Team Reveal – Frenchy Bombers

Written by Schwarzwalder on 10:00 am, March 23 2018


If there’s something I love from our Coaches, it’s their attention to detail 😉  Jeannot is the Coach of the FrenchyBombers.  He asked if he could post his team on its own thread to get some feedback.  I promised it’d be fine as long as he ‘wrote it up nice’.  Well, he’s written it up nice……and I have a promise to keep 😉  So how ’bout we give Jeannot a hand getting his team in order before the next Lockout? – Schwarzwalder


My team structure: 3 + 4 + 2 + 4  with 2 mid pricedplayers on every line except from the Rucks.

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