2018 JLT Game Chat – Geelong vs Essendon

Written by Huttabito on March 11 2018

Geelong v Essendon at Central Reserve (Colac, Victoria), 1.05pm AEDT


B: T.Stewart 44, H.Taylor 7, J.Thurlow 40
HB: Z.Tuohy 2, J.Kolodjashnij 8, J.Bews 24
C: B.Parfitt 3, J.Selwood 14, M.Blicavs 46
HF: T.Kelly 11, S.Menegola 27, J.Parsons 34
F: C.Gregson 28, T.Hawkins 26, D.Menzel 10
Foll: R.Stanley 1, P.Dangerfield 35, M.Duncan 22
I/C: W.Buzza 12, C.Constable 18, J.Cunico 31, C.Guthrie 29, Z.Guthrie 39, G.Horlin-Smith 33, J.Jones 41, G.Miers 32, Z.Smith 9, J.Murdoch 21, M.O’Connor 42, E.Ratugolea 17

In: H.Taylor, B.Parfitt, J.Selwood, P.Dangerfield, M O’Connor
Out: L.Fogarty (omitted)


B: B.McNiece 41, P.Ambrose 29, M.Gleeson 8
HB: A.Saad 42, M.Hurley 18, B.Goddard 9
C: D.Zaharakis 11, Z.Merrett 7, A.McGrath 1
HF: D.Smith 5, J.Stewart 17, A.McDonald-Tipungwuti 43
F: J.Green 15, J.Daniher 6, C.Hooker 26
Foll: T.Bellchambers 2, J.Stringer 25, D.Heppell 21
I/C: D.Parish 3, C.McKenna 45, J.Houlahan 24,
J.Begley 16, S.McKernan 44, M.Guelfi 35, D.Myers 23, J.Long 34, M Dea 49, D.Clarke 37, M.Baguley 12, J.Merrett 20

In: M.Hurley, J.Stewart, C.Hooker, T.Bellchambers, D.Myers, B.McNiece, J.Houlahan, M.Guelfi, D.Clarke
Out: M.Brown (injured), M.Hartley (omitted), M.Leuenberger (omitted), K.Langford (omitted), S.Draper (omitted)


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43 thoughts on “2018 JLT Game Chat – Geelong vs Essendon”

  1. Gazza has really thrown a curveball here as i wanted to see where he would play and who would be moved around and if it caused an effect on other sc relevant players. Now i just have to take more of a gamble on round 1 to see what happens 🙁


  2. Also

    GEELONG will be without important midfielder Sam Menegola and speedster Jordan Murdoch for Sunday’s JLT Community Series clash against Essendon at Central Reserve in Colac.

    They have been replaced by George Horlin-Smith and Jordan Cunico.
    It is believed Horlin-Smith and Cunico will play limited game time in the main match, with the pair set to run around in the VFL fixture against Essendon’s VFL team later in the afternoon.

    It is understood Menegola pulled up sore after training on Friday and the Cats decided to take no chances with his fitness ahead of a big round one clash against Melbourne on March 24, while it is unclear why Murdoch is a late withdrawal.


  3. Bellchambers looking good. I’ve been thinking of selecting a cheaper Ruckman t9 go with Gawn until Ryder has his R10 bye. Then I trade out cheap Ruckman for Ryder. Bellchambers is putting his hand up!


      1. Not a chance. Bellchambers is easily number one ruck only injury keeps him from that and with Joey chipping in. Leunberger wont play unless there is injury. Mckernan almost ahead of Berger


          1. Not sure they are very confidential on it but it wasnt from a tackle or anything. He just kicked the ball into the 50 and then he was limping off. Boots came straight off and when into a room for a massage I think.


  4. Geelong Cats: 7.5.47
    M. Duncan 73
    J. Selwood 69
    C. Guthrie 62
    M. O’Connor 62
    D. Menzel 56
    M. Blicavs 56
    Dangerfield 50
    T. Hawkins 49
    Kolodjashnij 47
    T. Kelly 47
    G. Miers 45
    H. Taylor 44
    Z. Smith 38
    Constable 35
    T. Stewart 32
    Z. Guthrie 30
    B. Parfitt 28
    Z. Tuohy 28
    J. Thurlow 25
    J. Parsons 25
    J. Bews 23
    Horlin-Smith 21
    J. Jones 13
    R. Stanley 8
    Ratugolea 3

    Essendon Bombers: 8.2.50
    Z. Merrett 74
    Bellchambers 58
    Zaharakis 53
    B. Goddard 45
    D. Smith 43
    D. Parish 40
    J. Stewart 36
    D. Myers 36
    C. McKenna 34
    D. Heppell 32
    A. McGrath 31
    M. Gleeson 30
    M. Hurley 27
    J. Daniher 27
    P. Ambrose 27
    C. Hooker 26
    A. Saad 26
    B. McNiece 23
    J. Stringer 23
    J. Green 20
    M-Tipungwuti 6
    J. Begley 2


  5. Danger left calf injury and will have a scan during the week. Nothing serious but could miss round 1. Dont rule him out though, he played that one quarter like the Dangerfield of old.


  6. if danger only gonna miss rd 1 would you keep him? im only worried about my league results which is head to head and starts in rd 2
    dont want to waste a trade to get him back in – essential in my eyes after just that quarter


  7. Mitch Duncan is one of if not the most under rated player in the comp in my opinion. Goes about his work every game no matter who else is in the midfield with him. (106 3qtr time)

    Zac Smith is intriguing. Currently on 80 at 3qtr time (however he has only played 2 quarters). Without Stanley he averages near 100 and with Stanley out for a few weeks with a calf and a R2 option not jumping out his someone to think about.

    Zac Merret showing no signs of concussion with 100 at 3qtr time.

    Michael Hurley not filling me with confidence but with Laird, Hibbo and Sicily im lost who else to get.


    1. Then he is $603.k and imagine who else you can get for that amount. I agree he will give you a decent 100 pts average but I doubt he will dish the 130+ points when Abblett, Jelwood and Danger are Around… This year heaps of the ball will go through Ablett so It is smart to waste a trade but wait and see


    2. I’m going McGrath at D3 over Sicily.

      McGrath is cheaper.,a high draft pick and a future captain at the Dons.

      He seems to be playing more a high half forward/ wing role.

      He has way more upside for me.

      I’m hoping he is a keeper.


  8. Howe should be a Top 10 defender so consider him.
    However , you will pick Howe up cheaper throughout the season as he will be tagged in some games. Therefore , throw in a few stinkers. I had him last year and he can go large though.


  9. Geelong Cats: 15.7.97
    M. Duncan 141
    J. Selwood 107
    M. Blicavs 99
    H. Taylor 99
    Z. Smith 98
    J. Thurlow 94
    T. Hawkins 93
    T. Stewart 93
    D. Menzel 89
    C. Guthrie 87
    Kolodjashnij 83
    Horlin-Smith 82
    Z. Guthrie 73
    T. Kelly 68
    Z. Tuohy 68
    Constable 67
    M. O’Connor 66
    J. Bews 50
    G. Miers 45
    Dangerfield 44
    B. Parfitt 33
    J. Parsons 28
    J. Jones 24
    J. Cunico 16
    R. Stanley 6
    Ratugolea 5

    Essendon Bombers: 15.11.101
    Z. Merrett 141
    B. Goddard 105
    D. Myers 91
    J. Stewart 86
    D. Parish 82
    D. Smith 80
    J. Green 80
    A. McGrath 80
    Zaharakis 75
    Bellchambers 74
    M. Hurley 72
    D. Heppell 71
    C. McKenna 70
    M. Gleeson 50
    M-Tipungwuti 49
    P. Ambrose 44
    J. Stringer 42
    C. Hooker 40
    J. Daniher 40
    S. McKernan 40
    J. Long 37
    A. Saad 30
    J. Begley 27
    B. McNiece 26


  10. How do McKernan and Long score that many points when they came on half way through the last quarter and had three possessions each?
    Just shows how much a late goal in a close match is worth compared to a goal early in the game.


    1. “Patrick Dangerfield injured his hamstring in the first quarter of the JLT loss to Essendon in Colac. He will have scans on the injury but it appeared likely to sideline him for several weeks.” – Many news articles.



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