Blundstone Winners – 2016

Written by Motts on January 19 2017


For three years, Blundstone have been generously sponsoring SCT by providing a pair of their magnificent boots to each of the winners of our major leagues.

I get all the boots delivered to me so one of my most enjoyable tasks every year is to then drive around dropping pairs of boots off.

This year the boots didn’t arrive at my place until Christmas Eve so I was like a footwear Santa! It was awesome! I even got to meet a couple of mums!

As is now tradition, I ask each of our winners to send me a photo showing their slick new wheels for this very post so without further ado, here they are!

SCT Chick’s League Winner – Fiona

Fi’s late run in the very competitive Chick’s league got her over the line. She selected a pair of Style 1443’s for herself and doesn’t she look good in ’em! She’s got options: spend a day working in the backyard or hit town with the girls!

FiBoots_1   FiBoots_2

SCTTL Winner – Yiorgakis

This is Yiorgi’s SECOND pair of Blunnies after he picked a pair up in 2014 for winning the SCT Draft League. The last pair went to his dad (who completely rocked them), this time he’s keeping his Style 1450’s all to himself! Lookin’ good, brother!

Yiorgi Blunnies

LoEC1 Winner – @FootyAficionado

Unfortunately I didn’t get a pic of @FA because he was leaving for an overseas trip on Christmas Day (the day after I dropped them off to him). He’s incommunicado right now but given he was planning on doing a ton of hiking, I bet he’s loving his Style 992’s! How comfortable does this bad boy look?

Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 4.57.42 pm

LoEC2 Winner – Jonathon

Now here’s a man who knows how to relax! Hasn’t shaved for days, didn’t put socks on for the photo, and is probably getting all his meals delivered to that very comfortable looking poolside chair. Magnificent! And how good do his Style 200’s look?!? Form an orderly queue, ladies.

Jonathon Blunnies

LoEC3 Winner – Daniel

Last but by no means least we’ve got the man who sent in my favourite shot this year: Daniel. He could’ve just sent me the first photo showing his snazzy Style 991’s and I would’ve been more than happy. But no. That’s not Dan’s style. Instead, he went the extra mile to make himself an alfoil SuperCoach crown and then perched that on his very attractive noggin for the second shot which goes into the SCT photo album as an all-time great. Bravo, Daniel. Bravo.

Dan Blunnies 2   Dan Blunnies

So thank you to all our winners from last year for making the effort to send us in your shots. I think you’ll all agree, not only are they all exceedingly good looking but every pair of Blundstones looks fantastic!

A huge thank you also goes out to Hawker and Blundstone for their ongoing support. You’ll be rapt to hear that they’ll be sponsoring us again in 2017 so this time next year, YOU could be on the internets looking tremendous like each of these champions!

I look forward to meeting you and/or your Mum in December!



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15 thoughts on “Blundstone Winners – 2016”

  1. Thanks Blundstone, Hawker and not least Supercoachtalk! Only a few more pairs of blunnies and world domination is mine!

    Well done everyone!


  2. Looking good folks! Great pics and great sponsorship from Blundstone!! Well done all around!
    Bye the way Mottsy I’m looking forward to finally trying to win a league and see you drive up to Brisvegas to present me with my pair!!!!


    1. In the past I’ve mailed interstate winners’ boots to them but I’d never rule out a road trip to somewhere as awesome as Brisbane!


  3. Guys you are all welcome, sorry I am little “distant” with my input than previous years, work taking me to all parts of the world.

    Glad our guys have agreed to continue this tradition on for a fantastic website and a real tribute to our great game.

    Enjoy the Blunnies to all the winners and hopefully there is now more avid competition to be the KING of SCT.

    Now back to my real work of putting my SC team together for 2017.



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