2018 JLT Game Chat – Richmond v North Melbourne

Written by Huttabito on March 7 2018

Richmond v North Melbourne at Ikon Park, 7.05pm AEDT


B: A.Rance, D.Astbury, D.Grimes
HB: N.Vlastuin, N.Broad, B.Ellis
C: S.Grigg, S.Edwards, T.Cotchin
HF: J.Castagna, J.Graham, C.Ellis
F: J.Riewoldt, J.Caddy, D.Butler
Foll: T.Nankervis, K.Lambert, D.Martin
I/C: R.Conca, S.Bolton, J.Townsend, K.McIntosh, J.Short, I.Soldo, C.Moore, S.Lloyd

Emerg: A.Miles, J.Higgins, R.Garthwaite, M.Chol

In: S.Lloyd, N.Broad, C.Moore, I.Soldo
Out: B.Houli (calf soreness), J.Higgins, M.Chol, R.Garthwaite

Notable absentees: Bachar Houli, Daniel Rioli, Dion Prestia


B: M.Williams, R.Tarrant, R.Clarke
HB: J.Macmillan, S.Thompson, S.Atley
C: B.Hartung, L.Davies-Uniacke, B.Jacobs
HF: M.Wood, J.Waite, J.Ziebell
F: T.Garner, B.Brown, K.Turner
Foll: T.Goldstein, S.Higgins, B.Cunnington
I/C: T.Dumont, M.Hibberd, N.Hrovat, T.Murphy, B.Preuss, J.Simpkin, E.Vickers-Willis, C.Zurhaar

Emerg: B.McKay, M.Daw, P.Ahern, S.Durdin 24

In: M.Wood, T.Garner, J.Simpkin, B.Preuss, T.Murphy, J Macmillan
Out: A.Morgan, B.McKay, L.McDonald (rested), N.Larkey, S.Durdin, M.Daw

Notable absentees: Majak Daw, Luke McDonald, Jed Anderson, Sam Wright


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44 thoughts on “2018 JLT Game Chat – Richmond v North Melbourne”

  1. Couldn’t make the game tonight but both teams look close to full strength. Tough ask for North against the reigning premiers. Still no Ahern which is a red flag. Interest in LDU, Hibberd and Jacobs plus Goldy/Preuss.


    1. Many forward lines still rocking and banking Higgins/Ahern. The list of rookies to choose from when you take those out are very underwhelming.

      Brad Scott’s last presser seemed pretty clear that they just want game time into Ahern and don’t care about performance, which to me hints early VFL game time.


  2. Can Preuss go on a holiday for the season so i can select Goldy with confidence and watch him score tonnes.

    Preuss sitting on the bench for the first half. Meanwhile Goldy flying on 59 points with 8 minutes to go in the second quarter


    1. A better alternative would be to have Goldstein go on holiday. Then we could all start Preuss and save lots of $$$.


  3. Think LDU is off the table as a rookie selection as he is on 15 points from 5 disposals and that just won’t cut it


    1. Agree. Said that after JLT1.

      I Don’t wanna be mean to the young fella so early on, but North themselves said it.

      So, if he’s the future of North then North is in deep deep trouble.


      1. Bit early to judge him after 2 Jlt games. See how he is going after 50 AFL games and then make a choice on his future.


        1. Which is my point exactly, when after recruiting him, with a grand total of 0 games under his belt, they were talking about him being a future club captain.

          To me it’s looking like Jack Watts all over again.

          Not good for the club, not good for him.


          1. Dangerfield, when drafted while doing year 12 had huge wraps on him here in SA and he delivered in every sense as a player.

            They are showing their confidence in him which some players thrive on. Don’t know the guy so can’t comment on if it will help him,time will tell.

            Nothing wrong with drafting a kid and giving him the world if you believe he is the guy to lead you into the new era.


            1. I think people have been a bit harsh on Tambling over the years, he was pick 4 not pick 1 and he played over 100 games for Richmond, other people were picked in that draft before Buddy and although they all had longer and more illustrious careers than Tambling has anyone matched Buddy ?


  4. Richmond Tigers: 8.6.54
    Nankervis 69
    J. Caddy 66
    T. Cotchin 48
    J. Short 46
    D. Martin 45
    K. Lambert 45
    D. Astbury 43
    K. McIntosh 42
    J. Riewoldt 41
    S. Lloyd 41
    N. Vlastuin 40
    S. Grigg 31
    S. Bolton 31
    S. Edwards 27
    C. Ellis 26
    A. Rance 26
    R. Conca 26
    D. Butler 25
    J. Graham 25
    D. Grimes 20
    B. Ellis 17
    I. Soldo 16
    J. Castagna 13
    J. Townsend 11
    N. Broad 1
    C. Moore 1

    North Melbourne : 4.7.31
    M. Williams 77
    S. Higgins 73
    J. Ziebell 65
    Goldstein 57
    Macmillan 47
    R. Tarrant 45
    Cunnington 44
    B. Brown* 43
    K. Turner 42
    B. Jacobs 41
    B. Hartung 41
    M. Wood 38
    V-Willis 33
    N. Hrovat 32
    M. Hibberd 31
    J. Waite 31
    S. Thompson 29
    J. Simpkin 26
    T. Garner 25
    S. Atley 20
    D-Uniacke 15
    R. Clarke 10
    T. Dumont 1
    B. Preuss 1
    C. Zurhaar 1


  5. At least Higgins is a mid only so we’re less likely to get sucked in this time round. That said, he’s a 505K POD …..


  6. Richmond Tigers: 19.14.128
    Nankervis 132
    J. Short 115
    J. Caddy 115
    K. Lambert 109
    T. Cotchin 83
    N. Vlastuin 82
    D. Martin 80
    K. McIntosh 79
    J. Riewoldt 77
    D. Butler 70
    D. Astbury 66
    S. Lloyd 65
    S. Edwards 63
    B. Ellis 62
    S. Grigg 61
    S. Bolton 58
    J. Graham 58
    J. Townsend 58
    C. Ellis 56
    J. Castagna 50
    R. Conca 47
    A. Rance 44
    I. Soldo 42
    D. Grimes 36
    C. Moore 22
    N. Broad 15

    North Melbourne : 8.10.58
    S. Higgins 120
    M. Williams 119
    J. Ziebell 105
    Macmillan 90
    R. Tarrant 88
    Goldstein 82
    B. Jacobs 72
    Cunnington 70
    B. Hartung 66
    K. Turner 65
    B. Brown* 62
    J. Waite 61
    S. Thompson 57
    M. Wood 54
    V-Willis 52
    S. Atley 50
    N. Hrovat 47
    M. Hibberd 47
    R. Clarke 44
    D-Uniacke 43
    B. Preuss 39
    J. Simpkin 32
    T. Garner 30
    C. Zurhaar 22
    T. Dumont 21
    T. Murphy 15


  7. Josh Caddy- 132 in the first game, 115 in the second

    TU: potential breakout year (priced at 419,000)
    TD: just some good preseason form- won’t carry over to the regular season


  8. I don’t know how lambert went JLT1 but he looked terrific tonight! he may be a great POD instead of devon or walters?


    1. Was an impressive game tonight, however struggled in JLT 1 only scoring 78 i believe, but hey, thats why its called Mid price Madness


    2. I am considering the same thing. Good scores post bye (last year), strong 2017 finals series, and third in Richmond’s B&F. Tempting…


  9. What are the odds of Soldo getting a regular game? 42 is not spectacular, but at $228,300, it could be worth coughing up a bit more for a playing R3.


    1. After the swans losing Naismith and Tippett, and Sinclair not being the world’s greatest ruckman, wouldn’t Darcy Cameron be a better option?


      1. It depends. The best option, if one wants a playing R3, is somebody who is going to play every week.

        Will Cameron do that? I don’t know. Will Soldo? Again, I don’t know… that’s why I’m asking.


        1. Jack, given the uncertainty at present over the rookies, it starts looking like picking Cameron at R3 and a not for round 1 starter, but certain to get future game time, like Ahern or Worpel for loophole purposes starts to be a possibly very smart move.

          The critical time for loopholing is usually until round 6-8, after which injuries and resting rookies tend to give you extra loophole possibilities anyway.

          Something I am tossing up, given the ease of using dpp to cover fwd/mid, but the extreme difficulty of covering rucks other than a sideways trade.

          Given Sydney play a lot of Sunday games, even if Cameron ends up at R3 and not playing he’s not that bad a loophole option, much as Olango is better.


        1. Yeah, but was only iced up. Should be good for the coming JLT.

          At the moment I’m leaning more to Lycett for R2, with Vardy out 4-6 weeks and NicNat whenever.

          But if I get confirmation on how long Longer is out, Hickey might be better.


          1. Longer looks only out for one week, should be available for round 1.

            Of course, considering St Kilda have 2 no 2 rucks and no number 1, who knows how they will line up.


  10. Can I also just say that as a Carlton member, I’m not sure I am entirely comfortable with having non-Carlton games played at Princes Park. I don’t mean to sound territorial, but we’re talking about the most sacred site in Carlton Football Club lore.

    The AFL had better be paying us for this.


    1. The AFL may have thought it prudent to afford the starving locals a taste of some quality football, as part of their community welfare strategy.


      1. Well, we do have an AFLW match this weekend. And we had a Carlton JLT game there this time last week.

        In any case, it’s not like it’s the first time the ground has hosted non-Carlton games. I wasn’t thrilled about it then, and I’m not thrilled about it now, but it’s not the end of the world.



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