AFLW Fantasy Game – Final Results

Written by Schwarzwalder on March 24 2018

Rank Coach Team Score
1 siddles Pax-Man 12934
2 Grant Frost #Likeaboss 12631
3 Roger Gee Smooth as Silk 12153
4 Schwarzwalder Schwarzwalder@SCT 12053
5 Nools She’ll Be Right 12003
6 realinvincibles Real Invincibles 11967
7 Alferton Team Alf 11953
8 Daniels_Riches Daniels_Roses 11938
9 The Salamander La Salamandre 11759
10 Shaun Bartholomew Blame the Umpire 11571
11 Kid81 NoHope 11466
12 Chillo All Folk Love Whiskey 11322
13 Lukey27 Lukey27 11308
14 Father Dougal All Nuns Over 75 11299
15 Natopotato88 Destruction Awaits 11275
16 Adam Adam’s All Stars 11125
17 Huttabito Mumma’s Bois @ SCT 10906




Congratulations to our inaugural AFLW Fantasy champion, siddles! I’ll be in contact shortly to arrange the payment of your prize money.


Before I go on, I would just like to thank all those who participated, as well as the management at SCT for allowing me to run this here. I have really enjoyed doing this, and I hope you all have, too.


And now, without further ado, here is siddles’ winning team:



Player Score
Chelsea Randall (ADEL, MID / DEF) 873
Brianna Davey (CARL, MID / DEF) 195
Ebony Antonio (FRE, DEF) 590
Mel Hickey (MELB, DEF) 378
Hannah Scott (WB, MID / DEF) 447
Nicola Stevens (CARL, DEF) 423
Erin Phillips (ADEL, MID) 504
Daisy Pearce (MELB, MID) 909
Jordan Zanchetta (BRIS, MID) (Draftee) 256
Emma Kearney (WB, MID) 971
Kara Donnellan (FRE, MID) 751
Ebony Marinoff (ADEL, MID) 809
Courtney Gum (GWS, MID) (Draftee) 848
Karen Paxman (MELB, MID) 733
Emma King (COLL, RUC) 672
Alicia Janz (FRE, RUC) (Draftee) 450
Jaimee Lambert (COLL, FWD) 606
Jenna Bruton (WB, MID / FWD) (Draftee) 573
Sabrina Frederick-Traub (BRIS, FWD) 807
Katie Brennan (WB, FWD) 294
Chloe Molloy (COLL, FWD) (Draftee) 595
Jodie Hicks (GWS, MID / FWD) (Draftee) 250
Total 12934



I have attached a whole spreadsheet filled with data on every player (end of the post), but for those who don’t want to go rummaging through Excel, I thought I’d list the top players in each position:


Top 8 Midfielders (total points):


Player Club Position SalamanderCoach (total) Average (rounded)
Emma Kearney WB MID 971 139
Daisy Pearce MELB MID 909 130
Dana Hooker FRE MID 879 126
Chelsea Randall ADEL MID / DEF 873 125
Courtney Gum GWS MID 848 121
Ebony Marinoff ADEL MID 809 116
Elise O’Dea MELB MID 755 108
Kara Donnellan FRE MID 751 107



Top 6 Forwards:


Player Club Position SalamanderCoach (total) Average
Sabrina Frederick-Traub BL FWD 807 115
Jasmine Garner COLL FWD 675 96
Shelley Scott MELB FWD / DEF 650 93
Christina Bernardi COLL MID / FWD 626 89
Erin McKinnon GWS RUC / FWD 617 88
Kate Hore MELB FWD 611 87



Top 6 Defenders:


Player Club Position SalamanderCoach (total) Average
Chelsea Randall ADEL MID / DEF 873 125
Kate Lutkins BL DEF 674 96
Shelley Scott MELB FWD / DEF 650 93
Hayley Miller FRE MID / DEF 631 90
Ebony Antonio FRE DEF 590 84
Caitlyn Edwards COLL DEF 590 84



Top 2 Rucks:


Player Club Position SalamanderCoach (total) Average
Emma King COLL RUC 672 96
Breann Moody CARL RUC 635 91



Top 6 Draftees:


Player Club Position SalamanderCoach (total) Average
Courtney Gum GWS MID 848 121
Kate Hore MELB FWD 611 87
Tegan Cunningham MELB FWD 602 86
Chloe Molloy COLL FWD 595 85
Monique Conti WB MID 576 82
Jenna Bruton WB MID / FWD 573 82



Average score for all players (minimum 1 game played): 57

Draftee: 47

Non-draftee: 61


The Future

 As much as I have enjoyed running our inaugural competition, this is only the beginning. At a minimum, I’ll be back next year with another dead team-style competition, but if the major players have still not got their act together, I will also be doing something much bigger and better, too. Watch this space.



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5 thoughts on “AFLW Fantasy Game – Final Results”

  1. Congratulations to siddles for winning the inaugural AFLW competition! A well built team and those draftee selections were key. Now let’s see if you can back your title up next year 😉

    I’m not happy with finishing 15th but it isn’t last that is good enough for this year. I’ll be back next year though, just you wait and see


  2. Yeah, those draftees were kind of important. Did anyone else have zero out of the top 6 in their team?

    Thanks for running this, Jack!



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