Captains’ Table – Rd12

Written by Thommo on June 8 2018

Well I certainly did not cover myself in glory in my first week doing the Captain’s Table! Only 3 of my top 5 saluted for centuries and only 2 were respectable captain scores: Maxy Gawn with 139 and Brodie Grundy with 134.

In my defence, it was a tough week in Supercoach with most premiums struggling to post decent scores.

But it was nothing compared to this week! With Jack Macrae, Patrick Cripps and Tom Mitchell on their bye, Nat Fyfe copping an unscheduled bye and Dustin Martin fleeing the country, our choices are limited.

After losing my number 1 option in Nat Fyfe, what are the remaining slim pickings for the week (all times in AEST)?

Dustin Martin (RIC) Friday night 7:30pm (vs Por) – This is why I shouldn’t write articles on a Wednesday night!

Patrick Dangerfield (GEE) Saturday afternoon 1:45pm (vs Nor) – It’s always a concern when your premiums come up against the tagging Roos but Jacobs hasn’t been hard tagging lately and he may tag Ablett or Selwood, especially if Danger starts forward. That said, Dangerfield has a tendency to take the Roos to the cleaners. In the past 3 seasons he has scored 140, 229 and 123 against the Roos but he wasn’t spending as much time forward as he has in 2018.

It’s hard to be confident with Dangerfield as a captain option given his highest score in 2018 is 137 points but there are few options this week!

Lance Franklin (SYD)  Saturday night 7:25pm (vs StK)As I mentioned last week, Buddy’s form probably doesn’t justify us considering him but he can go large like few other players. He struggled with the attention of Brown in both match-ups with the Saints last season with scores of 76 and 86 but Brown isn’t playing this week. Against a very young Saints backline returning from WA he could finally reward his long-suffering owners.

I won’t be holding my breath!

Luke Parker (SYD) Saturday night 7:25pm (vs StK) – With only 4 tonnes for the season, Parker is certainly not a safe option. He is talented at being around the ball without actually touching the damn thing (yes, I’m an owner) but he could score well against the Saints if he gets on the end of a goal or two. If you’re hard up for options consider him. You’d want to be pretty hard up!

Dayne Zorko (BRI) Sunday twilight 1:10pm (vs Ess)Zorko has well and truly righted the ship with a 5 round average of 121ppg , the fifth highest in the league in that time. Few coaches currently own Zorko but those that picked him up at bargain basement should consider the VC given he is playing a Bombers outfit that doesn’t generally tag. Not well anyway!

Max Gawn (MEL) Monday afternoon 3:20pm (vs Col)Maxy’s form-line is ridiculous! His lowest score is 97 points and next lowest is 112 points so he is as safe a bet as you’ll find this round.

And now watch him crash and burn!

Seriously though, this is Gawn’s biggest test for the season coming up against the in-form Brodie Grundy but he has always lifted when he comes up against tough opponents. I’m backing him in for a safe 120+ score.


Lachie Neale (FRE) and Michael Walters (FRE) Sunday afternoon 4:40pm (vs Ade)Risky selections, I know, but they face an out of form Adelaide at home with Nat Fyfe watching from the grandstand so they could both go large. If you own one or both of them, please consider! If I had to lean towards one of them, Neale seems the safer option after Walters copped a corked calf last week.


Brodie Grundy (COL) Monday afternoon 3:20pm (vs Mel)  – If you look at Max Gawn’s form line you’ll see that he leaves a trail of ruck carnage in his wake. Not a single ruckman has scored a SC tonne against the Dees this season, in fact I couldn’t find a single ruckman who had scored a 90 against them! If you are tossing up whether to start Max or Brodie, go with Maxy!

Thommo’s Tip

Given we have more players not playing than playing this week, we are flush with loophole options! That’s called positive spin people! My best combination for Round 12 is: Dangerfield VC into Maxy C on Monday.

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20 thoughts on “Captains’ Table – Rd12”

  1. Might go a smokey of Dayne Beams into big Maxy, gotta try something to boost the score this week!


  2. Looking at Debutant Robbie Gray as left field VC tonight as got loads on at the weekend. Hopefully he can dominate. From their captain choice of Danger or Gawn as fallback.


    1. I’ll be doing the same! Gray’s silky skills in a wet weather game could be good for Champion Data (like Macrae against the crows a few weeks back).

      Definitely worth the risk in a round like this!


  3. Top 8 Highest Averages VS Round 12 Opponent:
    G Ablett: 135.31 from 13
    P Dangerfield: 126 from 8
    S Martin: 123.75 from 4
    J Selwood: 122.83 from 12
    Z Merrett: 113 from 3
    S Pendlebury: 112.5 from 12
    C Oliver: 112 from 2
    B Gibbs: 111.8 from 10

    Percentage of 120+ games:
    G Ablett: 61.54% (8/13)
    J Selwood: 58.33% (7/12)
    P Dangerfield: 50% (4/8)
    B Gibbs: 50% (5/10)
    S Martin: 50% (2/4)
    S Pendlebury: 41.67% (5/12)
    Z Merrett: 33.33% (1/3)
    C Oliver: 0% (0/2)

    Top 7 Highest Averages in last 3 games VS Round 12 opponent:
    P Dangerfield: 164 from 3
    G Ablett: 141.33 from 3
    S Martin: 127.67 from 3
    J Selwood: 124 from 3
    D Zorko: 114.67 from 3
    Z Merrett: 113 from 3
    D Beams: 111 from 3

    Percentage of 120+ games:
    P Dangerfield: 100% (3/3)
    S Martin: 66.67% (2/3)
    J Selwood: 66.67% (2/3)
    G Ablett: 33.33% (1/3)
    D Beams: 33.33% (1/3)
    Z Merrett: 33.33% (1/3)
    D Zorko: 0% (0/3)

    Players averaging 120+ in Wins in 2018 (minimum 3 wins):
    B Grundy: 130.43 from 7
    M Gawn: 128.88 from 8

    Percentage of 120+ games:
    M Gawn: 62.5% (5/8)
    B Grundy: 57.14% (4/7)


  4. I’m thinking of trading Dusty to Danger, and putting the VC on him.

    Makes sense, given I traded Danger to Dusty way back before round 1.


  5. Considering stef martin into gawn but bellchambers did really well last week so still a bit uncertain


  6. This week my options are so thin that I am seriously considering giving the VC to TIm Kelly.


    1. Heeney into Gawn for me. Alternatives are Nank, Westhoff, Mundy and Savage!!!
      I’ll do well to make four figures this week .


  7. Nathan brown is playing for St Kilda for those considering buddy. May not make any difference given the possible glut of supply he could get


  8. Who should i whack the vc on
    T/up Westhoff
    T/dn Crouch
    I think Crouch is more likely to ton up but Westhoff likely to go higher if he does ton up.
    The C will be either on big maxie or maybe Mcdonald depending on how i am progressing.



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