Team Reveal – Chillo

Written by on 5:00 am, March 14 2018

Wishbones and rabbit’s feet and horseshoes wrapped in four-leafed clovers. Champs or chumps? Here’s Chillo’s offering to kick off 2018………

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Rate My MAR Team 3

Written by Schwarzwalder on 3:11 am, March 14 2018

We’ve had such an overwhelming response to the RMT threads all pre-season.  With just eight days before The Big Dance, all Coaches are in a rush to get their teams sorted.

Enter your team into the comments below and our Coaches will give you a thorough check-up.  Don’t be afraid to (constructively!) critique your fellow Coaches either………..

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2UP: MAR 3

Written by Schwarzwalder on 3:02 am, March 14 2018

After the infamous ‘Thumbs Blackout’ of 2016, we’re extremely joyous to have our Thumbs function back up and running.  So much so, that we dedicate an entire thread to it.  And it has been so popular that we’re already onto our 3rd thread for March.

If there are two players that you simply cannot seperate (or a combination of players) then enter their names into the Forum below.  Our Coaches will point you in the right direction with the Thumbs UP/DOWN………..


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