2018 JLT Game Chat – Western Bulldogs v Hawthorn

Written by Huttabito on March 3 2018

Western Bulldogs v Hawthorn at Mars Stadium Ballarat, 2.05pm AEDT


B: E.Wood 10, Z.Cordy 12, A.Naughton 33
HB: J.Johannisen 39, M.Adams 25, H.Crozier 9
C: L.Hunter 7, L.Dahlhaus 6, B.Dale 31
HF: T.Liberatore 21, L.Jong 46, M.Suckling 1
F: M.Bontempelli 4, J.Trengove 8, M.Honeychurch 22
Foll: J.Roughead 23, T.McLean 16, J.Macrae 11
I/C: J.Dunkley 5, J.Schache 13, L.Webb 19, S.Biggs 24, B.Williams 34, C.Daniel 35, L.Picken 42, T.English 44

Emerg: T.Boyd 17, F.Roberts 18, T.Dickson 29, J.Redpath 43

Notable absentees: Mitch Wallis, Clay Smith, Dale Morris


B: B.Stratton 24, T.O’Brien 23, S.Burgoyne 9
HB: B.Hardwick 15, J.Sicily 6, R.Burton 5
C: I.Smith 16, L.Shiels 26, R.Henderson 31
HF: L.Breust 22, R.Schoenmakers 25, J.Impey 4
F: P.Puopolo 28, J.Roughead 2, J.Gunston 19
Foll: B.McEvoy 7, T.Mitchell 3, J.O’Meara 10
I/C: M.Pittonet 27, D.Mirra 32, H.Morrison 35, B.Whitecross 11, D.Howe 17, T.Duryea 8, O.Hanrahan 41

Emerg: T.Miles 42, J.Cousins 46, J.Worpel 38, C.Nash 45, C.Glass 44

Notable absentees: Grant Birchall, Cyril Rioli, James Frawley, Jono O’Rourke, Will Langford


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31 thoughts on “2018 JLT Game Chat – Western Bulldogs v Hawthorn”

  1. Apart from rookies I wanna see what happens with Dahlhaus, McLean and Wallis how much time they all spend mid and forward.
    What role Burton plays? I’m feeling he spends a bit of time in the mids.
    Just who in the Hawks plays forward, because everyone seems to be playing in defence…


    1. with Wallis out it may give skewed results on the other 2 and where they play. I’m also looking at this and also Sicily and whether he plays fwd at all. I’m also watching O’meara to see how many he will burn this year 😉


  2. Dahlhous 27 at QTR time playing in the midfield however handball happy as usual (6 possessions , 5 handballs)

    Bulldogs playing Easton Wood, Bont and Macrae down forward for patches of the quarter.
    Macrae has 67 points at quarter time!!! Only in 1% of teams and would make a great POD


      1. Macrae is playing like last year and scoring well but without the dpp status he has been forgotten about. Can see him as a nice pod, but im not sure how they will play him as you said they have bont and wood also in the fwd line. If Wood goes back to defence that creates a gap so does that give macrae more time there.


        1. 100% agree with you. Wood has barely touched it down forward so wouldn’t be surprised to see him return to defence. Interesting that Schache hasn’t gone on the field yet surely he will get a run this half in the forward


  3. Different defensive game style by the hawks. Less kicking and more handball to take the ball from defence. Might mean less points for Sicily who is only on 14 at Qtr time with 0 marks.


    1. Doesn’t score enough tons for the premium bracket in my opinion. Can go missing for large chunks of games. He also doesn’t rack up a lot of the ball. 11 times last year he had 22 touches or less. To take him over blokes like Danger, Titch, Fyfe, Martin, Crouch and Kelly who all get 30 plus often and kick goals I think is an unnecessary risk. But that’s just my thinking. Some would say they think he could improve on his average of 105-107 but I don’t know. Unnecessary risk to find out I think.


      1. He is my M4 I have Danger, Martin and Fyfe and he is 100K less than Mitchell who I can’t afford. I am happy to start him at $577K.


        1. Cripps is cheaper again I think way more likely to average 110+ than what Bontempelli is so if it’s about price I think Parker and Cripps are better options


          1. yeah I think you are right looking at his 100s last two seasons, I already have Cripps but I can afford TMitch for bont if I go touhy to Sicily.


  4. Western Bulldogs : 7.3.45
    J. Macrae 80
    Bontempelli 58
    B. Williams 57
    Z. Cordy 53
    J. Dunkley* 48
    B. Dale 47
    M. Adams 44
    M. Suckling 42
    H. Crozier 42
    Honeychurch 41
    Liberatore 38
    T. McLean 37
    C. Daniel 34
    A. Naughton 33
    Johannisen 33
    S. Biggs 33
    J. Roughead 29
    L. Dahlhaus 29
    J. Trengove 27
    L. Picken 21
    L. Jong 19
    E. Wood 6
    L. Hunter 2
    J. Schache 0

    Hawthorn Hawks: 8.5.53
    T. Mitchell 73
    Schoenmakers 64
    J. Sicily 63
    J. Roughead 51
    I. Smith 45
    L. Breust 43
    O. Hanrahan 41
    P. Puopolo 38
    B. Hardwick 37
    J. O’Meara 36
    M. Pittonet 35
    B. McEvoy 34
    D. Howe 30
    Whitecross 29
    J. Gunston 29
    Henderson 27
    L. Shiels 27
    T. O’Brien 26
    R. Burton 25
    T. Duryea 24
    J. Impey 23
    S. Burgoyne 22
    B. Stratton 19
    D. Mirra 0
    H. Morrison 0


  5. Concerned with Dahlhaus after that 2nd quarter only 2 possies and 8 for the game. Has no tackles either and spent a lot of time in the fwd line that quarter. No Wallis in the team either so unsure if that will equate to even more fwd time for Dahlhaus but this is just the same as last year


  6. Is it just me or is the scoring getting more and more ridiculous…

    I know he’s got 3 goals but surely Shoenmakers shouldn’t be on 79 points with 7 touches and a clanger?


    1. seems a little too much but 6 contested possies. 1 clearance, 3 marks (probably contested), 2 tackles, 2 hit outs and no clangers.


  7. Anyone interested in Crozier. Looks clean and composed and Bevo using him off half back. If that happens all season with JJ pushing up the ground he could be a great forward option considering there is so little guaranteed point getters in the forward line this season.


  8. Jesus my no dickheads policy is going to be pissed at me Sicily is killing it out there cheap d4/f4 to much value to ignore i think


    1. I have the same policy but you’re right. Their seems to be some value in it. I don’t bat that deep in forward line or backline in current side though


    2. The main reason keeping him out is the same reason as Toby Greene. Since there is no early guilty plea that drops a week. Will he miss any games because of his emotions?


    3. Haha my exact thoughts. My main concern (other than him being a dickhead) is that he becomes a swing man who plays fwd when the Hawks are struggling to score. Not sure if this is a genuine concern or I’m just making up reasons to keep him out of my side.


    4. I look at his numbers and wonder why I haven’t got him. Then he gives away another 50m penalty or does something similarly stupid, and I remember why he wasn’t there in the first place.


  9. Western Bulldogs : 15.10.100
    Bontempelli 126
    J. Macrae 114
    J. Dunkley 110
    B. Williams 104
    Liberatore 100
    T. McLean 98
    S. Biggs 92
    H. Crozier 86
    Johannisen 84
    M. Suckling 80
    M. Adams 79
    Z. Cordy 79
    J. Trengove 78
    L. Dahlhaus 76
    Honeychurch 74
    B. Dale 73
    A. Naughton 64
    L. Hunter 59
    L. Picken 47
    C. Daniel 41
    E. Wood 41
    J. Roughead 35
    L. Jong 31
    J. Schache 16

    Hawthorn Hawks: 11.12.78
    T. Mitchell 119
    J. Sicily 114
    Schoenmakers 95
    J. Roughead 81
    J. O’Meara 79
    L. Breust 79
    I. Smith 73
    L. Shiels 68
    S. Burgoyne 67
    B. McEvoy 63
    T. O’Brien 59
    T. Duryea 59
    Whitecross 56
    D. Howe 55
    B. Hardwick 54
    P. Puopolo 53
    Henderson 53
    J. Gunston 45
    R. Burton 45
    M. Pittonet 44
    O. Hanrahan 43
    B. Stratton 40
    J. Impey 39
    D. Mirra 16
    H. Morrison 15


  10. I love how we’re contemplating weather or the not the Bont is a good selection and he pulls put a lazy 126



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