The Beauty of Hindsight

Written by MJ on August 6 2014

Ever wondered how well your side could fare without making any trades, changing captain or even using any substitutions or emergencies for the entire season if you picked the ideal starting 22? The team below is a side that anyone could have thrown together in R1, within the starting salary cap of $10m. You could have traveled round the world and come back to find your team on 41,381 points sitting at 6,232 overall and possibly doing quite competitively in your leagues. That’s even after fielding a donut in R7, R13, R14, R15, R17 and R18!

McVeigh (1868; $572,500)
Malceski (1868; $489,600)
Swallow (1850; $429,400)
Bartel (1842; $572,500)
Langdon (1226; $117,300)
McDonald (1154; $182,300)

Battersby (0; $102,400)
Byrne (0; $102,400)

Pendlebury (4498©; $683,100)
Selwood (2156; $638,700)
JPK (2121; $568,600)
Ward (2107; $525,000)
Macrae (1852; $331,100)
Tyson (1682; $216,800)
Polec (1411; $172,600)
Dunstan (1193; $132,300)

Sheehan (0; $102,400)
Rayner (0; $102,400)

Jacobs (2027; $460,200)
Sandilands (1899; $310,700)

King (0; $102,400)
Smith (o; $102,400)

Harvey (1964; $561,300)
Dangerfield (1936; $609,000)
Parker (1904; $468,800)
Gray (1872; $442,600)
Martin (1813; $549,200)
Taylor (1138; $117,300)

Spina (0; $102,400)
Luxford (0; $102,400)

Total points: 41,381
Total cost: $9,970,100

Finding some more funds for some decent cash cow bench rookies, some effective team management and trading throughout the year and it’s scary to think how far ahead of 1st this side could be, but that’s the beauty of hindsight isn’t it? Anything we can learn from this squad? Started planning your team for 2015 already?


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5 thoughts on “The Beauty of Hindsight”

  1. Great concept MJ. There is no way I would ever thought it possible to achieve such a high ranking without touching a team. Not too far from my team that has taken 25 trades to achieve.
    Notice the structure is built around available playing rookies, with only a few mid pricers to step up to premo output, gray, Parker, swallow and Mccrae


  2. Not sure what can be taken from this… would have had numerous donuts throughout the season due to players injured/ suspended and the bench not providing any cover.

    I guess the only thing is getting the right rookies and having a shed-load of luck 🙂


  3. I would’ve liked to have played against this team in Round 8 when only 12 players were available with possibly no vice captain selected to cover Pendles. I probably still would have lost though!


  4. I love the concept of hindsight.
    Trading throughout the year makes a massive difference but nothing more important than your starting team…

    I still kick myself for two decisions I pondered over pre season for ages…

    Lobbe over Jacobs ( although still happy with Lobbe )
    TMitchell over Parker

    And the other one I pondered and won was
    Rockcliff over Watson



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