Badger’s Midpricer Madness

Written by Badger on August 13 2014

He’s no longer in the Midpricer bracket but get on board Harry Taylor if you have the coin and a spot in your defence – exceptional form. And farewell Stefan Martin – you’re a premo now and I will miss you so. Hope everyone has some success in week 1 of the finals. I have a hard luck story to tell – it involves a decision not to trade up Xavier Ellis (so I retained three trades going into week two) as I knew I only needed a small score to win. Needless to say I fell short…by 16 points. Oh well, one league down, three to go. Let me know if you want me to add any players to the Midpricer List.


Sam Mitchell DEF/MID $417,300 av. 87.00 (last two scores 71 and 82) – Another 30+ disposal game and <85 SC score. Great that he’s finding the ball and running out games but the low champion data points are a worry.

Heath Shaw $440,100 av. 92.20 (last two scores 90 and 126) – a sub-affected game in round 15 saw Shaw’s price plunge by $61,600 over the last three rounds. His last two games however have been great with 23 and 31 disposals. Shaw’s breakeven is just 48. GWS next three games are against Melbourne, Collingwood (GWS home game and Heath’s first game against the Pies) and the Western Bulldogs.

Grant Birchall $442,200 av. 88.42 (last two scores 105 and 91) – A serviceable game with 26 disposals, nine marks, two tackles and a free for. Two out of his last four scores have been over 100 with the other two in the nineties. Nice consistency

Matthew Jaensch $457,900 av. 89.68 (last two games 103 and 117) – Jaensch is finishing the year how he started; with lots of scores over 100 (four out of his last five). 27 and 25 disposals in his last two and games against Richmond, North and St Kilda ahead, two out of three at home.

Other Defenders to consider: Robert Murphy, Brodie Smith, Ricky Petterd


Dale Thomas $391,700 av. 78.47 (last two games 101 and 123) – His last two games have been vintage Daisy with 29/27 disposals and 12/11 marks respectively. Maybe a smokey for the draft leagues.

Sam Mitchell DEF/MID $417,300 av. 87.00 (last two scores 71 and 82) – See Defender write-up.

David Mundy $471,100 av. 101.42 (last two games 92 and 115) – a putrid game for Mundy and Freo against St Kilda (56 SC) sees Mundy drop to under $475K. See Fallen Premiums.

Andrew Gaff $477,500 av. 87.37 (last two scores 109 and 125) – a draft league special. Last three round average 114 and has had 26, 31 and 34 disposals to his name. WC have a pretty good run home with Essendon, Melbourne and GC.

Other Mids to consider: Adam Cooney (Draft League or cash cow if you have trades up your sleeve), Ben Cunnington (Draft League)


Other Rucks to consider: Ben McEvoy, David Hale


Taylor Walker $419,500 av. 81.58 (last two scores 91 and 133) – Walker has hit some form which obviously coincides with Adelaide’s successes of late. Thirteen goals in his last three games and a rolling average of 107.33 during that time. Somewhat unique with 13% ownership.

Other Forwards to consider: Drew Petrie, David Hale


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5 thoughts on “Badger’s Midpricer Madness”

  1. Scott Thompson gone – $501k for Defender
    T/U – Bartel
    T/D – Shaw

    Swallow, Mcveigh, Mitchell, Simpson, Enright, Thompson


  2. 2 trades left.
    Have both Wingard and Suckling in my team (mitchell in mid so can dpp with suckling trade)
    I have the week off this week b4 the real stuff starts to happen next week.
    T/U- Wingard to Harvey/Martin
    Suckling to Crisp

    T/D – Save trades for the moment


  3. Brad Ebert anyone?
    Played almost every game.
    9 x 100’s
    2 x 90’s
    AVG 96.6
    Went 147 against Swans at SCG
    3 round avg 95pts



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