Badger’s Midpricer Madness

Written by Badger on August 6 2014

I’m sure I’ve missed some here – let me know if you want anyone added. All the best for finals.



**Missed with sickness** Sam Mitchell DEF/MID $413,700 av. 87.56 (last two scores 71 and 103) – See Fallen Premiums as well. He’ll bounce back Mitchell but two out of his last three scores have been average, especially when you consider he had 32 disposals in his last game for a score of 71…

Grant Birchall $419,900 av. 88.28 (last two scores 105 and 106) – also a Fallen Premium and still under $450K. Well worth a look if you need to fill a defender spot. In his last three weeks Birchall has had 25, 24 and 27 disposals. Slight risk at perhaps being rested if Hawks shore up top spot.

Robert Murphy $424,200 av. 86.67 (last two scores 80 and 137) – Murphy started the year as one of the most expensive backs ($534K) and like the Doggies had a slow start to 2014. His last three weeks have been more reflective of a brilliant 2013 and maybe he could prove a valuable difference in draft or traditional SC if you have room and need a differentiator.

Kade Simpson DEF/MID $462,900 av. 98.33 (last two scores 105 and 129) – See Fallen Premiums. Nice price

Brodie Smith $479,900 av. 95.72 (last two scores 82 and 144) – See Fallen Premiums.

Harry Taylor $483,700 av. 81.53 (last two scores 98 and 125) – Another good game but on the lower end of disposals (17) compared to his three prior games.

Other Defenders to consider:


**Missed with injury** Sam Mitchell DEF/MID $413,700 av. 87.56 (last two scores 71 and 103) – See Defender write-up.

Andrew Gaff $443,400 av. 86.17 (last two scores 109 and 125) – probably a draft league special. Last two games 26 and 31 disposals.

Shane Savage $463,400 av. 72.83 (last two scores 104 and 136) – Four out of five games with 100+, a rolling average over that period of 107.80. Clean with the ball and finding plenty of it, keep Savage in mind for your draft leagues.

Dom Tyson $482,700 av. 93.44 (last two scores 159 and 138) – he’s been brilliant the last two weeks with 32 and 27 disposals respectively. A hard game ahead against the Hawks but a worthy selection as a free agent nonetheless.

Brad Crouch $504,900 av. 93.86 (last two scores 121 and 94) – He’s into premo territory now with another cracking game and a score of 121 (32 disposals). The kids a champ and a likely starter for Badger 2015.

Other Mids to consider: Hamish Hartlett, Josh Caddy (Fwd/Mid)


Ben McEvoy $460,800 av. 94 (last two scores 102 and 120) – Started the year at just over $500K making him a Fallen Premo. Playing well.

Stefan Martin RUCK/FWD $499,600 av. 109.75 (last two scores 130 and 117) – what can you say about Stefan? Absolute champion effort to emerge from mediocrity and announce himself as a genuine gun ruck/midfielder. An athletic freak and the right age to have a few good years ahead at either Brissy or perhaps a top 4 contender if another team steps up their poaching efforts. He had 24 disposals on the weekend along with six marks and three tackles. He gets the Midpricer Madness best and fairest for sure.

Other Rucks to consider: Mike Pyke


Justin Westhoff $477,700 av. 91.78 (last two scores 144 and 120) – another Fallen Premo who has hit his straps the last two weeks. Risky pick but has a high ceiling and definitely worthy in the draft leagues. Tough game ahead with Sydney at Adelaide Oval.

Nick Riewoldt $483,700 av. 91.11 (last two scores 96 and 179) – See Fallen Premiums. He’s back in form for sure

Stefan Martin RUCK/FWD $499,600 av. 109.75 (last two scores 130 and 117) – see Rucks.

Other Forwards to consider: Josh Caddy (Mid/Fwd)


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13 thoughts on “Badger’s Midpricer Madness”

  1. With Gunston out, who would be the better replacement:

    TU – Stefan Martin
    TD – Robbie Gray

    Don’t have a R/F rookie to take full advantage of Martin, but he seems to be scoring consistently better and arguably has an easier run home (though Sandi in a prelim could dampen his scores a little). Also – will we see the Berg before seasons end?

    Gray having a stellar year but seems to have dropped away of late. Seems to be copping a bit more attention, and may be suffering the same fatigue that the rest of his team are exhibiting. Tougher run with Sydney this week and Freo (Crowley?) in the Grand Final.

    Also worth noting that I’m 2nd on the ladder in my cash league, and the other three teams in the top 4 all have Martin but not Gray…

    Somewhat mitigates the risk associated with picking Martin, but means Gray could be a strong POD if Martin drops away.


  2. Another great write up Badger. Cab I get your thoughts on who to replace Pav with …

    B.Crouch (can he continue the run)
    S.Martin (will Leuy come back and spoil the party?)
    B.Smith (144 has got my attention)


  3. Hey Badger, looking to finally trade out Wingard. Options are Roughie, S.Martin, N.Riewoldt, or R.Gray? Leaning towards Gray even with last week’s low score (he had a virus). Your thoughts?



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