2015 Locks

Written by MJ on August 28 2014

Season 2014 hasn’t officially concluded yet, but that doesn’t stop us from thinking ahead to next year already. Do you have any absolute locks that will definitely be in your side for the 2015 season?

One thing’s for sure, there will be a few very expensive midfielders to contend with our thoughts. There looks to be four players who will enter 2015 at over $650k (generally accepted price predictor is 2014 ave x 5394). Who are you most certain you’ll pick at this early stage?

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15 thoughts on “2015 Locks”

  1. Pendles for me, everyone else has a cloud of some description.

    Ablett – Shoulder issue.

    Rocky – A gun, but Redden and Rich to come back, surely overpriced.

    Fyfe – Too many carry over points. Could miss games for minor incident.


  2. Dyson Heppell. Only missed one game this season, and only had two scores below 90, averaging 107.5. Mr Dependable. 🙂


  3. My flog analysis :p

    Pendels is a must as always, i want Rocky but as Bails said Redden/Rich coming back so will be overpriced,

    Ward 100% gun gun
    Hanley 100% Locked
    Caddy if his DPP
    Zacharaks if DPP
    Tom Mitchell, depending on future club
    ROK if he plays on elsewhere

    Harley Bennell
    Jack Trengrove
    Daniel Rich
    Nic nat/ luey/ Kruzer
    Brad Crouch
    Buddy got his form should be one of first forwards picked for me
    Toby Greene if he can improve his DE, will be locked for DT though
    Brodie Martin/Brandon Ellis/ Ziebell depending on price
    Dane Swan/ Jack Steven/ Scott Selwood servery under priced if they have big preseasons maybe they’ll be right


  4. Discounted players:
    Rok will be a bargain.
    Titch should be getting game time even if at the swans.
    Belchambers based on discount too.
    Luey on the bargain bus again….. but keep a trade in reserve.
    NicNat if dpp, otherwise no.
    Toby Nankervis to become a Swans regular.

    Think 2015 is no ablett or dangerfield to start. Fyfe will get a gig, purely because a suspension may force a trade but doesn’t lose you $. Pendles will be a lock. Ward will be a lock. D Swallow, Ollie Wines and J McVeigh locks. L Parker likewise.

    Will we get paid extra salary cap to take Armstrong after yet another non-season?


  5. I’m looking at my first top 100 finish this year, so I will build on the lessons on 2014. So far the trend is Pendles. Some interesting stats:

    a) Ablett never fell below 670k
    b) Pendles fell below 100 once (93), and didn’t fall below 610k until round 20 (too late to get him as an upgrade).
    c) Fyfe fell below 100 once (76) and took until round 16 to get above 602k. He will finished on 18 games this year, bring his average games played per season to 16.75.
    d) If you didn’t start to get Dangerfield, you would have needed to gather enough cash to buy him before round 5, where he scored 192. Not many people are ready to upgrade this early in the season.
    e) Rockliff is averaging above 127 for the first time in his career in 2014. Ablett has averaged above 127 for seven consecutive years.

    I know where i will be investing.


  6. Now that’s what you call a tight poll! Will there be a changing of the guard amongst the elite mids next year? Or will the old firm in Ablett and Pendles remain at the helm? Time will tell, but one thing’s for sure: SuperCoach is heading into a particularly exciting time over the coming years.


  7. Deledio LOCKED into my defence in 2015,
    Roos said no way he’s getting ROK, so LOCK him into the Dees in 2015 and into your team.
    Pendlebury LOCKED.
    All others will depend on price & form.


  8. Rocky will have at least one stinker early on… owned the bloke for the last four years and there’s never a dull moment!

    So said stinker will bring the hefty starting price down, have a midpricer (Josh Caddy-like) that’ll hold his price at least with about 300k in the kit and pick up Rocky on the cheap with change to spare.

    Worth trying?



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