2018 JLT Game Chat – Fremantle v West Coast

Written by Huttabito on March 11 2018

Fremantle v West Coast at HBF Arena (Joondalup, Western Australia), 4.05pm AWST


B: L.Ryan 38, M.Johnson 37, A.Pearce 25
HB: E.Hughes 15, N.Wilson 14, D.Pearce 6
C: D.Tucker 18, D.Mundy 16, C.Sutcliffe 33
HF: L.Neale 27, M.Walters 10, E.Langdon 26
F: H.Ballantyne 1, M.Taberner 20, B.Matera 3
Foll: A.Sandilands 31, C.Blakely 19, N.Fyfe 7
I/C: B.Banfield 41, B.Cox 36, M.Crowden 12, S.Kersten 22, L.Spurr 34, L.Meek 30, A.Brayshaw 8, A.Cerra 5, T Sheridan 11, J.Hamling 21, S.Darcy 4, C.McCarthy 23

In: E.Hughes, M.Crowden, S.Kersten, L.Spurr, A.Cerra, J.Hamling, S.Darcy
Out: B.Hill (injured), B.Grey (injured), S.Giro (omitted)


B: T.Cole 28, T.Barrass 37, B.Sheppard 5
HB: S.Hurn 25, J.McGovern 20, L.Duggan 14
C: L.Jetta 23, J.Redden 8, A.Gaff 3
HF: M.LeCras 2, J.Waterman 45, D.Sheed 4
F: J.Cripps 15, J.Darling 27, L.Ryan 1
Foll: S.Lycett 29, E.Yeo 6, L.Shuey 13
I/C: C.Masten 7, J.Brander 10, D.Venables 18,
L.Partington 24, F.Watson 26, J.Nelson 30, W.Schofield 31, B.Ainsworth 33, W.Rioli 44, M.Hutchings 34, F.McInnes 36, M.Karpany 39

In: C.Masten, J.Brander, L.Partington, J.Nelson, W.Rioli, F.McInnes, M.Karpany
Out: B.Ah Chee (Injured), N.Vardy (Injured)


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36 thoughts on “2018 JLT Game Chat – Fremantle v West Coast”

  1. Matt Taberner on fire so early,he is just killing it, what is that all about? anything new about the man? Freo people can you please enlighten me?


    1. Playing Ruck forward was part of his development but I haven’t checked his stats yet.

      He has had an exceptional preseason.

      He has had a couple of good games in past but very inconsistent.

      Can’t read too much into it though, it is only the weagles.


      1. At 325 on the basis of those two games he’s interesting. From memory his WAFL form was good later in 2017.

        But it’s as big risk based on his history. He’s punched out 100’s followed by 20’s before.

        Adding ruck to his duties might help stabilize him. Getting hands on ball is always a good way to keep your confidence up.

        Could well be the target Freo need, because McCarthy sure isn’t.

        Both him and McCarthy would see their games radically improve if he can hold that role and let McCarthy play the Buddy style up field roaming forward.


  2. Fremantle Dockers: 8.10.58
    M. Taberner 88
    L. Neale 82
    Ballantyne 75
    Sandilands 67
    N. Fyfe 57
    A. Brayshaw 55
    D. Mundy 54
    M. Walters 50
    Sutcliffe 49
    L. Ryan 48
    C. McCarthy 48
    N. Wilson 45
    B. Banfield 45
    C. Blakely 38
    D. Tucker 38
    E. Langdon 37
    M. Johnson 35
    B. Matera 31
    L. Spurr 31
    S. Kersten 25
    D. Pearce 23
    J. Hamling 18
    A. Pearce 18
    L. Meek 5

    West Coast Eagles: 3.3.21
    J. McGovern 70
    L. Jetta 68
    D. Sheed 48
    T. Barrass 41
    Hutchings 41
    J. Cripps 35
    L. Ryan 32
    M. LeCras 31
    A. Gaff 29
    J. Waterman 29
    J. Darling 26
    E. Yeo 25
    B. Sheppard 25
    T. Cole 21
    S. Lycett 20
    S. Hurn 19
    L. Duggan 15
    D. Venables 14
    F. McInnes 12
    J. Redden 12
    W. Rioli 10
    L. Shuey 10
    Ainsworth -1


  3. there is injury risk with sandi but could be be a R2 option till the byes and swap for Ryder? Sandi when fit can score as well anyone…


    1. sandi only faces maybe 2 decent ruckman in first 8 rounds and in them 8 rounds 5 are home games. I think I’m talkin myself into it!


      1. I think I’m gonna have to wear them.

        I might well have to go without danger. I expected his output to drop with Ablett (plus no player historically retaining that average 3 years straight – not Ablett, Swan or Rocky).

        So with the injury and Duckwood’s umpiring lovefest to rekindle in 2018, and the fact I can wriggle Kelly and Selwood in for O’Meara and Danger, I think I will dare to be different.


    1. JPK, Hanners and Parker have all gone 110+ in a season. Pendles, Swan and Beams all went 123+ one season. They all help each other.


    1. I want to do the same but surely you couldn’t run those 2 plus Banfield and Brayshaw and I’m not that confident in many rookies


  4. Fremantle Dockers: 14.17.101
    L. Neale 161
    M. Taberner 148
    Ballantyne 142
    Sandilands 112
    N. Fyfe 109
    L. Ryan 108
    M. Walters 100
    A. Brayshaw 97
    D. Mundy 94
    N. Wilson 94
    D. Tucker 83
    B. Banfield 76
    C. Blakely 76
    L. Spurr 75
    C. McCarthy 73
    Sutcliffe 69
    M. Johnson 67
    E. Langdon 66
    S. Kersten 59
    D. Pearce 55
    B. Matera 53
    A. Pearce 45
    J. Hamling 38
    L. Meek 12

    West Coast Eagles: 5.9.39
    L. Jetta 112
    J. McGovern 104
    T. Barrass 76
    Hutchings 72
    D. Sheed 69
    T. Cole 68
    L. Duggan 64
    M. LeCras 64
    J. Darling 63
    A. Gaff 61
    J. Cripps 61
    E. Yeo 60
    S. Lycett 55
    J. Redden 54
    J. Waterman 53
    S. Hurn 51
    B. Sheppard 48
    L. Ryan 46
    D. Venables 42
    L. Shuey 24
    F. McInnes 23
    W. Rioli 11
    Ainsworth 8


    1. Yep. Same applies for Shaw, Hibberd, Simpson etc.

      There seem no true premiums in defence. They all come with risk.

      Even the second string like Sicily, Marchbank etc have put in one good and one bad.

      Makes me feel like going for Jake Lloyd but I doubt he will be quite top 10 material.

      Scary but Liam Jones is as close to premium as we have seen in two games of JLT.


      1. I can’t remember if I’m thinking correctly here but if you take out the game where Lloyd scored like 5, wasn’t he a top 5 DEF. I’d say he’s underpriced for his level of play. Consistently almost near the 100.


        1. He does lose a lot of points when McVeigh is playing, though.

          Obviously I would never wish injury upon anybody, but if something were to happen in that regard between now and round 1, I would lock in Lloyd in a heartbeat.


  5. Shne a lock for me; hasn’t looked fully confident or comfortable in his 2 games and he’s still scoring well, can’t waot for him to warm up and improve through the year


      1. More to the point, how are we supposed to pronounce it!? They could at least have given him a vowel (the silent one at the end doesn’t count).


  6. Wrong game, but does anyone know if Nic Nat played more in the Fwd or Ruck?

    Interested to know if Lycett gets more of the ruck duties.


    1. Probably until NicNat is prepared to jump properly.

      I think He’ll be ok. 33 hitouts in 3 quarters.

      But it’s a season defining risk imho, so unless you are gonna keep enough cash to upgrade to a premo if he fails, or are prepared to drop back to Sandi, or Lycett (who will only get the gig until Vardy returns) it’s a no go zone for me.

      Hmmm. Holding my Stef Martin cash but putting NicNat on the field might be the go.

      If he plays at least 3 quarters in a second WAFL game it might be a ballsy move



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