2019 JLT Rookie Review – Week 1 (Part 3)

Written by Huttabito on March 7 2019

Matthew Hore ($117.3k DEF) was given 33% of the Richmond behind kickins and played on 5 of the 6 times resulting on him finishing with a team high 8 rebound 50s. Other the kick in duties, he only found the ball 7 more times but had a great kick to handball ratio of 11:2. He took 5 marks (1 contested), had a DE of 85% and put in 5 1%ers but only managed to get to 57 points due to a very low contested possession game style (2).

Harrison Petty ($160.7k DEF) spent exactly three quarters of the game on the ground and went at a perfect 100% kick ratio from all 8 disposals. Tied in with 4 marks (3 contested), 5 contested possessions and 4 1%ers he finished on 56 despite the low possession count, so would need to up that part of his game to be successful pick at his price.

James Jordon $117.3k DEF/MID) managed a goal assist from this 10 disposals (5 kicks) at 80% DE but was pretty quiet around the ground otherwise and finished on 45 points.

Corey Wagner ($123.9k MID) likes a bit of a contest picking up 6 contested possessions from his 9 disposals (6 kicks) but the pressure appeared to get to him as he ended up with a DE of 56%. A couple of tackles and a goal pushed him to 38 points from 80% game time.

Declan Keilty ($123.9k DEF) did most of the ruck work when Preuss was benched heavily in the final half resulting in him walking away with 9 hitouts, 6 disposals (2 kicks) and 2 tackles. Finished up on 29 points and will likely be pushed out over the coming weeks.

Tom Sparrow ($117.3k MID) barely got involved, but it is hard to do so when you are only given 34% game time. Collected 4 disposals (all kicks), but missed the target on 3 occasions leaving him with 10 points. Won’t feature Rd 1.

I like low hanging fruit, so I’m going to go for it, but we might have just found ourselves a round one bolter! Nathan Balta ($123.9k FWD) was pretty much the second coming of christ in the 2nd quarter putting on something like ridiculous like 70 SuperCoach points. He is very athletic, took some backup ruck duties (which at 194cm is a much better option than Grigg) and loves a mark (took 6). He finished the game with 18 disposals (15 kicks) at 72% DE, had 8 contested possessions, 6 marks (2 contested), 7 hitouts, 3 clearances, 3 tackles, 9 inside 50s, 2 goals, 1 behind and a goal assist for 104 points. My only issue is, Tom Lynch was missing. The last two years Richmond have played Jack Riewoldt and 5 smalls and now look set to play twin towers with 4 smalls. Does the Richmond system suit Riewoldt, Lynch AND Balta? I’m not so sure…. But injuries to Grigg and Caddy sure do breath life into the early season job prospects.

Jack Ross ($117.3k MID) was given a fair run through the midfield and finished with the 4th most disposals (21) for the Tigers. He got 9 off by foot at 76% DE and finished with 11 contested possessions, 1 contested mark, 6 clearances and 2 tackles for 67 points. Will more than likely get squeezed out of the middle come Rd1 but could get his chances throughout the year.

Oleg Markov ($158k DEF) found himself the ball on 17 different occasions and managed to get 10 of them off by foot. He had a low contested rate playing across half back and 3 clangers held him back to 55 points.

Liam Baker ($162.1k FWD) finished the game with 10 disposals (7 kicks), 7 contested possessions, 2 goals and a goal assist for 55 points. Not bad for only 36% game time!

Riley Collier-Dawkins ($121.8k MID) had a lot of hype leading in to the game as he has apparently been quite impressive at training. He did however only manage 6 disposals (4 kicks) and 22 points. Hopefully we have enough good cheap midfield rookies already and he can be a midseason downgrade when he’s ready.

Sam Collins ($188.9k DEF) was unfortunately delisted by Fremantle at the end of 2017 as we had an abundance of players like him. He was quite a successful rookie in in 2016 averaging 73 from 12 games and after a record breaking year in the VFL, was picked up in the off-season by Gold Coast as a part of their Special Assistance Program. It doesn’t look like he’s missed a beat, and got straight into his intercepting game style to finish with 12 disposals (9 kicks), 3 marks, 4 rebound 50s, 5 tackles and 7 1%ers giving him 93 SuperCoach points. He will see a lot of it this year, which means he’ll have plenty of opportunity to rebound, intercept and spoil (1%ers). Comes in slightly elevated, but rock solid JS.

Chris Burgess ($123.9k DEF/FWD) was a second mature ager picked up and got 2 early goals to kick start his senior career. Finished up with just to 2 goals though from 9 disposals (all kicks), 5 contested possessions, 5 marks (2 contested), 1 tackle and a couple of behinds for 68 points. Quite nice DPP to be swinging around when upgrading rookies and will get game time, but as key forward, a bench option at best.

Along with the mature aged recruits above, Gold Coast also showcased all 3 of their top 6 2018 draft picks. Unlike the mature agers, they all look very raw and I would be removing all of Jack Lukosius ($202.8K FWD), Izak Rankine ($198.3k FWD) and Ben King ($184.8k FWD) from your SuperCoach watchlists after a combined game of 19 disposals, 1 goal and 75 SuperCoach points. All very young forwards (and expensive rookie prices) in a wooden spoon side. Hard pass.

Will Hayes ($117.3k MID) was busy early in the game and finished with 59% game time. He took the equal 2nd most marks (7) for the game and collected 15 disposals (8 kicks) at 73% DE but only 2 contested possessions and 4 clangers held him to 42 points.

Bailey Smith ($180.3k MID) was in a fair few pre-season teams but that number has certainly dropped. He warmed the bench for the first half and finished with 39% TOG, but just the 1 contested possession from 9 disposals (2 kicks) at 56% DE, 3 clangers and 29 points if not what you want for $180k regardless of the low TOG.

We love a mature age recruit, and Brett Bewley ($117.3k MID) fits that bill in 2019. He only had 39% game time, but had a solid impact whilst out on the ground ranking 4th for minutes per disposal among all Dockers to finish with 13 disposals (6 kicks) and 3 marks. It was worrying that he went at 54% DE and had 3 clangers but 8 contested possessions and 4 tackles left him with a 48 points reasonable score given TOG. Ross loves to ease in the new players (Bandield only played 36% game time himself in JLT1 last year) so expect him to build nicely.

Griffin Logue ($164.3k DEF) will play this year if fit, but will be forced to play the 3rd tall man at times which will give some lows. His first senior game since 2017, he had 10 disposals (6 kicks) at 70% DE, 3 marks (1 contested), 3 1%ers and crept up the ground to finish with 4 inside 50s for 37 points. Came off possibly injured towards the end of the game after 66% TOG but turns out it was just a cramp.

Rupert Wills ($166.1k MID) is a ball winner and finished with 15 disposals (6 kicks) at 80% DE but was pretty quite otherwise registering very little other stats. Did however manage to kick a goal which got him to 57 points.

Nathan Murphy $167.2k DEF played the last 2 games of 2018 with an average of 39 points given him a slightly higher starting price in 2018. Finished with an 3rd team high 1%ers (5) he also managed 13 disposals (9 kicks) at 85% DE, 5 marks (1 contested), 4 rebound 50s and 2 tackles for 54 points. With Howe out early in the season he may get a fair crack.

Tyler Brown ($123.9k DEF), despite being listed as a defender played up front and kicked 1 goal, 1 behind from 9 disposals (5 kicks) to go with 5 contested possessions and 2 tackles. He gave away 3 free kicks however to finish on 36 points.

Isaac Quaynor ($153.3k DEF) has been one of the hyped rookies this pre-season but after a 12 disposal (9 kick) game at 42% DE and 4 clangers left him on 34, it left a lot to be desired for out SuperCoach team at his price.


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