2018 Dead Team League – Rd1 Update

Written by Huttabito on March 28 2018

Kicking Behinds takes the lead after the first round with a whopping 2,305! Looking who he would have likely had captain this week, his team would be sitting pretty inside the top 250 overall – great start.

I dun goofed – had some spare cash and hastily submitting my team before lockout as I forgot (my bad) and I was upgrading a few on each line and without thinking, went Gawn -> Ryder, so that’s me done for a while.

Rank SCT User Name Team Name Score
1 I’ve Just Crashed KB Kicking Behinds 2305
2 Zac zacattack 2273
3 Mark Mark’s Demons 2265
4 Joestar Joestars Dead Team 2253
5 Jamie C #TrustTheProcess@SCT 2233
6 Huttabito Mumma’s Bois @ SCT 2225
7 Alza Kunde’s Kings 2176
8 SnoiL SnoiL@SCT 2172
9 Tebs Dead Bears 2158
10 viclander viclander 2156
11 EatChickenNuggets TheWinningTeam 2146
12 Daisy Dim Sim Collision 2144
13 Damian Palmer Marvin’s Martians 2141
14 RABID CAT Sunday CC 2130
15 Daniels_Riches DRs_Dead_Team 2118
16 Roo Bloke Roo Bloke’s Zombies 2092
17 Duffer Duffer’s Duds 2081
18 Teamcustard Teamcustard 2061
19 allsaints GUNSnROSES 2050
20 Bearded Burbler Bearded Burbler 2047
21 Scotty412 The Deuce Deuce Crew 2040
22 Brendan 3PeatDejaVu 2027
23 Ross Winterblues@SCT 2022
24 Snoidz Thug Fyfe 2018
25 Western L’s Western Liams 1996
26 Kid81 Ghost81 1984
27 wognuts wognuts@sct 1984
28 Matteo Matteos Forgotten Warriors 1975
29 Natopotato88 I’m a Dead Team Scoring 1967
30 Azubu milliWatts 1965
31 Skyarm Skyarm 1958
32 Yiorgakis The Dead Phat Side 1955
33 The Death Adder The Death’s Dead Squad 1952
34 Chillo Chillo’s Zombies 1952
35 Father Dougal Father Dougal 1940
36 The Salamander The Dead Salamander 1933
37 ZIM Mack Attack 1928
38 Shaggi The Buttslappers 1922
39 dotrat dotrat 1914
40 Macka The Shetlands 1913
41 Brad Sneaky Russians 1909
42 Harry Harry’s Champs 1908
43 Tony AVKing 1884
44 Dusty Chazwazzers 1881
45 Thommo Thommo’s Zombie Tribe 1869
46 Jonezy Lever Wanting Moore 1811
47 JimmyDee Aces & Eights 1793
48 2Ezy 2Ezy@SCT 1762
49 Doc Dead Doc Bounce 1718
50 lathaz ThatWasOutOfBounds 1718
51 ian wightman Supermanisafake 1688
52 Cambeat10 Taxidermied Famingo 1680
53 Cuzza2 Second Year Blues 1659
54 Kent Longwood Lifeless 1641
55 Doogle Deadset doogle 1559

We all like some stats, so:

– 182 individual players were selected.
– The most selected player appears in 52 teams.
– Last years highest scorer, Dangerfield is in less than 13% of teams.
– There are 68 players who have been selected by only 1 team, 8 of which scored 100+.

Updates will not be posted every week but remember, you are never too far behind in the Dead League.


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22 thoughts on “2018 Dead Team League – Rd1 Update”

  1. Finished 9th last season and started 9th this season. Hoping the boys will get it together and i can mount a challenge for the title. Need a couple of my premos (looking at you Dayne and Nat) to knuckle down this week.
    Biggest regret after 1 round…the Dead Bears are going to be dragging a skinny, key position, bulldog rookie shaped passenger along for the ride


  2. Decent enough start from me, so I looked back at my team…looks like I’ve got Libba, so that’s me done for another year


  3. Great job Hutta going to all the effort running the Dead Team League again well it is more like 3 Leagues in 1 now with 55 entries.

    My Death Squad is already Dead with Brayshaw missing 1st Round selection a minor problem compared to my expensive Ruck Ryder going down. Well Libba in both my Classic and Dead Team lasting 1 Qtr was more terrible for Libba , but just a horror show for me.

    Let’s hope Libba can recover well from his 2nd ACL injury and get back on the park and produce his best again.


  4. Happy to be sitting second after the first round but im in some trouble as i selected ryder !

    Also looking back at my team i have coffield (as i submitted before team released) and also picked weitering over marchbank (not sure why )


      1. I’m assuming i just confused Weitering and Marchbank together and picked the wrong one! Either that or i wasn’t thinking straight ….


  5. Good to be back into the swing of things boys! Well done Hutta
    Wow, some ripper scores for the opening week. I thought my team was off to a flyer and I didn’t even break top 20! With Libba done, that could very well mean my season is over before it started.. Absolutely spewing because I took Bont out and put him in to free up some spare cash.
    Out of curiosity, who were the 8 singles who cracked the ton??
    Good luck to everyone for the rest of the year!


  6. Pretty happy with 2172 for the start of the year,
    My real team fell about 200 points short of that 🙁
    Bloody Zerrett & Zorko..


  7. Thanks Hutta but ouch did my team suck. From memory I have Zorko and Ryder, possibly Libba as well.

    Sad to be done in Round 1!


  8. Would be interested to see the list of 68 uniques. Looking at my team Zombies i reckon Taranto would possibly be unique.


  9. Not sure why my team name didn’t make it, but for the record it’s ‘Not Dead, Just Resting’ as they so ably proved this week.


  10. Well that’s an improvement! Finished 35th out of 37 last year so happy to have gotten off to a good start. Managed to outscore my normal team, even without a captain…



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