2018 Team Review – Richmond

Written by Huttabito on March 12 2018


Lock and Load: With Docherty and Williams out for the season, Bachar Houli ($517,400) and Brandon Ellis ($502,500) push themselves into the 6th and 10th highest 2018 averaging defenders respectively based on 2017 form. Both are durable – with Houli only missing 2 games due to injury in 7 years other than an extended stint on the sidelines in 2016 (i.e. not prone to niggles. Ellis has only missed 3 games in his career, all via omission in his first 2 years, 2 of which were after a 39 disposal, 11 mark, 3 tackle and a goal game (149 SuperCoach points) so there must be another story to the dropping – regardless, has never missed due to being injured. Both have a proven premium history with Houli averaging 92, 83, 96, 89 (injured) and 94 over the last 5 years and Ellis has averaged 97, 100, 85 and 91 over the last 4 years. Ellis had a strong finish in 2017 after his move to the half back line averaging 100 from Rd10 onwards – the only thing that would hold you back is the 57 he averaged over the finals. Houli often has a few quieter games a year and can be picked up cheaper generally, but both should be considered and there are much worse starting options out there.


Lock and Load: Dustin Martin ($656,000) had a year to remember: AFL premiership player, Norm Smith Medalist, Brownlow Medal, Leigh Matthews Trophy, All-Australian, Jack Dyer Medal, AFLCA Player of the Year, Gary Ayres Award and a few other bits and pieces. Started 2017 with a bang, he averaged 144 (2 x 155+) in the first 3 weeks before spending a few weeks parked in the forward line with a groin niggle (plus family issues) before finishing the season with an average of 127 over 18 rounds (finals included). In the last 18 rounds he had 17 x 105+, 11 x 120+ and 7 x 140+, so talk about consistency and ceiling. He is expensive, I know, but there is good reason – he is the type of guy you would hate your opponent having, but not you.

Feeling Lucky/Money Maker: The problem with premiership teams is that they are very hard to break into and quite often have very little to offer SuperCoaches and in 2018, Richmond really only has Jack Graham ($268,800) or Corey Ellis ($228,400). Graham debuted at the worst possible time for us last season (Rd22) and scored 87 and 76 (81 average) pushing up his starting price tag however he impressed with an average of 81 also over the finals, including 108 in the grand final from 16 disposals and 3 goals. He likes the contest, a tackle and doesn’t mind kicking a goal or two, all of which are great for SuperCoach. Ellis has been in the system for 3 years now and struggled to break into the side. He had a great JLT1 with 17 disposals, 6 tackles and a goal but to be fair, he was playing against witches hats. Quieter JLT2 but still managed 5 tackles, which will help his score tick over the match and he could see early games with Broad out, but his JS would be quite shaky – not ideal with his price tag but his MID/DEF DPP is quite handy.


Feeling Lucky: The appeal for Toby Nankervis ($488,300) is far less than last year as often happens to players that lose DPP. Nankervis took the reigns of solo ruck for Richmond and came out to average 103 over the first 8 weeks of the season. The load eventually took it’s toll and he finished up with an 80 average for the remainder of the season which has bought his price sub $500k. With another full pre-season under his belt he should be able to last much more of the season. Got hit in the head early in JLT 1 and came off precautionally, but took it to Goldstein in a 68 point first half in JLT2 collecting the ball all over the ground.


Lock and Load: Kane Lambert ($472,500) featured in my Peril of the Forwards articles as he had a slow start to 2017 but really found his role in the back half of the season averaging 98 over his last 13 games and 107 over the finals. Showed his stuff in the last JLT game kicking 4 goals to head into the season with full confidence.

Money Maker: This space was reserved for a one Jack Higgins ($130,800) but the club has made it pretty clear he is highly unlikely to debut anything before mid-season.


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5 thoughts on “2018 Team Review – Richmond”

  1. can anyone explain the captain v/c loophole strategy please played a few years now but havnt got my head around this part


    1. Hi Richard

      You have a player on the bench who is NEVER likely to play. Yes you’re conceding a player for the season but this joker will allow you to put him on the field in the knowledge that he won’t score, giving you two bites at a captain most (if not every) week. To explain further …

      You want someone who plays for a side that plays most of its games on a Sunday. This year most likely West Coast or Freo are your best bets, so that you can make your decision AFTER your first bite at double points has played.
      Given that they’re not going to play or be of any value to you other than giving you the ‘loophole’, you want to spend as little on them as possible. For this reason the best option (most common) this year is Tony Olango WCE RUC $102.4k. Also good as apart from Darcy Cameron there are no real rookies in this position. It does mean that you will need a set and forget strategy for R1 and R2, given R3 will never play.

      So how does it work?

      For example, in RD 1 this year (let’s just assume that Dangerfield is playing and that you also have Dusty in your team. You name Olango in your side and place one of R1 and R2 on the bench named as an Emergency. You’d then name Dusty as your VC prior to his game. Given all the attention and hype prior to the season opener he may well burn and score 150+ pts. If so, and you don’t think Danger will match that, or you just want to BANK those double points, you make Olango CAPTAIN. He doesn’t play and you get Dusty’s score doubled. Conversely, if Dusty has a stinker, or worse still gets injured in the first quarter, you can then name Danger as your captain any time after the RICvCAR game and BEFORE the MELvGEE game.

      Hope that all makes sense.



    2. Put the VC on Dusty thursday night.

      When he scores 145 put a non playing rookie on field. Put the C on this player.

      Don’t forget to put the E on your benched player.

      You will score dusty as your captain 190.

      + the bench player.

      If Dusty spuds it up? he won’t.

      Put the C on anyone you like.

      I hope this explains things ?


  2. Great write-up Hutta and good job getting all of these team reviews up.

    Dusty nearly always has a low point to each season. Will he have one this season?



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