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Hey all

Looks like people will be rage-trading as of tonight with Rd1 being the new Rd2 with price changes being implemented from next week!  Below are the estimated BEs of the most popular midprice picks who have already played Rd1 games:-


Sam DOCHERTY: 43.6

Dan HOUSTON: 99.6

John NOBLE: 5.3

Brodie SMITH: 122.3

Jack CRISP: 115.8

Jayden SHORT: 42.7

Jack LUKOSIUS: 44.1

Jeremy HOWE: 3.1



Andrew McGRATH: 34.1

Sam WALSH: 118.8



Sam NAISMITH: -28.4

Sam JACOBS:  -5.7

Tim ENGLISH: 102.2



Devon SMITH: 18.7

Andrew BRAYSHAW: 75.0

Hugh GREENWOOD: 54.6

Tom J LYNCH: 88.2

Darcy FORT: 3.5


Please note that these are estimates only, based on the current magic number and first round scores to date.  Early next week, you will have more detailed analyses at your disposal, with accurate BEs and proj’d price growth/fall tables.

For now, enjoy Sunday Bl00dy Sunday … and happy planning 😉



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11 thoughts on “Breakevens”

  1. Thanks AS. We do it each year and never learn. I got rid of Heeney last minute to bring D. MacPherson. What is his BE?
    TU : Cut your losses. Get rid of him now
    TD : wait he’ll come good


  2. Thanks All Saints
    Your dedication ceases to amaze me .
    Despite some of your picks not going to plan you still front up with a positive outlook on what’s next to assist Supercoachers.


  3. Hey allsaints , was more concerned about fwd rookies this season, but with zerk and zach on field this week one will have to go.


  4. Dear AS,

    Wasn’t sure where to place this for thoughts about the pending travel restrictions.
    If they will not be allowed to fly then why not meet in the middle on bus trips.
    Eg. WA teams v Vic teams in SA.
    QLD teams v WA teams in Vic.
    NSW teams v SA teams in Vic. etc, etc…..
    Please submit our SCT recommendations before they panic and cancel the season 🙁

    TU It might work
    TD Ahh well, it’s too old school they can’t do that.

    Cheers everyone


    1. That’s a good idea or Otherwise they can charter planes. The AFL can pay for that. They already stay inside the 1.5m for training..and…cancel the tassie games


  5. Thanks Sainter.

    It will be tempting to trade out Houston for Howe.
    I feel I will have bigger fish to fry.

    I did start Naismith at R2
    and at Fort F5
    but.. I missed out on Devon Smith.
    I went Ceglar for Ruck cover. I hope he goes well today as most Rucks have scored pretty well.

    Depending on who’s named to cover Kruzer, I’m still hoping to find a way to get Dev in.

    It should be a very interesting week.


  6. If you want to find out break evens for a player look up footywire .com
    I suspect right at the moment the break evens that are shown now are for last year. I would expect them to update tonight or tomorrow for this year. Certainly before next weeks games….. hopefully



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