BS Rookie Review Round 15

Written by Big Sexy on July 10 2012

My Top Five Rookie’s (<$200k) of the week:

1)    J Murdoch (Fwd 106k) Murdoch has now banged out an 88 and 55 in his first two runs.  He wasn’t nearly as impressive in his second run, and the fact the Cats need to fit Harry Taylor, Stevie J and Pods back into the team does put his position at risk.  However, whilst he may get rested this week against the Pies in favor of bigger bodies, he is certainly the best value rookie that’s on the bubble this week.    Keep in mind, Murdoch is all about speed, and with no Varcoe or Stringer I think he’ll be about the mark for the rest of the season.  He had 15 disposals this week with 8 marks, but I would not say his disposals set the world on fire.

2)    S Gibson (Mid $173k) 56, 9,  91 and 66.  I grabbed Gibbo last week on the back of his impressive 99.  He looks very solid now that he’s getting some game time.  This the last week he’ll have any value with his 9 dropping off his three game average.  So now or never if you are thinking about it.   This week Gibbo had 14 disposals, 6 marks and 6 tackles.

3)    T Jonas (Def 184k)  Back to Back 59’s is a solid start for the for mid size defender.  Jonas played the last 4 games of 2011, so not sure why he starts this season so cheap but he presents great value for someone looking for a rookie defender.  Jonas has had 14 and 11 disposals in his first two games and certainly the best defensive option with Matty Primus surely looking to see if he really has what it takes.

4)    T Derickx (Ruck $113k) Well I certainly wasn’t sold on Campbell’s JS, but now that Derickx has had a run, and the Tiges have put Vickery away for the season, the Tiges need a second tall and Derickx is likely to be the man.  He was flying until half time on the weekend then came to a grinding halt.  Either way, I will certainly be giving him some thought with my precious trades. 

5)    T McIntire (Mid/Fwd $94k) McIntyre was solid in his first up run with 6 disposals, 2 goals, and 5 tackles.  McIntyre finished up with 55.  The key points about McIntyre are that he is dirt-cheap at $94k, he has DPP capability, but what is his JS?  …hard to tell.  This was his first run, so let’s see how he rolls next week.

Here is the rookie data:

R15 SC SC Average Games Player Pos Price Team
55 71 2 J Murdoch Fwd $106k GEEL
86 66 4 J Crisp Mid $198k BRIS
60 64 3 T Campbell Ruck $154k WBD
63 63 1 C Sutcliffe Mid $106k FREO
59 59 2 T Jonas Def $184k PORT
59 59 1 T Derickx Ruck $113k RICH
55 55 1 T Mcintyre Mid/Fwd $94k ADEL
66 55 4 S Gibson Mid $173k NM
51 51 1 A McInnes Def $113k CARL
54 48 2 J Spencer Ruck $113k MELB
88 48 4 B Wilkes Def $154k STK
44 46 5 J Paine Fwd/Def $178k COLL
55 45 6 A Tomlinson Def/Fwd $193k GWS
41 43 6 A Phillips Ruck $179k GWS
72 43 9 C Smith Mid $177k WBD
11 42 5 J Bootsma Def $197k CARL
18 40 3 K Stevens Mid $151k WCE
51 37 3 G Horin-Smith Fwd $137k GEEL
37 36 6 N Wilson Fwd $177k GWS
52 34 4 A Young Fwd $151k PORT
11 33 2 N Haynes Mid/Fwd $166k GWS
20 31 2 M Newman Mid $106k WCE
59 28 5 B Hill Mid $130k HAW
44 24 3 B O’Hanlon Fwd $109k RICH
11 23 3 A Maric Fwd $158k RICH
DNP 5 1 S Kerridge Fwd/Mid $106k ADEL
DNP 5 1 H Cunningham Mid $94k SYD
DNP 9 2 B McKenzie Mid $111k NM
DNP 12 1 L McCarthy Fwd $106k GEEL
DNP 14 1 C Mooney Mid $94k COLL
DNP 15 1 M Buntine Def $176k GWS
DNP 16 2 A Magin Fwd $142k GC
DNP 16 1 J Simpkin Mid $113k GEEL
DNP 17 2 P Yagmoor Def $106k COLL
DNP 17 1 T Ledger Mid $113k STK
DNP 18 1 R Neates Mid $113k WCE
DNP 21 2 D Pearce Mid $106k WBD
DNP 22 2 Z Skinner Fwd $113k WBD
DNP 24 3 K Ugle Fwd $114k COLL
DNP 24 2 J Boumann Def $113k HAW
DNP 25 2 M Whiley Def $113k GWS
DNP 27 1 J Schroder Mid $113k GEEL
DNP 30 5 P Seedsman Mid $141k COLL
DNP 31 3 J Lyons Fwd $124k ADEL
DNP 32 5 A Sexton Mid/Fwd $156k GC
DNP 35 1 D Gorringe Ruck $192k GC
DNP 35 1 S Schultz Mid $113k GWS
DNP 36 7 I Folau Fwd $192k GWS
DNP 36 1 T Elton Fwd $106k RICH
DNP 37 1 J Bruce Fwd $113k GWS
DNP 38 4 C Dell’Olio Fwd $134k ESS
DNP 38 3 W Hoskin-Elliott Mid $183k GWS
DNP 40 3 J Mellington Fwd  $178k FREO
DNP 40 8 J Townsend Def $199k GWS
DNP 41 3 H Crozier Mid/Fwd $131k FREO
DNP 43 1 J Tynan Def $106k MELB
DNP 44 2 T Walsh Fwd $113k SYD
DNP 46 1 J Fitzpatrick Ruck $177k MELB
DNP 47 1 E Yeo Mid $106k BRIS
DNP 47 2 T Hine Def $113k GC
DNP 49 3 A Black Fwd $196k NM
DNP 58 3 L Spurr Def $162k FREO
DNP 58 2 L Sumner Mid $151k GWS
DNP 62 1 B Warren Fwd $159k NM
DNP 74 1 A Miles Mid $113k GWS



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13 thoughts on “BS Rookie Review Round 15”

  1. Grabbed Murdoch last week as I needed cash to bring carrots in, ended up coming in for Stevie j and was happy with his score


  2. Marley Williams has been listed as indefinite on the injury list with a shoulder injury. Do ya reckon this means that he is done for the season?



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