Badger’s Midpricer Madness

Written by Badger on August 21 2014

Midpricer list is probably a bit irrelevant this week given most of us will be replacing premiums with premiums. No matter – maybe you’ll find a rough diamond below as a differentiator. Special mentions to David Mundy (no Fyfe/no Barlow and I reckon he’ll handle the tag no problems) and Matthew Pavlich (may have stints further up the ground and steps up in important games).


Sam Mitchell DEF/MID $412,000 av. 86.820 (last two scores 85 and 82) – Mitchell continues to offer average scores even though he’s finding plenty of the ball.

Heath Shaw $459,600 av. 92.19 (last two scores 92 and 126) – Three round average of 102.67. Games against the Pies and Doggies coming up.

Matthew Jaensch $457,900 av. 89.68 (last two games 103 and 117) – Jaensch scored under 100 for the first time in a month but still managed a respectable 92.

Other Defenders to consider: Ricky Petterd, Jed Adcock


Sam Mitchell DEF/MID $412,000 av. 86.820 (last two scores 85 and 82) – See Defender write-up.

David Mundy $493,900 av. 102.50 (last two games 123 and 119) – Mundy still a nice price and with Barlow and Fyfe out of the team a lot of the midfield responsibility (and hopefully SC scoring) will fall on his shoulders. He’s a strong candidate as replacement for Beams based on scoring potential, not his unusually low price.

Other Mids to consider: Adam Cooney (Draft League or cash cow if you have trades up your sleeve), Ben Cunnington (Draft League), Harley Bennell, Anthony Miles, Andrew Swallow



Other Rucks to consider: Mark Bliscavs (draft league)


Matthew Pavlich $335,200 av. 84.79 (last two scores 55 and 143) – a massive game against the Hawks with 21 disposals, eight mars, two tackles, a free for and five goals. Wouldn’t surprise me if Pavlich had stints further up the ground in the next two weeks given Barlow and Fyfe are out. Freo will obviously be desperate to remain top four which will be dependent on Port’s results (who Freo play at Patterson’s round 23) – Pavlich tends to step up in important games so he could be a good recruit if you’re not already replacing two premo midfielders.

Josh Caddy $410,000 av. 72.33 (last two scores 50 and 140) – don’t be fooled by the 50 Caddy scores against Freo – he started as sub and came on during the third quarter. Games against Hawks and Brissy ahead. If he spends more time in the guts than the forward line then you can expect high scores. Something’s clicked for Caddy and he’s a likely starter for Badger in 2015 (as fwd).

Drew Petrie $455,200 av. 76.85 (last two scores 149 and 98) – Very inconsistent this year but a couple of winnable games ahead for North with Adelaide in Tassie and Melbourne at Etihad. He’s kicked seven goals in the last two weeks.


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  1. Thinking Boomer- Caddy so i can go Beams – Priddis, but doubt i’m gonna do it:s, can’t really trust Caddy



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