2018 Rookie Review – Round 11

Written by Huttabito on June 5 2018

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* Denotes bubble boy


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd11AvgBE
DoedeeAdel$394.5k (+$22.2k)7883.955
ColeWCE$279.1k (+$11.8k)716842
RichardsWB$309.3k (+$22.2k)6362.621
RiceStK$173.4k (+$49.5k)6261.6-26
Coffield (MID)StK$250.1kDNP57.339
RidleyEss$162.6k (+$39.7k)3653.713
ApplebyColl$229.5k (+$7.5k)3654.239
L.MurphyAdel$208.0k (+$9.2k)2650.448
DumanFrem$198.2k (+$12.3k)5455.419
Keeffe (FWD)GWS$157.4k DNP50-5
T.Murphy (MID)NM$124.9k4040-


See the newbies!


Ridley could be in a little trouble at the selection table this week after a very quiet game against the premiers only collecting 7 disposals (6 kicks) at 100% DE for 36 points. Might have been impacted with the inclusion of Hurley, which we all feared.

Appleby didn’t have to do much against Fremantle and his score of 36 reflected that. Still has some cash to make up until his bye but will be limited now with that rolling through his cycle.

L.Murphy has been held onto by many coaches as he just simply hasn’t made enough money and putting up scores like 26 when you break back into the seniors is a sure fire way to be sent back to the twos! I’m gonna call it, goodbye mate!


Austin has come in and taken Nathan Browns lockdown role but unlike the guy who has averaged about 45 for his entire career, Austin gets much more involved on the counterattack and backed up last weeks performance with 92 points. He finished up with a game high 14 marks to go with 26 disposals (13 kicks) at 85% DE, 2 tackles and  and team high 7 1%ers. He only had the 3 contested possessions though so will need to amass high possessions and marks to keep his score up. Brown is due back Rd13-14 so his role beyond that is in the unknown.

Mihocek had a hell of a debut kicking 4 goals from 12 disposals (8 kicks) with 100% DE which is impressive given 9 of his possessions were contested. This gave him a nice score boost when combined with 5 marks (3 contested), 2 tackles and 4 1%ers to finish on 97 points. Will pop his bubble at the perfect time if he plays next week and at his basement price, may be a warm welcome.

Taylor debuted for GWS and collected 9 disposals (2 kicks) at 89% DE but loves a good spoil and finished with an equal game high 11 1%ers pushing him to 57 points.

T.Murphy made his debut and was informed with about 2min before the bouncedown with Waite being ruled out. He scored a 40 from 14 disposals, but we are going to need more assurance about his job security.

Few more bubble boys in defence this week, but Heron (34) and Stoddart (21) seemed a little out of depth for what we need and R.Smith (42) is overshadowed by Austin.

Goodbye for now: L.Murphy


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd11AvgBE
JacobsNM$421.3k (+$27.0k)9079.552
HolmanGCS$340.6k (+$34.0k)8875.3-6
CunicoGeel$307.3k (+$24.7k)8371.512
PhillipsStK$202.7k (+$25.9k)5862.87
MutchEss$163.8k DNP54.70
ClarkStK$269.7k (+$14.8k)5150.458
BarryPort$182.4k DNP46.422
BaileyBris$222.7k (+$10.0k)7345.631
WorpelHaw$143.3k DNP4321


Jacobs didn’t do as much tackling this week but found the ball just as much and kicked 2 goals but 6 clangers (5 frees against) held his score back from 3 figures to 90. Currently on a 5 round average 93!

Holman is back in true rookie territory with 88 against Geelong now in his price cycle with a 122 sending his BE plummeting back to the negatives. He had a team high 6 tackles to go with 19 disposals (10 kicks) and 6 marks and will become great cover for the byes.

Cunico had 24 disposals (16 kicks) at 82% DE to go with 6 marks,  2 behinds and 2 goal assists for for 83 points. Just the 3 contested possessions held him back from a far greater score.

Bailey is one I said goodbye to last week and went out to prove me wrong! 73 points was a fair effort from 14 disposals (6 kicks) at 79% DE, 5 marks, 3 tackles, 4 1%ers and a goal.


None for a change! Everyone performed as least as expected.


Brodie was in many teams in the pre-season, including yours truly, but never got up for Rd1. At his price though, 57 is not enough and will need a better performance next week to be considered.

Giro has been lighting it up the past month in the WAFL but found it much tougher against AFL bodies as he finished on 10 disposals (5 kicks) at 70% DE. He only had the 1 contested possession and with 2 marks, 4 tackles and a goal as his only other stats, he finished on 39 points. I wasn’t convinced he’d be SuperCoach relevant this year before the game and I still feel the same.

Goodbye for now: Clark


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd11AvgBE
McInerneyBris$253.1k (+$4.4k)5359.858
CrossleyGCS$151.7k DNP49.38


Jones has been helping Apeness in the rucking duties in the WAFL and with Sandilands sidelined, was called to provide relief against Grundy. He scored 49 points and won’t get an extended run this year.


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd11AvgBE
Ahern (MID)NM$123.9k8484-
RonkeSyd$325.1k (+$7.9k)638158
FritschMelb$397.4k (+$28.4k)11177.240
SmithMelb$188.1k (+$64.2k)2672.7-14
GuelfiEss$269.9k (+26.3k)7668.218
Higgins (MID)Rich$280.7k (+$0.3k)6767.450
Stephenson (MID)Coll$320.1k (-$9.9k)
HenryGeel$311.4k (+$11.0k)5062.238
RioliWCE$319.2k (-$5.9k)4660.374
Spargo (MID)Melb$238.2k (+$5.6k)316051
Giles-LangdonGWS$254.5k (+$24.1k)885720
Daicos* (MID)Coll$190.5k69570
KerrCarl$160.4k (+$36.5k)7752-37
D.Fogarty (MID)Adel$230.2k (+$12.8k)625024
Poholke (MID)Adel$167.3k DNP39.211
Clarke (MID)Ess$123.9kDNP34-
Petruccelle* (MID)WCE$117.3kDNP22.526


Fritsch is a beautiful human being and I love watching him run up and down the wing collecting 26 disposals and a team high 14 marks and 7 rebound 50s for 111 points.

Guelfi appears to be in the good books at CD after only half his 16 disposals (10 kicks) hit the target and 5 clangers left him on 76 points.

Giles-Langdon was traded out by 5,000 teams last week, mainly for T.Smith which is reasonable all things considered however he ended up being named among best on ground after 13 disposals (8 kicks) at 77% DE, 2 marks, 8 tackles and 3 goals for 88 points. Where was this when I owned you!

Kerr surprised and at the wrong time, after his bubble, however 350 coaches must have seen the future and bought him in for his 77 points.


Ronke is now just doing the usual rookie thing but many had high hopes with Sydney facing Cartlon but he wasn’t able to hit the scoreboard and relided on 13 disposals and 5 marks for his 63 points.

We had high hopes for T.Smith this week, but his 26 points left his 58,000 new coaches bitterly disappointed. You know that feeling when the entire world is out to get you and nothing goes right? Well I think that’s how Smith would have felt after that game. Bashed and battered, he saw the game out but between a sore neck (from whiplash), rolled ankle and what was probably a corkie to the calf and playing it out strapped – he just couldn’t get replicate the first 2 weeks.

Stephenson wasn’t able to take advantage of the opposition finish on 34 points. Losing just shy of $10k and with a new BE of 100, time to move on.

Rioli found it a little hard going and just managed the 9 disposals (7 kicks) at 56% DE and a goal for 46 points. He has timed his run perfectly and just lost a little cash this week and with the bye, it’s time to say goodbye.

Spargo just didn’t want to get involved in the action and out of his 11 disposals, only had the 1 contested possession leaving him on 31 points.


Ahern finally has his body right and was rewarded with his AFL debut after a solid month in the VFL. He finished with 29 disposals (13 kicks) at 66% DE, 4 marks and 3 tackles for 84 points. You can tell why he was in everyone’s pre-season team and he is here to stay. He will pop his bubble at the perfect time – just as North come off their bye.

Apeness has played 7 senior games from Fremantle as a forward in 2015/16 but was given the main ruck duties against Grundy. He managed 17 hitouts and finished on 70 points despite 5 clangers and a DE of 47% from 17 disposals (7 kicks). If he was to main ruck for the rest of the year, he could be relevant but will be pushed out the side just as fast as he came in.

Moore was the number 1 target for Richmond heading inside 50 with Moore taking a 5 marks inside 50 which was 3 more than any other player. He converted 2 of his 5 shots on goals helping him get to 60 points despite 4 clangers and a DE of 46% from 11 disposals (9 kicks). He’s at an average of 64 against St Kilda and Essendon but may find it a little harder over the month and will line up against the likes of Port Adelaide, Geelong, Sydney, Adelaide and GWS.

Daicos had the game we would be hoping for at his price with 15 disposals (7 kicks) at 87% DE, 5 marks, 5 tackles and a goal for 69 points. On the bubble, can anyone squeeze him in at that price?

Jones scored 66 points in the huge win against Gold Coast which helped scale up his score despite going at 57% DE from 14 disposals (10 kicks) and 5 clangers although he did take 4 marks, lay 2 tackles and kick a goal.

Goodbye for now: Stephenson and Rioli

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14 thoughts on “2018 Rookie Review – Round 11”

    1. I did – but his rookie days were over a few weeks ago and his active ownership has halved. Will get back to his original price but he’s each to their own now. Kept him in the poll as others will still have him and want to vote.


    1. Ben Chapman on Twitter made a great observation: in Austin’s two games, his direct opponent was injured early in the game on both occasions (Riewoldt, Darling), leaving Logan free to get plenty of uncontested footy in the backline.

      If you’re just after quick cash it won’t matter too much, but don’t expect Austin’s scoring to continue. Then again, he’s up against Buddy this week…


  1. Crossley kicked 5 in the twos, and had a few tackles, for those hoping he can cover for Lycett, NicNat or Kreuz this week. Surely he gets a run after kicking more goals than the entire senior team could manage on the weekend.


  2. Awesome observations Hutta. But now I’m less certain as to who to bring in for L Murphy?
    If he’s named I might let him have one more go at it. Capable of hitting his BE, so shouldn’t lose too much, but if not …
    TU: Austin (tho I REALLY don’t want another R14 bye (4 in DEF, so LMurphy OUT helps)
    TD: Mihocek – not on the bubble and more likely to go c50pts this week. I have no R13s, but may bring TMac in this week for that reason as well as the bleeding obvious!
    I’ll be one short in DEF if Murphy is omitted.


    1. I’m still considering Heron. Dirt cheap and may play through byes. Frees up 100k from Murphy instead of 50k from an Austin trade.


      1. Yeah right. Food for thought. But I think I’m gonna go Mihocek.

        Just plugged trades in and shuffled for each round. I’m fine this week even if Fyfe and Cogs don’t make it. Just, and won’t score too well, but if those two are out as well, I’d imagine a low score will be average. It would also mean 19 play in R13, with 18/19 being Fogarty/Ronke so that’s not a disaster. And 21 play R14 with Mihocek, Guelfi, Ahern and T Smith fighting to provide the 18th player’s pts.

        It also means the only other trade I need to make in the byes is Grundy in for Nankervis pre-14. Have the cash, but can also do Ronke to ANO if Grundy scores 200 and Nank has a collapse so the gap in price widens another $50k+.

        Go into Rd15 with both Gawn and Grundy in the team, Doedee, Fritsch and Holman/Ahern only three rookies on field and 11 trades left. If their form continues may take my time to fill the last spots with enough trades to cover LTIs in the meantime.

        Pretty happy, considering I’ve needed about three tubes of Selley’s in previous years for the byes.


    2. Doesn’t matter if you are one short in DEF you just need 18 on the field. Well, best to have 19 if one of them is Murphy.


  3. I have both Doedee & Murphy as D6 & D7 and will bring in Austin.
    TU = Trade Doedee and bank more cash
    TD = Trade Murphy and keep Doedee’s scoring



  4. RE: Mihocek (#buyerbeware):

    Collingwood FC
    ‏Verified account

    Can Brody Mihocek + Ben Reid play in the same team?
    “Probably not. We play a 2-4 forward line more often than not. That’s our preferred structure. But never say never.” #FOREVER

    12:40 PM – 5 Jun 2018



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