Badger’s Rookie Review

Written by Badger on August 18 2015

Hi all,

The usefulness of a rookie review going into week two of the finals is negligible. So I’m going to continue to ask for ROTY nominations if you wish to add to yourย suggestion/s from last week or contribute this week.


Notable Performances SC Finals Week 1:

Johnathon Marsh (Coll DEF/FWD) with 71. At $123.9K and dual position he might slot nicely into your team if you’re looking for cash and have the trades.

Shaun Edwards (Ess DEF) with 75 which followed last weeks score of 97 (and a score of just 5 in Round 17 which has held his price back somewhat). Could become an exceptional player in future years. Probably too expensive at $215K+ย forย this time of year but worthy of consideration.

Johnathon Freeman (Bri FWD) with 88 including three goals. $188.5K

James Harmes (Mel MID) with 75. Played his sixth game in a row but is still priced at around $205K due to some previous low scores.


That’s it for now.



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