MRP – Rd1

Written by Schwarzwalder on 6:00 pm, March 26 2018

A couple of one-week verdicts and fines………

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Polling Station – Rd2

Written by Schwarzwalder on 12:00 pm, March 26 2018

Here is your chance to request a poll ahead of Rd2.  We could easily take a guess at what you’d like to see this week at SCT…….but it’s much easier to just ask 😉

You’re in control here at SCT!  If there is a topic you need the Coaches to discuss, then type it into the Forum below.  We’ll do our best to fit it into the schedule by the end of the week.  Stef Martin Vs Goldy?  Best replacements for Ryder?  Is NicNat just warming up or another trap?  Whatever is on your mind, let us know…………

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Round 1 Review

Written by Thommo on 5:00 am, March 26 2018

Round 1 has been run and won. I hope your Supercoach team was as amazing as you dreamed it would be…

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