2018 SCT Cup Round of 32 – Match Ups

Written by Huttabito on June 7 2018

Written and created by Roo Bloke, thanks mate!

There’s only 32 team remaining now and this round of the SCT Cup sees teams battle it out in a three round super H2H across the bye rounds. It’ll be a fantastic test of tortoise vs hare strategy. Does the tortoise approach of steady scores across all three bye rounds actually get you a leg up on the alternate strategy of tanking in one bye round before sprinting like a hare through the other bye rounds?

(1) Same Old Same Olds 7 vs (32) Rockliff_Nroll@SCT 29543
Wendy pulled off the upset of the millennium last round in coaching her Rockliff_Nroll to a 3pt upset over the highly ranked, well fancied and incredibly respected Father Dougal. As one of our 7 automatic qualifiers from last year’s quarter finals Wendy’s getting her team sorted and whilst her ranking is unimpressive her Rnd 9 and Rnd 11 efforts to upset someone who is/was eyeing off the overall title shows her team is not to be reckoned with. Could Wendy do it again and topple our new #1 seed? Surely not.

(5) Livers hacks 169 vs (28) Bunchakhuuuunts 5177
The only other remaining quarter finalist is our 2017 SCT Cup Runner Up in Buncha. He’s not bubbling along with the form of last year but he’s shown his credentials with an outstanding effort last year and maybe the byes is where this team will hit its straps.

(9) Capper’s AFLXXX 547 vs (24) TRUDGE TRIUMPH@SCT 1884
The third feature match includes our only remaining wildcard entrant. Whilst the other wildcards have come and gone Capper’s making a better fist of it and has worked his way up to our 9th seed. Impressive effort and enters this H2H the favourite.


(2) Nathan’s Gunz 39 vs (31) Team 18 of 25 @SCT 21079

(3) Bulldogs Roar 108 vs (30) The Jokers@SCT 8004

(6) Danger Bont 294 vs (27) RedDynamite 5006

(7) Victorious Secret@SCT 357 vs (26) Bags of Charity 2405

(8) TheRustySpoons@SCT 392 vs (25) Goodie’s Guns 2007

(10) Pill Hustlers 620 vs (23) AGB 1848

(11) My Team Name 697 vs (22) Shanghai Pirates 1786

(12) KentuckyHotPockets 782A vs (21) Kyuubi 1333

(13) allsaints 782B vs (20) Universal Ultimatum 1218

(14) P Buzz 948 vs (19) Abers Back2Back 1090

(15) Blue Army 968A vs (18) Boydos Best 1078

(16) Buttslappers@SCT 968B vs (17) PojysPurpleMonkeys 990


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3 thoughts on “2018 SCT Cup Round of 32 – Match Ups”

  1. Rapt to be in last 32 , however injuries, suspensions, non playing rookies and bye round will make this week challenging , however many super coaches facing same challenges.
    Key will be how many trades and what trades to make with Monday teams not being finalised till after lock out period



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