BS Rookie Review Round 10

Written by Big Sexy on June 5 2013

I wasn’t sure how best to tackle the RR with the impending Bye rounds and feel people will do what they ‘need’ to do, rather than what they ‘want’ to do, so here goes:

Rookies on the radar (<$200k) this week:

1)    T Menzel (Mid /Fwd $149k)  Played 2, Mid/Fwd flexibilityRound 13 bye.  A very highly rated junior taken at pick 12, but had LARS last year and given his brother is on his fourth knee reco… alarm bells are ringing.  That said, if his body/knees hold together, he’ll be a superstar.  Started as the Sub in his first game, hence the 12 points and scored 56 this week after being a late replacement for Juddy.

2)    G Burbury (Fwd $115k) Played 2, Ave 57 Round 12 Bye.  JS will be low after the GWS game I’d expect.  George turns 21 in June, and looks like a work-in-progress to me.

3)    K Martin (Mid $110k)  Only played 1, Round 13 Bye.  He was a star in the Pies win on weekend scoring 97 points. He’s a 22yo rookie who won the B&F for Frankston last year.

4)    T Mitchell (Mid $115k) Only played 1, Round 12 Bye.  Mitchell showed he has what it takes to play AFL level, and he certainly has the right build for AFL….. and smashed out scored 87 points.  Mitchell was kept out the team last season with knee and foot injuries which he looks to be over….. and if you didn’t know, he’s the son of Swan’s star Barry Mitchell.  Note: I can quote Mathew Lloyd from footy classifieds where he said “Mitchell wont leave the team now for 200 games barring injury”

5)    D Gorringe (Ruck $149k) Played 2, Ave 58, Round 13 Bye.  “What colour are his shoes?”  Was the call every time he went near the ball in his first season, but now in his third season with bugger-all games due to injuries.  Gorringe now has his chance to shine with Zac Smith out… Though likely competing with Tom Nicholls who made his debut on the weekend and also impressed.

6)    N Hrovat (Mid $114k)  Played 2, Ave 74 but has the Bye – Hold Fire.

7)    S Gimley (Ruck $115k) Played 2, Ave 74 but has the Bye – Hold Fire.

Here is the rookie data:

R10 SC SC Average Games Player Pos Price Team
97 97 1 K Martin Mid $110k COLL
90 90 1 T Nichols Ruck $115k GC
87 87 1 T Mitchell Mid $115k Syd
87 76 3 M Hutchins Mid $180k WCE
78 40 5 B Kennedy Mid/Fwd $155k COLL
72 39 3 D Kent Mid $132k MELB
67 79 3 B Staker Def/Fwd $198k BRIS
67 57 2 G Burbury Fwd $115k GEEL
67 74 2 S Grimley Ruck $115k HAW
63 58 2 D Gorringe Ruck $149k GC
63 41 5 A Corr Def $170k GWS
62 74 2 N Hrovat Mid $114k WBD
59 59 1 C Hitchcock Fwd $128k PA
56 34 2 T Menzel Mid/Fwd $149k CARL
55 55 1 T Sumner Fwd $109k GC
47 49 6 N Wright Def $211k StK
44 44 1 N Wilson Fwd $176k GWS
38 45 4 J Webster Def $172k StK
37 53 4 S Docherty Def $175k BRIS
35 41 4 M Paparone Mid/Fwd $148k BRIS
27 28 2 S Michael Ruck $115k BRIS
26 35 8 K Mitchell Mid $189k PA
19 41 3 W Sierakowski Def $139k NM
18 47 4 J Schroder Mid $193k GEEL
8 8 1 J Ferguson Def/Fwd $115k StK
8 15 3 J Lamb Fwd $105k Syd
8 16 2 T Walsh Fwd $189k Syd
DNP 72 3 B Crouch Mid $181k ADEL
DNP 37 2 M Davies Def $173k CARL
DNP 31 1 D Buckley Mid $115k CARL
DNP 39 3 J Witts Ruck $136k COLL
DNP 51 1 C Mooney Mid $115k COLL
DNP 55 2 J Frost Def $96k COLL
DNP 51 2 E Kavanagh Mid $139k ESS
DNP 51 1 T Smith Def $109k FREO
DNP 55 4 J Lonergan Mid $216k GC
DNP 64 3 J Thurlow Def $176k GEEL
DNP 40 1 T Golds Def $147k GWS
DNP 17 1 M Whiley Def $173k GWS
DNP 28 3 Z Williams Mid $108k GWS
DNP 42 4 L Plowman Def $189k GWS
DNP 35 2 N Hayes Mid/Fwd $198k GWS
DNP 84 1 M Spanger Fwd $128k HAW
DNP 51 3 J Anderson Mid $153k HAW
DNP 18 4 J Toumpas Mid $139k MELB
DNP 42 2 S Colquhoun Def/Mid $109k PA
DNP 17 1 B Helbig Mid $148k RICH
DNP 24 2 J Saunders Def/Mid $109k StK
DNP 19 2 B Murdoch Fwd $109k StK
DNP 38 2 T Lee Fwd $115k StK

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27 thoughts on “BS Rookie Review Round 10”

  1. Great write up BS
    Im bringin in Tommy mitchell this week i know he has the bye Rd12 but need the extra $$$$ to bring in a couple of Guns!!!!


  2. Seriously contemplating Nichols in for Daw this week. Allowse to swing NicNat into the forwards. Also frees up some cash for a double upgrade next week.

    TU: Good idea
    TD: Terrible job security, look elsewhere.


  3. Who you you lads trade in for Evans:

    TU Hvort
    TD Martin

    Already snagging Mitchell for M.Jones


  4. Doing something that I hate doing this week: trading in a guy who is not playing.

    Will be bringing in Hrovat for a number of reasons:
    – The rookie that I get has to have a R11 bye or I cop a doughnut;
    – I have to do it this week to get the two premiums that I want;
    – I actually like him better than anybody else available all things considered. He is cheaper than Menzel and I like his JS better than Martin and Mitchell. That being said, if Mitchell can hold his spot he looks like wonderful cover for the rest of the season in the midfield; and
    – My hand has been forced to a certain extent as underwhelming performances from Kommer, M Jones and O’Meara have meant that it is all time for them to go this week.

    Overall trades:
    OUT: Kommer, M Jones, O’Meara
    IN: K Jack, J Selwood, Hrovat


  5. Howm many of


    Are people going to get

    I’m thinking kommer for Mitchell
    And maybe laird out the week after and swing vlustin in to the backs for good if I want another rook mid


  6. Quick poll for some cashola this week…

    Daw for

    Thumbs up – Nichols

    Thumbs down – Grimley….

    Like Mouseman said above neither would start this week regardless but who would be a better pick from a JS and cash cow point of view


  7. Can we still go capt’s loophole this week?

    I take it if you put a player on the bench then his score wont count this week and if you are struggling to field 18 then this is a problem


  8. hey looking for a backline upgrade next week but a little confused :/ anyone got an idea on these 🙂

    Thumbs up: nathan wright>duffield
    Thumbs down: Nathan Wright> Grant Birchall +an extra 100k for a forward upgrade later on



    Being trade happy i love bye rounds and am getting better at this game in my 3rd yr.



    Looking to pick up Ryan Griffen next week for O’Meara.

    Midfield would look something like this:

    M6 would be MARTIN benched with a KERRIDGE/CROUCH upgrade to BARTEL in RD 13 possibly.

    Any thoughts on a good M6 – also thinking GAFF at $381K is a interesting bench option but probably won’t happen for me.

    Team progressing nicely with 17 prems inc HEPPELL & KENNEDY but only 12 trades left and a few Rookies not getting games – Rowe, Currie, Colqhuon, Thurlow on bench.

    Good luck and see you at the footy.

    P.S – Sonja is a bloke…lol


  10. Can see the main trade in 2 weeks time being O’Meara – Mitchell.
    Mitchell bout to play his 3rd coming off his bye, O’Meara bout to have his bye.
    It’s my plan anyway which is why I’m bringing in Martin this week and not Mitchell.



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