7 Winners In 7 Days – Dave Murtagh (BBL01)

Written by Schwarzwalder on December 3 2018


Damion Maher (@Damion23) has rounded up seven previous winners of BBL Fantasy & SuperCoach BBL and asked them some insightful questions ahead of BBL08.

Dave Murtagh won BBL01 Fantasy and here is what he had to say……..

1. What is your team name and where can people follow you if you have twitter?


2. What was the keys to your success and any advice to new players?

Don’t chase scores, BBL fantasy has the most volatile scoring, players can easily score a 100 one week and 0 the next. I don’t look too much at a player’s scores (unless wanting a cheap player for cash generation) but more look at players role in the team and their opportunity to score, stay on top of team changes and the impact they can have on other players, it may mean someone gets to open or a part timer gets to bowl more overs.

3. Who is the must have player and why?

Joe Denly, opening the batting and should get plenty of overs.

4. Will you have more bowlers or batsmen in your side considering the all-rounder changes?

Tend to have more batsmen, T20 is a batsman’s game, but don’t actively choose one over the other.

5. Two part question will you have D’Arcy Short in your starting team and is James Pattinson a must have at 62k with a double game in week one?

At this stage I don’t have Short for round 1, will bring him in R2/3 for sure. If Pattinson ifs fit and playing R1 then he’s a must for me, not that many cheap bowlers to choose from and one starting with a DGW, while he can go for runs he’s a strike bowler and wickets is where the big points come from.

6. Who is someone you think will be a smoky this year?

Maybe not so much of a smoky now after his JLT, but I like Daniel Sams to take the next step this year, should add a lot of batting points this year and switching to Thunder gives him more opportunity.
Also like Jake Weatherald, his 2nd half to the BBL last year was terrific and looks to believe he belongs at this level now.

7. Making a big call, if you don’t start with…… You won’t win this year?

Obvious one, but Chris Lynn with Heat having DGW R1 he could go 400+ as captain.

8. Heat & Scorchers have a double game in week one. How many are you looking at starting with?

Around 8, need to take advantage of it but not cripple your team, seen plenty of times where 1 game from a Bravo type beats 2 scores from a Blizzard type.
Couple of season ago I got the highest score for R1 and only had 8 DGW players, there’s always guys that will outscore the DGW guys.

9. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times, shame on both of us…which player is on the never again list for BBL08?

Ben Cutting.

10. Which two big bash sides face off in the Grand final?

Heat and 6ers.


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