BBL SuperCoach FreeHitPod – Podcast #1

Written by Schwarzwalder on October 25 2018

Here it is, Coaches……….the one you’ve been waiting for…………….the first Podcast from the experts at @BBLfreehitpod, available now on Whooshka.


For their part in getting the podcast happening, don’t forget to follow @BBLfreehitpod, @pelly_51, @tim_michell & @bricemitchell.


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12 thoughts on “BBL SuperCoach FreeHitPod – Podcast #1”

  1. Had a chance to listen this morning whilst doing some painting.

    Plenty of handy tips including how to set up your starting line up taking the first 2 Bye Rounds into account and my personal favourite was where Pelly and Tim ran thru Brice’s stats (Father Dougal mark 2 stats man) for the under priced break out contenders.

    Both Pelly and Tim put plenty of time and work to get these podcasts up and running and if you are playing any of the BBL Fantasy games this year it is a must listen so you just need to put 50 minutes aside for some great advice and thoughts from these cricket tragics.

    Well Done and Congrats on a great 1st Podcast fellas!!


  2. Alright my phone no longer works in the Coaches Box, however, I have set up a SuperCoachtalk BBL #1 League.
    13 spots available in code 931929 and all welcome to join.
    You can also join the SupwrCoachtalk Group 701512 and the Freehitpodcast Group 846701.


    1. Also 7 spots left in the league code 691006 featuring Supercoach talk regulars such as myself, Dermot and Kid81.

      Great podcast and thoroughly enjoyed the advice provided as well as the interview with T Ludeman.

      I’m in the process of compiling an article regarding the economy rates and strike rates from the previous BBL season as well as over player’s international T20 career which I will have finished and passed onto Schwarzwalder at some stage throughout November.


  3. Alright Supercoachtalk #1 is full, but I am happy to announce we have 10 spots left in #2 code 566001 which I have just got Tim Michell from Freehitpodcast to join so jump in to take on the expert and see if you have what it takes to beat him.


  4. Hey gents.
    First time poster, only just found this site.
    Looks the goods, and the 2 PODcasts have been great. Thanks legends.
    Q: Stoinis vs Maxy for my team?
    One of them is going in.
    Which one?



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