2018 Player Review – Clayton Oliver

Written by Thommo on March 2 2018

She is clearly batting above her average!

Position: Midfielder

2018 Price: $612,800

2017 Average: 111.5

2017 Games: 22

Past Averages (2016): 70

DOB: 22 July 1997

Bye Round: 13


In the 2017 preseason Clayton Oliver spent most of his time in the midfield. Being only in his second season, many Supercoaches predicted either a trap or a case of the second year blues for Oliver.

Given Oliver didn’t score a single century in his first season, this theory was understandable but complelely wrong!

The smart Supercoaches who jumped on to the Clarrie bandwagon based on his role and preseason form enjoyed one of the most amazing second year break-outs in the history of fantasy football. Oliver played every match for the year, averaged 30 possessions, 3 marks and 7 tackles and did not drop below 80 SC points for the entire season.



  1. As mentioned above, Oliver has an amazingly low standard deviation, scoring over 100 SC points on 17 occasions, in the 90s on 4 occasions and 80 points once. In his sole 80 point game he spent most of the first quarter on the bench for some reason.
  2. Oliver appears durable, playing all 22 matches last season.
  3. He is a contested ball beast meaning he is made for Supercoach.
  4. After only two seasons, he already has a high score of 170 SC points (against the Roos in Round 17).
  5. Given he has only played 35 matches, Oliver has a lot of improvement to go.
  6. He has a handy bye round.
  7. He hasn’t received a lot of attention yet but he seemed to cope with a tagger when Hutchings tried in Round 14 (he scored 113 SC points in that match).
  8. With his hair, he’s easy to find on a football field.


  1. He handpasses too damn often, averaging 8 kicks and 22 handpasses per game last season.
  2. He wasn’t tagged often last season but Jacobs tagged him in JLT1 last week indicating he may receive more attention this season? No matter how good you are that will eventually affect your scoring.
  3. Oliver is not much of a goal kicker yet, registering only 4 goals in 2017.
  4. The Demons are talking about running several new players through the midfield this season like Salem and Petracca. Will that affect Oliver’s scoring?


Clarrie is durable, consistent and so young he is surely still improving. Sure the taggers may come knocking now and then but given he doesn’t gain a lot of metres, he is unlikely to be tagged every week. And even if he is tagged more often in 2018, he is a contested ball beast so he should still rack up the possessions.

All up, it is hard to see him boosting his average hugely but you can count on him for a solid score every week. You could do far worse!


I had Clayton Oliver locked in my midfield early in the preseason but he has recently been dropped simply because there are so many value midfielders this season. I want to start with the best 5 midfielders for the season from day one and I just can’t see Oliver taking another step up to 120+ppg unless he starts kicking more than handpassing and kicking more goals.

The amazing thing about Oliver is that I could be wrong. It would surprise nobody if he pushes his average up to the echelon of the Dangerfields, Martins and Fyfes in only his third season!

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9 thoughts on “2018 Player Review – Clayton Oliver”

  1. Someone as consistent as him is an upgrade target to me since he’s at full price. There are value options to choose from such as Cripps, Fyfe, Coniglio, Rockliff etc. and the risk with Oliver is mostly negative – he’s unlikely to improve that much more.

    He will likely find a way into my team though assuming he maintains his form because he’s just too damn consistent.


    1. I agree with you for the most part.

      I think Danger/Dusty/Fyfe are locked and I’ll be looking to compliment them with at least 1 other Mid that I think will be a top 5 mid by seasons end and another under valued mid that I would hope could finish top 10-15. I think Oliver falls into the same bracket as TMitchell, Kelly, Merrett and Crouch as those Elite midfielders we expect to be top 5 or there abouts by years end. Although he seems to be less attractive than a Kelly/Mitchell, if you’re confident that he can out average those around him, he is a worthy selection. I’ll have to look at each of their draws to help determine which of those ill start and which ones I’ll upgrade to. Definitely considering him at the moment.


    2. I think you’ve kind of contradicted yourself there a little, because someone as consistent as him is definitely NOT an upgrade target. If he continues being as extremely consistent as last year, then he will not drop in price as much as we would hope.

      So if you’re tossing up between him and another player of a similar price (that you also believe will score similarly), then Oliver would be the smarter bet.

      Similarly, like Oliver, you’d definitely also be considering starting someone like Kelly, Crouch, Merrett, etc., due to their relative consistency. Conversely, you’d leave someone like Zorko or Sloane for the upgrade, as they are quite susceptible to dropping the occasional poor game, leading to a price drop.

      The ONLY reason I’m not starting him at this stage is that I’m not 100% convinced that he can maintain that kind of scoring (let alone improve). But I’m clutching at straws there.


      1. Mate, that’s two cracking comments of yours I’ve read tonight (the other being the Ryder stuff on the Ruck’N’Roll post). Ever thought about writing a few articles on the site?? I’m sure the boys would be more than happy with that!


  2. The only reason he isn’t currently in my starting midfield is that there are players I want even more. If something happens to one of them between now and round 1, he’s towards the top of the waiting list.



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