Ballsy Moves – Kade Kolodjashnij (GCS)

Written by Schwarzwalder on March 13 2018


Position: DEF

Price: $398 300


The wraps on this kid were massive after his 2015 season where he finished with an 89avg from all 22 games.  The jump to elite DEF seemed just a formality for the youngster with the sweeping left fook kick.    Nine tons and a further six scores over 80+ highlighted an impressive season for Kade but things were about to go pear-shaped from there………

A never-ending injury list at the Gold Coast in 2016 saw Kade forced to play more often as the 2nd/3rd tall defender.  Only scored one ton for the year and his Supercoach average plummeted 20 pts down to 69ppg.  Kade’s 2017 season didn’t turn out much better, ending after Rd13 due to concussion complications.  Beforehand, Kade had failed to register a century despite numerous games having gathered over 20 disposals.

There are some massive question marks over KK and the Suns in general.  With Ablett leaving and Eade having resigned, Stuart Dew has been appointed Head Coach.  Whether Kade will be unleashed off half-back in similar style to 2015 or forced to play on as a tall defender remains a mystery.  Can Stuey Dew even get the Suns to play a coherent brand of football during the regular season?  Far too many unknowns to even bother taking a chance on KK.  Happy to wait and see if he can turn it around.

Risk Rating: On a scale of 1-5……1 being safe & 5 being extremely dangerous……….Kade K – Four Higgos!  Just too much uncertainty around KK, not for me thanks!


Any chance of showing off those brass balls of yours and starting KK?

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5 thoughts on “Ballsy Moves – Kade Kolodjashnij (GCS)”

  1. What will his role be now that Hanley is out? Will he fill in as the main rebounding defender or will he have to play more lockdown?


  2. With Trent McKenzie now with Port, and Hanley out for a while.
    KK may be required to do a lot more kicking out of the back half.

    I still feel McGrath at around the same price has way less risk and heaps more upside.


  3. He is in the mix to replace hanley in my team (I had him pegged as a top 6 defender so its a shame that he got injured…).
    I just feel the next breakout is more likely amongst Marchbank, Weitering, McGrath, Witherden. Also feel he may be tagged with no serious midfield to speak of.


  4. Picked him up late in draft, which I was not unhappy about.

    Can’t see him being a top 10 defender though, not this year anyway.



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