2018 Player Review – Kade Simpson

Written by Thommo on January 10 2018

Simmo: Your new backline general.

Position: Defence

Cost: $516,300

2017 Average: 93.9

2017 Games: 22

Past Averages (2016 – 2012): 106, 93, 96, 95, 94


After the arrival of Brendon Bolton lifted Simmo to his career best season at age 32 in 2016, standard programming returned in 2017. He still averaged 24 possessions per game mostly playing across half-back but he dropped from his 2016 average of 27 possessions per game. The drop-off was mostly due to Simmo having to do the odd defensive job, having a very poor kicking efficiency some weeks and enjoying less kick-to-kick with Doc in the backline. He still managed the odd massive game where he floated free in defence or on the wing and gathered a ridiculous number of marks but a few of his stinkers were painful to watch.

According to our resident Blues’ tragic, a fellow named Motts, Simmo bleeds blue when you cut him and should have been named captain ahead of Captain Murphy so expect 100% effort until they carry him out in a box
(Simmo, not Motts).


  • It’s a horrible Pro, but Docherty is out, Tuohy is a Cat so the backline needs a general.
  • Simmo is uber-consistent: He has averaged 90s or above every year since 2008.
  • Due to his ball magnetism, he has a high ceiling for a defender, often pumping out 120+ scores with a high of 148 in 2017.
  • He’s very durable, amazing given he is turning 34 in 2018. To put that in perspective, he has missed 2 games in the last 5 seasons.


  • He’s old… Father Christmas old. He may even have played in the pre-war era. As we have seen in the past, durable players often become injury-prone in a hurry. Does anyone remember that Brett Deledio was one of the most durable players in the AFL a few years ago?
  • As mentioned, he threw in a few stinkers in 2017 with a low of 57 points in Round 2 due to low kicking efficiency combined with a low contested all count.
  • The Blues’ kids can seriously play so the likes of Plowman and Marchbank may steal a few points in the backline.


Logic says Simmo is too old with too little upside to risk selecting him. Yes, with Doc out he’ll gather a few extra points but remember he has only twice in his career averaged 100 points or higher for an entire season.

Is it worth selecting a 34 year old for a maximum upside of 12 points?


With the early demise of Doc for 2018, my gut lashed out and immediately selected Simmo when the Team Picker opened. Since then my Head talked some sense into my Gut and Simmo is back out of Thommo’s Tribe.

There is no place for a 34 year old in the Tribe!

Are you starting with some special K(ade)?

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9 thoughts on “2018 Player Review – Kade Simpson”

  1. agreed thommo
    he’s been a great servant for the blues , deserves a lot of respect
    but history has no place in supercoach
    trades & profit are the order of the day here & sadly he doesn’t fit the bill anymore
    replacing injured or rested players is the most common way to ruin a season for a fantasy coach
    can still see him being picked in a lot of mid range teams this year
    not on my radar though


  2. Looking for the next breakout defender this year, and have narrowed it down to three in a price range that works for me:

    – Luke McDonald
    – Ryan Burton
    – Jack Crisp

    Any thoughts from the learned SuperCoaches here on the prospects for these three in 2018?


    1. of those 3 probably ryan burton looks the goods , hawks have an easy draw this year after not playing finals
      personally I think Nathan Wilson will be the 1
      in his 7th year with a move to freo & playing off 1/2 back
      should see plenty of ball


      1. He’s crossed my mind for sure. I’m not super confident on him, probably because of the change of scenery and therefore lack of exposed form in Freo’s line-up. With Fremantle’s relatively weak backline, I’m not sure what role he’ll be playing (ie. will he need to become more defensively focused) and how much ball he’ll get (he’s a good run and carry player, but if his teammates can’t get the ball to him, or fluff it when he gets it to them…).

        Burton and Crisp I like as dependable, versatile players who win their own ball and then use it well. Crisp has a few more runs on the board, whereas Burton has a very high ceiling but is still very young. McDonald is the one I’m least confident of, and think he’s been overhyped by North fans desperate for something to look forward to – however I could be wrong and he may simply be a late bloomer.


    2. If Burton can stay on the park, I think he is going to become a jet. If they can keep him on the park, I can see him graduating to some midfield minutes.



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