MRP – Rd 10

Written by Huttabito on 6:00 pm, May 28 2018

A $30,000 pay day for the AFL and knocking out J.Riewoldt gets you 2 on the sidelines….

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Tech League Trade Talk – R11

Written by Thommo on 2:00 pm, May 28 2018

The Port and Suns players are back on deck this week but the real bye rounds are looming. Are you prepared or are you up a certain creek without a paddle?

What are you planning this week?

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The Polling Station – R11

Written by Thommo on 12:00 pm, May 28 2018

Itโ€™s time again for the Polling Station, where you control the content here at supercoachtalk dot com.

What questions would you like answered by the Supercoachtalk community?

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Breaking Even – Rd11

Written by on 9:00 am, May 28 2018

Schwarzwalder may be taking some well-earned vacation time, but fear not, SCT still brings you all the most relevant break-evens.

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Round 10 Review

Written by Thommo on 5:00 am, May 28 2018

It was a monster scoring week at the office in Supercoach! So who fired and failed for us in Round 10?

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