AFLW Fantasy – Final Results

Written by The Salamander on March 30 2019

Congratulations to our inaugural champion siddles on going back-to-back! Keep an eye on your inbox; I’ll be in touch to arrange the payment of your prize.

Table of 2019 AFLW Fantasy Results

Here’s his winning team, Pax-Man:

ADEL Chelsea Randall (MID / DEF) $863500
CARL Brianna Davey (MID / DEF) $632500
CARL Kirby Bentley (DEF) $100000
BL Sam Virgo (DEF) $100000
WB Eleanor Brown (MID / DEF) $182000
FRE Gemma Houghton (DEF) $137500

NMFC Emma Kearney (MID) $902000
WB Ellie Blackburn (MID) $687500
ADEL Erin Phillips (MID) $605000
MELB Karen Paxman (MID) $693000
BL Alexandra Anderson (MID) $572000
CARL Madison Prespakis (MID) $196000
FRE Kiara Bowers (MID) $100000
GWS Haneen Zreika (MID) $100000

ADEL Jessica Foley (RUC) $142000
NMFC Emma King (RUC) $566500

CARL Darcy Vescio (FWD) $407000
NMFC Jasmine Garner (FWD) $665500
GWS Christina Bernardi (MID / FWD) $577500
COLL Jaimee Lambert (FWD) $500500
FRE Sabreena Duffy (DEF / FWD) $168000
COLL Sharni Layton (DEF / FWD) $100000

In addition to winning the overall competition, siddles also took out our head-to-head competition, defeating allsaints in the Grand Final 2527 – 2411. Meanwhile, Natopotato88 won the Minor Premiership, narrowly defeating Jordan Donaldson 2199 – 2181.

Thank you to everyone who participated this year – I hope you have enjoyed playing this as much as I have enjoyed running it. Assuming the official providers still don’t have their act together next season, I’ll be back again next year, hopefully with something bigger, and better. Well, assuming I can still access the relevant stats…

If any of you have been wondering why I haven’t posted any scores from the finals series, it’s because at some point after the conclusion of the home-and-away season, the AFL website got rid of the individual player stats from its website (just as well this didn’t happen a week earlier, or I would have been in big trouble!). I’ve tried contacting them to find out what’s going on, but am yet to hear back. I’m hoping that this situation is temporary.

Once the Grand Final and the awards season have been and gone, I’ll post the results of our Crystal Ball competition. I’ll also provide a full breakdown of the best players by position and price at that point. Until then, I have attached an up-to-date list of all scores for the season at the bottom of the page, in case anybody feels the need to double-check my work. I’m also happy to provide raw game-by-game data upon request (just ask in the comments below).

Finally, be sure to tune in to see Carlton take on Adelaide in the AFLW Grand Final tomorrow afternoon (1 PM AEDT, televised nationally on 7/7Mate). Whichever way the result goes, you’ll get to see history being made: either Carlton will become the first club to reach 17 premierships (and win its first of this millennium), or Adelaide will become the first to win two AFLW flags. With both teams playing fast, skilful, high-scoring football, it should be a great game to watch. Don’t miss it!

Click here to download full scores from all games.


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5 thoughts on “AFLW Fantasy – Final Results”

  1. Come on!!!!! I can say I won something by winning the minor premiership! Thanks Salamander for running this competition for the 2nd year! The effort you have put into the comp is incredible!


  2. Thanks Jack for your extraordinary efforts in running the comp. Fantastic!
    Many congrats to siddles and Natopotato88 on their premierships. Well done both!


  3. Congratulations again to siddles, he’s just playing a different game to us all. Must be thinking ‘how easy is this, aye?’
    Well done again to the Salamander for setting up the ONLY Womens Fantasy Comp in existence for the 2nd year running. Maybe the officials will start catching on one day?


  4. Hey there, will you be running this comp again in 2020 ??

    Also with the AFL cutting out the stats it used to provide on the AFLW website and now having them soley online is there anywhere to go to be able to check 2019 AFLW hitout stats for individual rucks ?

    Match stats show team hitouts but don’t split it by player. When I check on each player on the app there are 2019 stat summaries but these don’t show hitouts.

    Does The Salamander have another stats spreadsheet somewhere that provides this info ??

    Cheers TTH



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