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Written by Schwarzwalder on February 22 2019

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Ah the lovely Suns! I am expecting to see lots of vital information to come from Stuart Dew for the countless players like ahhhhhh…….. Miles and ahhhhh….. Rankine.

(Surprisingly he did name a few rookies so there was more than I thought)

Looks like Dew has been in the same paddock as Schwarzwalder…..damn German diet 😉


“Do you see a big role for Miles this year?”

Without a 2nd thought, Dew was all over this and Miles is absolutely down for a big role, as he has been great coming from Richmond. Dew thinks he will “thrive with greater responsibility” at the Suns. Dew just stopped dead and said no more from that, which is disappointing as it would have been good to hear more about Miles.

However, Miles is priced at $342k in the MID position, but sadly has never really managed to find himself a spot in the Richmond 22. He only got to play one game last year scoring a 90 and then being dropped the next week. In 2017 he only got to play 5 games yet managed two tonnes.

When he actually got his chance to play a full season, Miles came in with an average of 97.5 including four scores of 120+ (a whopping 149 in there!).  So, it shows that Miles has managed to get his price tag up to 539k and have it sit around the 500k mark for over a full season. Now that Miles has managed to get himself on the field by moving to 2014-2016.

Change of scenery, change of luck for Anthony Miles?


“Of the 3 mature recruits – Corbett, Collins and Burgess – who has been most impressive?”

Corbett and Burgess haven’t missed a beat this preseason and they’re exciting to watch. Collins started well at the club but then had little niggles with his knee. Not much was said after this which continues to disappoint.

Collins is priced at 189k & playing in defence, but this is not his 1st season in the AFL. Collins has played 14 games at the Dockers over the 2016/17 seasons, achieving an average of 72.5 from 12 games in 2016.  Collins cracked the tonne twice with scores of 100 and 126, so he shows some good potential and should receive a lot of the ball down back. Hopefully Collins gets over his niggles and then he will be a safe pick for defence.

For the likes of Burgess, he is priced at 124k and has a DPP status of DEF/FWD, which could be helpful for your team later in the season. Burgess showed he had the capabilities to play both ends of the ground averaging 77 and 97 points when playing DEF and FWD in the SANFL. He looks a good chance to make his way into the Rd1 team, so keep an eye on him in JLT.

Corbett is sitting on a price tag of 124k in the FWD position and is also looking likely to move into the Suns Best 22 from the start. Just last year, Corbett finished the season as the VFL’s most promising young player. His role as a forward at the Suns could really hold back his scoring potential and be a slow burner for us Coaches. He looks to have safe job security, but can he put out some decent scores that we will love as Coaches?



 “How is Ainsworth tracking and what will be his mid/fwd split this year?”

He is having a great pre-season and has spent a fair bit of his time training with the midfield group.’ Dew also believes that the 2nd-3rd and 3rd-4th year players are the ones that make the biggest improvements, naming Ainsworth as one of them in a previous question.

He is known to play forward but Dew is looking to develop Ainsworth’s game and test him as a midfielder, as he has the pace that they need through there. He is priced as a 333k FWD and he is very similar in price to Miles, yet is not even owned by 1% of coaches. In his first 2 seasons at the club he managed to get 29 games, scoring in the 90’s 5 times. However the other end of the scale is a real concern, scoring under 45 on seven occasions last year!

He did have a great run of form from Rds 7-12, averaging 89.6pts. Getting more time in midfield will help his cause in scoring more and hopefully improving his consistency.  But how many are game enough to back Ainsworth for a 3rd year break-out?

Anyone game enough to start with Ainsworth?


“Are Lukosius and Rankine Round 1 certainties?”

“We’re still 7 and a half weeks out from Rd 1, so lots of work to do.  However, from the glimpses we’ve seen, they are looking capable of playing AFL footy.” The rookies are right up on the high end of the scale coming in at 201k and 198k both in the forward line. Since these rookies are right up there in price you will need them to hit the ground running and get them to pump out 80’s every week.   Otherwise they’ll turn into slow burners in SuperCoach.

Remember LDU last year?  Davies-Uniacke scored 25,77,23 and 37 in his first 4 games rising only 16k and then dropping 13k after his 4th game. These two rookies are forwards in a team that is building and are not likely to receive much of the ball up front. So, will they manage to score well every week or will they have to just stand and watch like Lynch did?


The rookies mentioned above look like they are all a decent chance to make the team for Rd 1. Surely, one of these rookies will get the short straw and have to make his debut later in the season. How many of these rookies will actually make it and hold their spot? If one is looking good in the reserves, then who has to make way? So many questions with the Suns………How many are you really going to risk in your starting line-up?


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6 thoughts on “Ask The Coach – Suns”

  1. Thanks Nato. Have gone from four Suns to none currently, incl. Collins!

    And comment of the day …
    Looks like Dew has been in the same paddock as Schwarzwalder…..damn German diet


    1. I actually hope he isn’t named. Lots of cash to use eslwhere and changes people’s teams up alot. Wilkie, McKay, quaynor, duursma and logue have all been talked about getting early games. I think defence rookies will be OK like last year, at leased enough available it seems at this point. I’m crossing more and more fwd and mid rookies off every week but the defense stay OK, except for now Collins with a little doubt. And by those reports everyone has read by now I’d rather run Walsh.


    1. Video was made on the 1st of Feb, this was the first video of the series, so a lot of info could have changed since then. The was originally a question on Wigg in there but then he did his ACL


  2. Ive had a more or less pure guns and low end rookies for a while now. Imagine if the rookies just don’t show up…and its mod price madness everywhere
    Thanks for the write up, miles has been in my team early days but havent had him for around a month now.
    Agree with the previous comment, collins out Walsh in



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