Catta’s SCT Cup Donation

Written by Schwarzwalder on March 7 2018

He’s already been inducted into the SCT Hall Of Fame with ‘Legend‘ status so we’ll have to upgrade that somehow 😉  Catta has decided to beef up the SCT Cup Prize Pool (along with Adam & PlayON) by adding $300 from his own pocket!!  Again, for the third year in a row, we’re just amazed at his generosity.  Can’t thank you enough, Catta!  You’ve made the SCT Cup & Group competitions a unique feature of SCT with a massive incentive for all to play.  Show some love for Catta……..



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13 thoughts on “Catta’s SCT Cup Donation”

  1. You are a Great man Catta.
    Can’t match it but I’ll put a hundred in the pool again.
    Use it how you wish.


    1. Extremely generous of you, Double D. Be sure to get in touch with: schwarzwalder “at” supercoachtalk “dot” com


    1. Hey Catta, has your league filled up?I’ve been in the last couple of years but changed my log in so didn’t rejoin.



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