MRP – Rd9

Written by Schwarzwalder on 6:00 pm, May 21 2018

Michael Christian shows his lenient side……

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Polling Station – R10

Written by Schwarzwalder on 12:00 pm, May 21 2018

It’s time again for the Polling Station, where you control the content here at supercoachtalk dot com.

Are there any polls that you’d like to see here before the end of the week?  Can Macrae keep his amazing month of form going?  Who are the best Fallen Premiums to pick up around the Byes?  Have you planned for the Byes at all?  Whatever you’d like to see then enter it into the comments below.  We’ll do our best to fit your content into our schedule before the end of the week.  Fire away, Coaches!

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Breaking Even – Rd10

Written by Schwarzwalder on 9:00 am, May 21 2018

One to bookmark into your favorite pages for the week…….the BreakEvens for Rd11

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Round 9 Review

Written by Thommo on 5:00 am, May 21 2018

Round 9 brings us some huge premium scores and some pointless meandering…

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