2015 Reflection

Written by Motts on August 3 2015

Instead of doing a leagues update today, with the end of the 2015 SuperCoach home and away season, I thought I’d give everyone a chance to reflect on the year that’s been and gone.

What went right, what went wrong, and what will you do differently in 2016?


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63 thoughts on “2015 Reflection”

  1. Where to start lol,

    Round 3:
    Starting with Gaz then Trading him to Sloane who got injured few rounds later
    Trading Goodes to Savage who was averaging 94 or so past 15 games gave me 70 scores till i got rid of him 3 weeks ago.

    Round 4: Bratel LTI another trade

    Round 6: Trading Newnes out before he starts hitting constant 90/100 scores to TMac

    Round 7: Upgrading Heeney to Barlow instead of Parker, both were the same price. Sloane Injured

    Round 8: Cripps to rockliff in hindsight was good but Rockys injury 2 weeks later, he was on my bench for 4 or so weeks.

    Round 12: Getting Wines in, gave me sub 100 scores now appears to be out the year.

    Round 17: Getting Ablett back in.


  2. I have two top four finishes, all thanks to ” super coach talk ” and your weekly advice ( never made the top eight before ). Goldy , Fyfe and Beames have been my heroes. I didn’t have Abblett at the start, but did pick him up later. I have 120k and five trades to tweek my team for the finals. Thank you SCT.


  3. I think next year I’m going to have a separate team for my cash league.

    This is the biggest problem with cash leagues imo. I left my run so late that I’d dropped to almost 30k overall by the time my team was full strength. If you try to go for overall you’re basically forfeiting your cash league because that guy who maxed out his cash cows, saved 8 trades for finals and just snuck into the 4 or the 8 (depending on how strong your league is) is going to cream you.

    I think I’ll have one cash league team to play with my mates, and one overall team that I’ll enter into an SCT league or two as well (I missed them this year cause I was overseas! =( )


  4. Lost season for mine, with injuries, lame trades, last minute outs with no backup, then a month in Spain (which wasn’t a bad thing, just made the internet a real challenge).
    On the positive, for the first time had trades into the finals. Tech team cruised all season then dropped three straight to just barely make the eight.
    I can’t imagine what the season would have been like without the expert advice of this community!


  5. Only a couple of major issues that have stopped me having a Top 1,000 placing so far:

    – A weekend of not concentrating and screwing up the Captaincy loophole
    – 2 weeks ago when I had to make Ablett C, and he scored 20

    I’m actually enjoying the SCTTL format better, and am considering getting others to structure leagues thay way. But of all the 4 years I’ve been playing, this would have to have been the most frustrating, and most unlikely for a genuine chance at the prize.


  6. Writing from my LoEC3 Mad Monday celebrations.

    Highlights from the big day are:
    * Goldy and TMitch came in matching suits ala Arnie and Danny DeVito from Twins
    * Swanny’s brought a tatto artist and everyone’s getting sleeves
    * Selwood came as 80’s English cricketer Gladstone Small
    * Fyfe and Maric are currently locked in a pub triathlon of darts, pool and TAB with the loser to recieve a buzz cut.
    * Not sure what Matthew Scarlett’s doing here by the way.

    Anyway, better get back to it, the Bont’s just walked over with a drink.


  7. This is my 2nd year in Supercoach and I’ve learnt a lot from this community. My knowledge base of footy has expanded, but I feel like I’ve made much smarter choices compared to last year, like holding on to struggling premiums.

    The thumbs poll has helped immensely many times. eg Way back in round 6 I was tossing up between Danger and Ebert who were both doing well. The SCT community helped me to decide on Danger and it paid off big time. I was worried the contract speculation would have an impact on his output. Danger obviously wasn’t worried after all.

    I also copped some terrible luck with injuries, traded out Gaz twice, Sloane twice, also had Rocky & Clark, and more recently Beams and Wines. But even the top teams won’t have a perfect season. I’ve learnt to play as smart as I can and build a team that can cope, and that even the best players can’t play on with a broken body, so don’t be too tempted.

    Not sure I’ll do too much different next year. Learning the impact of injuries on other players’ scoring output has made a big difference so I’m hoping to expand that knowledge.


  8. Finished top 4 (league) after problems early. Had Sidey, Rocky, Ablett, Wines and Big Mummy early but somehow managed to get through that and had almost full premo side with 9 trades left and money in the bank 3 weeks ago. At that point I was quietly confident.
    Then I traded Beams in 3 weeks ago (following week late out), Ablett last week (Knee) and then decided to bring Wines in this week to replace Ablett.
    I am now left with 3 trades with Wines and Beams on field with both I would think out for the rest of the season. How quickly does the game of Supercoach change? I guess thats why I love it so much.
    Good luck to those who have made finals and a warning to all, I will be bringing in Hannebery this week.


  9. Ugh, so many poor decisions – bad starting lineup, bad trades, and bad vc/c choices. Oh, and let’s not forget injuries and late omissions…

    Sigh. There’s always next season, I guess!


  10. What went wrong:

    Starting Ablett, Rockliff, Wines, Hibberd, Goodes, McGrath, Lamb.

    Trading Sloane and Smith in in Round 4.

    Trading McGovern in in Round 6

    Trading Rockliff in for Vandenberg in Round 8, which lost me my LoEC2 clash.

    Trading Shane Edwards in in Round 12

    Trading Ablett in in Round 16.

    What went Right:

    Starting Goldstein and Higgins.

    Trading in Gawn in Round 12.


  11. Best trade ins:
    Titch at 405k
    JPK at 479k
    Pendlebury at 530k
    Beams at 552k

    Worst trade ins:
    Ablett twice
    Sloane twice
    Rockliff twice
    Tory Dickson for some stupid reason

    The season highlights have been reaching 2650, back to back 2500s and this week reaching my best overall rank of 709, thanks to advice from this wonderful community. I feel like I’ve nailed SuperCoach on the head this season despite 12 forced trades. Cheers for the years and beers everyone


  12. What went right – Nothing

    What went wrong – Everything

    What I will do next year – Not play SC (taking my ball and going home)


  13. 1st things 1st……….the SCT site in 2015 has been amazing due to the involvement of so many new threads, it’s up there with the best I’ve seen in the 5/6 years that I’ve personally been involved with the amazing site. The weekly posts are informative to the absolute highest order & built around an amazing SC community, so congrats Motts & all SCT family on a sensational season!

    Talking about reflection, I don’t spend too much time on the wrongs but choose to spend more time on the things that went right…..for me it’s not about player selection, captain choice or using the loophole from week to week! It’s about the league cattasSCTchallenge league which was formed in around 80 minutes from a post I put on the SCT site 3/4 days before the start of the season

    cattasSCTchallenge league currently sits 32nd out of 29667 leagues, the final ladder seriously reflects on how great the competition was & how tough it’s been……………4th to 10th was separated by 1 win & percentage only.

    Well done to all involved in the SCT site, it’s a great community & one that I’m personally proud to be a part of every year ๐Ÿ™‚


  14. Bit of luck is the difference in my fortunate season. I was all set to start with gaj until this site pointed out injury concerns. Had a bit of spare cash do I super sized my ruck to goldy


  15. I think this season summed by the forced trades – 17 forced out of 26 to date.
    Hasn’t allowed progressional upgrades and fattening cows so leaving trades based on price (eg Sloane twice, Smith, Birchall etc) that don’t always work. Testament to this is that I still have 14 of my original squad left, some of whom would not be, under a normal trading strategy.

    I reckon a full playing squad might change next year as well. I’ve gone all season with an average 6-7 benchers playing which severely limits the loophole options, especially with the skipper if R3 is playing early. Will look at the merits of a couple more floating donuts weighing up the merits of having regular bench cover.

    Apart from being a frustrating year, it is always enjoyable to banter, read and get insight from the site, so that’s one thing that won’t change. Apart from trying to win the three leagues, I will also be hoping to get my ranking down enough to qualify for LoEC next year as well.

    Thanks to everyone and the best of British for the finals.


  16. My unofficial season awards:
    Best starter: no contest, The Great Goldmine. Played every game, averaging 130 and only one score below 92 all year. Incredible.
    Best trade in: Probably Hodge, bit of a risk at his age but he’s been great
    Best rookie: Cripps. Great player already, think he can improve too
    Biggest regret: Starting with Parker instead of Hannebery
    Best advice for next year: Just be patient – with rookies, premiums, and trades!

    Last year (my first) I finished about 78000th with a top score of 2267
    This year, I’m at around 3800th with a top score of 2641
    The difference: SCT. Thanks everyone!


  17. Midpricer failures:
    B Goodes traded out in Rnd 3
    Wells traded out in Rnd 3
    MacMillan traded out in Rnd 4
    Lycett traded out in Rnd 4
    Bellchambers traded out in Rnd 6
    Lumumba traded out in Rnd 13

    Had Tarrant from Rnd 4 to Rnd 15 yet he only made $134,000

    Rockliff was in and out in consecutive rounds whilst Sloane lasted two rounds.

    A number of rookies didn’t generate enough cash either – Boston, Amon, Tarrant, Brown, Van Berlo, Heeney.

    Still, i got married and went on two overseas trips though the May, June, July period so to be scoring like i am (332nd for the round this week) i can’t really complain.

    Still got a few leagues going and want to continue to rise up the charts in the last month of SC. Sitting 7000th so i can’t win the cash but a top 3000 finish would be a good finish.


  18. I have rules for making my Supercoach team (yes I’m that sad), 2 of which I ignored this year.
    Next year I will:
    1. Select durable, consistent premium mids in my starting side
    2. Avoiding trading injured players back in too soon (or at all!)


  19. Well let’s just start with this; 2015 has been an amazing Supercoach learning curve for me, which although I have gone through similar struggles others have, eg Gaz, Sloane, Wines and Rocky, I am confident that I will improve in 2016 and hopefully be a contender. This year I have grown a better understanding and passion for footy, watching any game and enjoying it still.
    Biggest rookie mistake, was trading someone in the opening round during lockout and trading back, ultimately loosing two precious trades
    However, silver linings such as set and leave ruckman (Goldy and Maric) and bargain steals such as Titch, JPK, Rance and TMac(while it lasted) allowed me to really rise in the year of 2015


  20. Unfortunately 2015 was my worst season ever and the first time I’ve missed finals.

    It’s easy to see where I went wrong. I counted 14 injuries including Gaz, Sloane and Rocky twice each. Throw in suspensions to Lewis, Yeo and Maric and you can see I was always behind the 8 ball.

    However the salt in the wound was not having Fyfe from round 1. Eventually got him but that coincided with his first sub ton scores of the season.

    On a bright note, had Goldstein from round 1 and was inside the top 100 for one round.


  21. My biggest mistake was also my biggest strength, in trying to get ahead of the game. Being flippant and quick with trades has left me with none left with a month to go, but also got me 2 premos ahead of most and in with a sniff of the $50k. The only way to win overall is trade early and often and hope for the best, but will probably kill you dead by round 18.

    In summary, Supercoach sucks for everyone except one lucky bastard. At least I nailed my team name this year.


  22. There is a post above RE: making two accounts for two teams. I recommend everyone to do this next season. I made two accounts this year one for overall team and one for my cash league. My cash league squad is looking awesome and have pretty much left it for the last 3 weeks with the exceptions of weekly VC/C changes. I have 6 trades going into the Finals where I am the #3 seed.

    My overall team is like my baby while my cash league team is like I adopted Usain Bolt


  23. Bartel captain round 2 probably destroyed ANY chance of overall.

    Ryder was a mistake, but we were all looking for ruck cover. Lumumba was a mistake too. Rance early was a mistake too – shoulda gone heater earlier.

    Probably bumped Newnes, Roberton and Brams too early.

    As far as injury trades i traded in Sloane, Rocky and Ablett and got a combined 4 weeks play out of them, with huge losses of cash as well as trades. Ouch.

    Some big wins too. Maric to Goldy when Maric’s peak combined with Goldy’s trough was probably the greatest sideways trade of history, considering Goldy hasn’t dropped below 127 since.

    And the rookies: Oxley teased but brought the cash, Saad and Cripps simply magnificent. Hung on to Ellis Yolmen a little too long, Miller not quite long enough. Vandenberg very respectable too.

    With 1 trade to go, a bit of dpp depth and a couple of injury concerns i should put up a bit of a fight in the finals but it’s not going to be a great year, just a passable one.

    Top 3% at present, lurking around 6000.


  24. Great posts above.

    A key learning is not jumping on mature/veteran players that hit early form when they have never had a history of high scoring (Lumumba and Van Berlo come to mind – spuds!)

    I need to learn to be a little less trigger happy with trades before and during the byes

    Best initial team picks: Fyfe, Goldy, Shaw, Cripps (and all the good rookies)
    Worst initial team picks: Lumumba, Bennell (was a nightmare with beers/drugs/injury combo)
    Worst trade ins: Amon, McKernan, Ablett/Rocky/Sloane (injuries)
    Best trade ins: Hodge, Dahlhaus, Danger
    Worst trade outs: Newnes during his bye


  25. my worst year since starting mainly due to not keeping up with the rolling lockout.

    wont be back next year unless it reverts to friday night again. i just dont have the time anymore.


  26. Started off with a great team incl. the top 10 rookies to get me started on early upgrades. Except for trading GAJ out twice & Sloan the once i have had a fair bit of luck. Only dud trade was P.Cripps to Rich prior to Rnd 3 when Cripps was out with a back & i was worried it was a start of dodgy injury issues. At the same time it got me into top 100 where i have stayed in since. Over the moon with second season in a row bobbing about the top 20 / 50 / 100, especially i have not went trade crazy this year. Now to concentrate on the cash league & even a climb up the o/a if the 38 above me fall down….


  27. Thanks to this site I’ve risen from an overall ranking of 25k (2013) to 4614 (2014) and am currently at 1612. Many thanks for that!! The advice has been fantastic!

    Was aggressive in trading again this year and I’m regrettably down to just the one for finals. And that’ll have to be used on Ollie Wines if I’m to have a full side. Not that I regret trading aggressively, but I see the cause of that going back to Rd1 & 2. I started the year with Sidebottom and Deledio who were both injured in that first round. Then I had too many corrective trades to use due to my ‘wait and see’ approach with the new ruck scoring system. I panicked after the first few games and left Goldstein out initially before getting him in prior to his first price rise. So the four trades that I’m missing now were used up at the start of the year. Other than that I feel I’ve traded fairly well in relation to gathering my ‘ideal 22’ as quickly as possible.

    Looking at most teams, we all have a very similar forward line (one, maybe two differences at the most). If I’m critical of my side, it’s that I went for too many ‘speculative’ choices during the year. Those players that I thought would make the jump to top 10 midfielder or defender that haven’t quite worked out. While they’ve been solid, they’re just below the upper echelon. It’s too many of these choices that has stopped me from reaching the top 1k. For example, taking Wines and Heppell over Danger & Priddis. Hannebery is having the season that I had hoped for from Parker. Jack Steven was originally seen as a stepping stone to Ablett (when fit) but his consistency saved him as well as lack of trades for Ablett.
    Rocky was about the only player that got injured badly enough to trade out, have been lucky there. Amon and Dumont didn’t generate nearly enough cash as I had hoped. Buddy, Docherty and Smith haven’t come on as I had hoped, they’ve been disappointing trade-ins. Wanted to get Gawn in after the byes as my R3/F7 swingman but panicked when Docherty was injured and changed plans. Ended up with McKernan and we know how that finished. I still see Rd6 as the best trade-ins for me: Jong & Ellis-Yolmen for Blicavs & Dahlhaus. Those two have been very good for the team.
    When crunching numbers for next season, I’ll be sure to cap the number of ‘breakout’ choices in my team.


  28. Wrong: Don’t ever graduate Uni and get a full time, white collar gig. Sure you’ll actually have money for a change, and it is the point of the study, but it really kills your ability to donate countless, wonderfully spent hours to SuperCoach! As they say in the classic, “stay in school, kids!”


  29. This year is so much better than last for me I have to count it good. Last year was my first and I had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t even find this site until after the season started. This year I knew what I was dong and why. I feel like I have learned a lot and will be even more aware of what I am ding next season.

    My biggest mistake was going against my logic and starting with Ablett. I let my emotions get in the way there. Bringing back Slone not so good too. Nobody coming back from big injuries for me next season.

    I ended up hurting from mid-pricers/expensive rookies. Jong sort of worked until he was injuried, Redpath was a total failure, and Goodes, bleh. Tex Walker…bleh. More Guns and Rookies, and rookies meaning cheaper rookies as much as possible.

    I think, have not yet analyzed the data, that premiums don’t care much about playing strong teams. I should have had Gray in from the start. I’ll have to rethink how to look at SoSchedule.

    Probably a lot of little things, but those are the big ones coming to mind


  30. What started as an average year, has slowly turned into a decent year and I am still a chance of reaching my goal of a 2nd consecutive top 1000 finish. Thanks to SCT community for helping me get there.

    I’ve finished top 4 in all my leagues including a minor premiership, which is awesome.

    positives and negatives for the starting squad (other than the super common moves such as fyfe and swan) would be:

    +ve : Higgins (was tossing up between him and Lumumba), Dangerfield and Cripps

    -ve : TBC, Griffin and injury hit players in Bartel (that 5), Gaz, Henderson and Lamb.

    My best trades would be getting Zorko in at 400k when he didn’t drop below 90 (before last round) and Goldy in at 510k who I don’t think has dropped below 120 since.

    Worst would be having to trade out Gaz twice. Trading Sloane in twice and out twice. And trading Rockliff in twice (thankfullly only out once so far). Also whilst I stand by my decision to trade out Bennell due to morale grounds, trading in Mckernan has proven to be a waste as I have only ever used him on field once (which proved to be plus 10 points over who I had on the bench).

    Strangely enough, I am happy that I started with griffin as I was tossing up between him, Wines and Mcrae to fill M6, and although all 3 did not pan out well, at least griffin stayed on the park.


  31. Worst starters.
    Lumumba. B. Goodes. B smith (over shaw who i still dont have). Bellchambers( complete waste of time. Would have been better off with a rookie)
    Best starters.
    Rucks-Goldy, Natanui and Read. Set and forget.
    Fyfe, danger, pendles, gray, higgins(must be said) holding newnes when everyone traded.
    Happy with gawn in the forwards providing premium scoring and ruck security.
    Hoping last week’s bennell in for Gaz proves to be season defining.

    Thanks to all on this site. Really enjoying the new threads by Father dougal, Badger and Schwarzwalder as great additions


  32. I started the year really well got to a high ranking of 231 but looks like I will miss top 1000 as currently ranked 1997.

    Worst trades
    Well I did research all preseason and choose Cripps over Van berlow. Then Cripps misses round 3 and Van berlow scores great first two weeks so I trade Cripps to Van berlow thinking I can make quick cash. I cut my losses and trade our Van berlow round 5.

    Ablett to Lewis round 2 did not work out well. I then dumped Lewis for Ablett round 17. I get Abletts 20 and Lewis has scored 150 and 120.

    Best Trades
    Priddis round 6 at $535,000. Goes onto score 196 round 7.
    Goldy round 15 for Maric to avoid a donut.
    Buddy round 13 is looking like a bust
    Wines round 10 for Rockliff

    Who I missed
    Goldy at start



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