Progress Scores – Rd1

Written by Schwarzwalder on 10:30 pm, March 24 2018

Score / No. of players / Capt.

After an exciting first game of the year with plenty of big names getting involved, I bet you’re keen to tell everyone how you’re travelling………

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Game Chat – St Kilda vs Brisbane

Written by Thommo on 2:00 pm, March 24 2018

The Saints start their 2018 campaigne under the roof. Will the Lions put up a fight or will the Saints rocket to the top of the ladder?

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PlayON 2-for-1

Written by Motts on 8:29 am, March 24 2018

If you were looking for one more offer from the good folk at PlayON before you got involved, this is it.

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2UP: MAR 7

Written by Schwarzwalder on 3:19 am, March 24 2018

The First Round of the new season is underway but we are far from done with our starting line-ups.  You can still swap and change your teams up until the start of each game.  When a team has already played, their players are then not accessible.

If you are still having trouble seperating two players (or a combination of players) then enter them into the Forum below.  Our Coaches will help you out with the Thumbs UP/DOWN function………

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2018 SCT Pre-Season Formguide

Written by Schwarzwalder on 2:00 am, March 24 2018

Thank you to our regular contributors (Thommo,Huttabito, Chillo & Father Dougal) for their work over the pre-season!  Also thanks to Adam and his numerous stats!  Your hard work and dedication made it one of the most successful pre-seasons ever!  Also a big thank you to our Guest Writers (Brad, Jack The Salamander, Matteo, Roo Bloke & Kid81)  for helping out where they could!

Changes can still be made…….if you need any info from our pre-season, you’ll find it here……

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