7 Winners In 7 Days – Mark Davey (BBL06)

Written by Schwarzwalder on December 11 2018


Damion Maher (@Damion23) has rounded up seven previous winners of BBL Fantasy & SuperCoach BBL and asked them some insightful questions ahead of BBL08.

Mark Davey won the only other edition of Supercoach during BBL06 and here is what he had to say…

1. What is your team name and where can people follow you if you have twitter?

My team is the Richmond Tigers. On Twitter @markdbdavey

2. What was the keys to your success and any advice to new players?

Two key to success was partly planning ahead. Not just thinking about next round but next 2 or 3 rounds. Also doing lots of reading from twitter etc. also I had a lot of luck. In every round but one almost everything went right for me.

3. Who is the must have player and why?

My must have players are guns that have 2 games in a round.

4. Will you have more bowlers or batsmen in your side considering the all-rounder changes?

Will probably depend on which teams have double game round whether I have more batsmen or bowlers. Will try to load up on best scorers in double game rounds.

5. Two part question, will you have D’Arcy Short in your starting team and is James Pattinson a must have at 62k with a double game in week one?

Have not decided on Darcy Short yet for round 1.Has a good draw in round 1 but not a double game round for him. Will come down to balance. James Pattinson will be one of my first picked if fit and firing. There are no guarantees there though.

6. Who is someone you think will be a smoky this year?

J.Edwards from Sydney could be a smoky. Will keep an eye on practice matches and will know more then.

7. Making a big call, if you don’t start with…… You won’t win this year?

You won’t win without double game players each round.

8. Heat & Scorchers have a double game week one How many are you looking at starting with?

Will probably start with 3 or 4 from heat and scorchers each in round 1.

9. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times, shame on both of us… which player is on the never again list for BBL08?

I would probably steer clear of Peter Neville.

10. Which two big bash sides face off in the Grand final?

Maybe Perth and Renegades for the final.


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