Ballsy Moves – Cyril Rioli (HAW)

Written by Schwarzwalder on March 14 2018


Position: FWD

Price: $317 400


Always a guaranteed ballsy move……..starting with Cyril.  Not only do you have the erratic form line of a forward pocket player, you have to avoid the niggling injuries which follow Cyril around like a foul stench.

There’s no doubt that he’s been one of the most exciting players to watch over the last decade of footy…..when he’s been on the park.  Cyril has only played one full season of footy during his career…..his very first season way back in 2008.  Just as it seemed like he’d overcome the niggles in 2015 & 2016 (20 & 19 games plus Finals respectively), Cyril’s 2017 campaign ended after just eight weeks due to a PCL injury.

One could argue that his $317k starting price is decent value this year, especially since he’s averaged over 90+ pts during six separate seasons.  Taking a closer look at his 2017 scores reveals a downward trend that was already set in motion.  From the seven matches played, Rioli’s highest score was 81 against the Eagles.  Six scores under 80 pts doesn’t fill too many Coaches with confidence.

If you were to pick Rioil in your starting line-up, you’d need to be confident that a) he’ll play at least the first 7-8 weeks of the season & b) he’ll score high enough to give you a quick upgrade (make it worth your while).  Since there’s little to no guarantees on either, I’d label Cyril an extremely ballsy move early on.

Risk Rating: On a scale of 1-5……1 being safe & 5 being extremely dangerous……….Cyril Rioli – Five Higgos!   The rating shared only by Tom Rockliff.  Hard to see Cyril scoring enough to make it worth your while, even IF he gets out there for Rd1.


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