2020 Loophole Options

Written by Motts on December 17 2019

allsaints has put in the hard yards so you don’t have to! Let’s hear it for allsaints!!!


Whether you choose a loophole or not, it is always good to consider which club(s) offers the best loophole options for the year, in case you decide at the last minute you want one.  As last year proved, Patrick BINES, WCE (RUC/FWD) was worth his weight in blue & gold, until a (not so) young Reilly O’BRIEN was asked to fill Sauce’s big boots early in the piece.

LESSON #1: it pays to have a DPP (dual position player) loophole! 

For those with BINES, it was a simple matter of binning your crappy F8, moving Bines FWD and bringing in ROB for a quick c.$300k.  Happy days.  Those WITHOUT a DPP at R3 would have faced complications getting O’Brien in (the greatest cash cow in recent memory) or even forewent the opportunity.  This is a genuine warning.  Build in the flexibility to your side to take advantage of unforeseen opportunities whilst giving you the ability to cover any nasty surprises.

With a little more detail this year, the table below demonstrates that three clubs offer a decent fixture for loophole options this year.  Namely Gold Coast, Freo and North.  Of these three sides only North play in the first two games of ANY round (once in Rd4), but the Pies (Grundy) play the Lions (Neale) the night before, so there are decent VC options available that week.  Further, they ALL offer decent VC options when they aren’t playing in the last two games of the round.  To that extent, we simply need to find a base-priced, DPP from any of these three clubs, who has (little to) no chance of playing in 2020.  Ideally, they will be a RUC/FWD option, but even this may not be necessary, should there be a decent playing rookie option for R3 in 2020.  Only time will tell.

More explicit details will follow, when SC Gold launches (rumour has it, this will be next Fri 20th December 2019).  In the meantime, we would be interested to hear if fellow SCTers have other thoughts/opinions on this.  Over to you …


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12 thoughts on “2020 Loophole Options”

  1. SC Team Picker is now mooted to launch next Monday 23rd Dec. Specific loophole options will become clear then and shared with SCT non-SC Gold members.

    Thanks for posting Motts, I know you’re busy!


    1. Ahhhh AS – you have quickly become a ‘tragic’ of this site and AFL SC!!! Welcome … and well done mate!! (i cannot talk, I normally give myself time off and here I am playing BBL!!)


  2. Choices in 2020 are not fantastic. I am now going to include SYD players as both two Rounds when they play second up, one Brodie GRUNDY (and others) are available for VC the night before.

    We’ll go by position and price (no DPP unless stated).

    Luke TOWEY, GCS, $102 400
    Leno THOMAS, FRE, $102 400
    Barry O’CONNOR, SYD (DEF/FWD), $102 400
    Matthew McGUINNESS, NTH, $102 400

    Tom NORTH, FRE, $102 400
    Connor BUDARICK, GCS (MID/FWD), $106 900

    Matthew CONROY, GCS, $102 400
    Charlie COMBEN, NTH (RUC/FWD), $117 300

    Malcolm ROSAS, GCS, $102 400
    Barry O’CONNOR, SYD (DEF/FWD), $102 400
    Patrick MURTAGH, GCS, $102 400
    Isaiah BUTTERS, FRE, $102 400

    It’s too early to tell but if Darcy CAMERON, COL (RUC/FWD), $123 900 looks like getting games early in 2020, we may be able to look at other lines for our loophole options. If this is the case, then our best option appears to be:

    Barry O’CONNOR, SYD (DEF/FWD), $102 400

    He is base-priced and has the same DPP status as both Jordan DAWSON and Stephen HILL, which could prove very useful. BUT, you will need to have Brodie GRUNDY in your side, or Rds 2 & 4 could prove difficult. Lachie NEALE and a RIC player would be your other options those Rounds. Plain sailing after that.

    If you’re not convinced by Darcy CAMERON, or just don’t want to go there, then you have two options in the RUC.

    Matthew CONROY, GCS, $102 400, or
    Charlie COMBEN, NTH (RUC/FWD), $117 300

    The DPP option will cost an extra $15k or to look at it another way, forgoing 69pts over the course of the season.

    At this stage, I’d plan using the more expensive option but be prepared to be flexible. If Darcy CAMERON, Jonathon PATTON, Noah BALTA (or any other RUC/FWD) start to look attractive before the first bounce, then the decision will be made for you.


    1. You’re a legend AS – now take a rest, enjoy Chrissy with the family (got to build up the bonus credits with the missus!!) so you don’t burn yourself out too soon before the season starts!!


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