2018 Team Review – North Melbourne

Written by Schwarzwalder on March 7 2018

(Written By Roo Bloke)

Love my Roo Boys and I’ll be there throughout the season come high or low. This season is another year of development for North and will be a year of opportunities for many at the club. With opportunity comes plenty of interest for SuperCoaches as many players will rise in value earning above their current price tag.



At the time of writing, 4 of North’s top 5 players for ownership % are all rookies. Unless you’re living under a rock this pre-season the two most SC relevant players at North are Luke Davies-Uniacke MID 189.3K and Paul Ahern FWD/MID 123.9K. LDU quickly got the obvious UDL nickname at North and is currently 6th in ownership with 41.95% and Ahern is 8th at 37.59%. In fact, UDL is the No.1 midfield rookie option and Ahern the No. 1 forward rookie option.


+ For those that don’t know the Ahern story he made the AA Under 18 team and was pick 7 for GWS in 2014. North got him from GWS for a packet of chips in the 2016 trade period and now that he’s got his body right he’s ready to be unleashed. The NMFC website refers to his strengths as great balance, mix of speed and endurance and can play inside or outside. That’s some big wraps!! Simply put he could be anything. A real ‘sky’s the limit’ candidate.


+ UDL is a tall, big bodied midfielder and North nabbed him at pick 4. He’ll play regular footy for North this season and he’ll be in the guts when he does.


+ Yes, North will play the kids but Brad Scott showed last year that he will drip feed them into the senior team across the season. We debuted 11 players last season but their debuts were in rounds 1, 1, 1, 1, 3, 5, 16, 17, 18, 18, 23. Further, the most we saw of any of these debutants was Jy Simpkin who played 13 games across the season. Scott knows it’s not about 2018 but about 2020 and beyond. I’d expect that he’ll have a similar mindset this year and manage the younger brigade.

– Ahern’s going to be treated with the utmost care considering his blue chip status and injury history. Two knee recos in 2016 and with an eye to the future he’s every chance to be introduced slowly in spits and spats to the AFL fold.


In summary, they’re both awesome selections and should earn truckloads of cash. The bonus is you’ll be in the same situation as most other coaches if things go awry.


Alex Morgan DEF 123.9K

Currently in 7.36% of teams, North picked up Morgan from Essendon as a delisted free agent at the end of last season. His pace is what he hangs his hat on and that’s definitely something that is needed in the North 22. Sounds good but this quote got me from the AFL player ratings on a VFL game last year:“Shows his pace but lacks confidence when he has the ball. Will his speed ever translate into a productive footballer?” Wow. That’s a pretty blunt review of his footballing abilities. It’s a no from me.


Mitchell Hibberd DEF 169.3K

Played four games last season but is still rookie priced. His scores last season were 23, 50, 74 and 7. The 7 was the result of a shoulder injury 12 mins into the match so discard that one. The formline of the other three scores makes enticing reading and could be a defensive rookie option depending on R1 selections. I’d have him in my ‘maybe’ column.


Ben Jacobs MID 200.1K

A 72 game rookie? Whilst he’s now known as a tagger his ball use is much better than a Creepy Crowley or Cameron Ling type tagger and needs to be considered. Jacobs last played in R8 2016 but fit and firing he’s definitely in North’s 22. If he was 100K he’d be a lock but at the expensive end of the rookie spectrum is he going to score high enough to generate enough cash to warrant his position? His career SC avg is 56.6 which he’s maintained across his career so you kind of know what you’ll get. Currently in my squad but I think I’m talking myself into looking elsewhere.


Sam Wright DEF 235.7K

Fits into the same bill. Discounted price and will play if fit but there’s not enough scope for cash generation.


There’s other rookie priced players down at North and there’ll be someone that pops up from the bushes for an early season game so keep an eye on North’s R1 team.



Majak Daw RUCK/FWD 327.3K

Probably belongs more in Schwarz’s ‘Ballsy Moves’ threads. Maj is getting groomed to have a stint at CHB this season. Hasn’t worked as a fwd, hasn’t worked as a ruck, hasn’t worked as a mid. Can’t see it working as a def.


Ben Brown FWD 423.3K

His form line is still a little inconsistent not due to his talent but North’s young group. The kids a star of the comp! He’s not truly SC-relevant for anyone bar the incredibly outrageous Coach though. Worth keeping in mind for your draft team.



Luke McDonald DEF/MID 461.1K

There’s been a lot of talk about LMac this pre-season. There’s always been big wraps on his footballing ability and last season he started to deliver SC scores that demand our attention. Brad Scott upped his midfield time and he averaged 91.2 across the last 9 games of the season. If he was a pure midfielder you’d look elsewhere but if he can up this average to 95-100 he’s an underpriced top 10 defensive candidate. The more I think about it the more I like the idea of McDonald in my SC side.


Jamie MacMillan DEF 424.6K

Has so many characteristics that should translate into SC scoring but he just doesn’t score high enough regularly enough to warrant a spot in your SC defence. Plus he burnt me last year so I’m a no. There’s better options that are similarly priced.



Todd Goldstein RUCK 521.4K

I won’t go into tabloid journalism territory but Todd’s got himself into a better place off the field and talk is he’s ready to get back to his AA form from a few years back. Gawn should be a lock in your SC team and many are running with NicNat at R2 so might not have room for Goldy. If you choose to look elsewhere, Goldy is definitely someone I’d have high in my calculations.


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4 thoughts on “2018 Team Review – North Melbourne”

  1. Nice write-up RB. I had Goldy and LDU but Brad Scott’s recent comments about twin rucks and LDU’s quiet first game has scared me off.

    No North players for me this season unless LDU plays well tonight!


    1. Wrote this article a few days back before Brad Scott’s comments in the last day or so. Totally agree that Goldy has now entered the high risk category.


  2. Thanks RB for the honest fan’s view. I started with three roo boys and after last week have none. Better similar/cheaper options across the park I feel.



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