7 Winners In 7 Days – Nick Lachmund (BBL04)

Written by Schwarzwalder on December 6 2018


Damion Maher (@Damion23) has rounded up seven previous winners of BBL Fantasy & SuperCoach BBL and asked them some insightful questions ahead of BBL08.

Nick Lachmund won BBL04 Fantasy and here is what he had to say…

1. What is your team name and where can people follow you if you have twitter?

Team Punishment and I am NOT on Twitter (I might be too old for that…)

2. What was the keys to your success and any advice to new players?

You don’t need to be the biggest cricket fan to find success in BBL Fantasy. I’m a much bigger AFL fan but I’ve had more success with BBL. This is all based on strategy. Managing the bye rounds and double game rounds is the key. You can pretty much rely on all of the common players being picked on the Facebook groups and forums to know who you should consider putting in your team. But planning out at least the first six rounds and maximising the number of players that you have playing twice is the key to success.

3. Who is the must have player and why?

Chris Lynn. If he is playing in round one with two games to play, pick him and put the VC on him. The risk level of not picking him is astronomical!

4. Will you have more bowlers or batsmen in your side considering the all-rounder changes?

I’m currently about half and half. There’s value in both lines this year, by the looks of it. I don’t think I’ll be too batsmen or bowler heavy going into round one.

5. Two part question, will you have D’Arcy Short in your starting team and is James Pattinson a must have at 62k with a double game in week one?

Short is currently in my team and likely to still be there come round one. He was dominant last year and has a double game round in round three. The last thing you want to happen is find yourself in a position where you can’t afford to have Short for his double game round. If Pattinson plays round one, pick him. It’s that simple. He has a double game, he is a monster when he’s not injured and he is as cheap as chips. Not picking him would be ridiculous.

6. Who is someone you think will be a smoky this year?

This is a tough one to answer at this point. As the season gets closer and the teams start playing some scratch matches, a few smokies will start to turn up. I do, however, like Sam Heazlett and Moises Henriques this year. They’re in a few teams but I think they should be in more, based on their value this year.

7. Making a big call, if you don’t start with…… You won’t win this year?

Chris Lynn. I think in round one, he could end people’s season if they don’t have him.

8. Heat & Scorchers have a double game week one how many are you looking at starting with?

I currently have eight, all on field.

9. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times, shame on both of us… which player is on the never again list for BBL08?

I do not believe in never again lists. I’ve got sucked into not picking blokes in the past due to their history of burning me and I’ve missed on some great picks, particularly in AFL fantasy comps. In saying this, every time I look at Ben Dunk’s name on my bench (which he is at the moment), I feel a bit sick. If he disappoints me anywhere near as much this year as he did last year, I may revise my thoughts on a never-again list.

10 Which two big bash sides face off in the Grand final?

I think Perth are (as they are almost every year) the team to beat. I’ve got a good feeling about the Heat this year as well. I think I’ll pick the Heat to upset the Scorchers in the final.


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