Ballsy Moves – Brodie Grundy (COL)

Written by Schwarzwalder on March 1 2018


Position: RUCK

Price: $534 700


Just coming off his most successful Supercoach season and starting 2018 (97avg from 20 games) as the 4th most expensive Ruckman, Coaches are staying away from Grundy in droves.  The problem with Grundy is his 211cm tall, American sidekick, Mason Cox.  Traditionally in Supercoach, the highest-scoring big guys are the sole Rucks of their respective teams (think back in recent years to Goldstein, Gawn, Jacobs, Stef Martin & Kreuzer…..ALL LONE RUCKMEN!).

News has trickled through over the pre-season that Buckley wants to give Mason Cox more time in the Seniors, and specifically, more time in the Ruck.  That’s not a warning bell for Supercoaches everywhere……it’s a fricken Bullhorn!

In the seven games that Grundy & Cox played together in 2017, Grundy managed just the one ton (105 against Hawthorn) plus one further score over 90 (93 against Melbourne).  Otherwise his numbers were down all across the board, most noticeably in hitouts & disposals (consistently under his season average).

In the 13 games that Grundy was rucking solo in 2017, he scored eight tons with a further three scores over 90+.  That’s what we novices like to call a ‘pattern’ 😉  It’s quite a simple equation………. If Grundy is the sole Ruckman for the Pies, then he’s worth considering.  If he has to share Ruck duties, then it’s a ballsy pick that I’d rather avoid.

Risk Rating: On a scale of 1-5……1 being safe & 5 being extremely dangerous……

Grundy One Higgo!  (w/o Cox)

Grundy – Four Higgos! (With Cox)

Without the Big Yank in the side, I’d seriously consider Grundy for a set&forget strategy for the entire season.  Solo Ruckmen are simply the better option in Supercoach, there’s enough data to back that up.  If Cox plays ten games or more in 2018 then Grundy stats won’t be those of a Top 2 Ruck.


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