you and the sctalk team. Looking forward to sc2013!


  4. I am more than happy to jump on board, but know I have not been on this site as much as the regulars, but if there is a spot sign me up.


  5. 11 or 12 keen so far so still a few places. Most of us on holidays at the moment, but may as well get it all locked in by say mid to end of Jan.


  6. I’ll be in that Mottsy… if you’ll have me haha

    Will be good fun and not such a bad way to spend my $50 gambling allowance.


  7. OK so at this stage we have:
    1. Andy B – organiser
    2. Fishtopher
    3. Deano
    4. Dappa
    5. jimbo
    6. galoot
    7. Hugh G
    8. Stubbsy
    9. Hawker
    10. NicNat9
    11. Paul
    12. Brods
    13. Charge
    14. BJKings
    15. Shaun
    16. Harry (maybe) – need a commitment Haz

    2 spots free.


  8. OK there’s our last 2 spots filled. Can everyone email me via the site (click on About Us at the top of the page) by the end of next week and I’ll put you in touch with Andy B.

    People who’s emails I already have:

    Could the rest of you, please get ’em in to me by the end of next week?


  9. Apologies for the delay in registering the SC Talk Cash League. I have started up league 450889 ‘SC Talk Cash # 1’ and sent out invites to the e-mail addresses forwarded by Motts. Therefore please check your e-mail’s for the name abriggs@……..
    The following have been sent invites:-
    Fishtopher, Deano, Stubbsy, NicNat9, Paul, Brods, Max, Banjo, Bruno, Jimbo, Paul K, Shaun (Motts also sent one to you incase you fancy your chances!).
    E-mail Motts if you fancy being in this $ 50 cash league.
    All rules and prizes as per Motts post above. I will send a follow up group e-mail this week to all above people. AndyB


  10. Hey guys have a few $50 cash leagues running myself do so every year. If anyone is interested leave your email in comments and I will forward on the details!

    Cheers guys



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