Centre Bounce Attendances

Written by on March 11 2020

Below are the Centre Bounce Attendance (CBA) numbers for Marsh Community Series Rd2.

These numbers are significant up to a point.  Given that most teams put out close to their strongest sides available for Rd1.  Admittedly, sides will still use these games for testing/experimenting new ideas and guns will have been given significant time on the bench, but there are still some interesting points to note.  I’ll let you decide.

I’ve included % CBAs and TOG% figures so you can contrast them to a degree (though of course not an exact science, since there could have been considerably more/less CBs when the player was on/off the ground).

Those numbers shaded grey, indicate that player attended CBs as a RUC.


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16 thoughts on “Centre Bounce Attendances”

  1. Interesting implication from the Sydney v North game.

    Callum Mills had 0 CBA, which likely impacts Dawson, and potentially also Lloyd.


  2. Another high number of CBAs for Petracca hey.

    As a Dees man, really has me intrigued after watching him have a big preseason and finally get fit.

    Then again, Petrappa…

    TU – Petracca & Noble
    TD – Sicily & FWD rookie


  3. Interesting numbers.. whilst teams could still be experimenting, it definitely puts a tick in the box for Petracca & Brayshaw.

    The other two I won’t go near yet, but interest me are Rowbottom and McGrath. Is McGrath finally going to get the min minutes to make him relevant? Will Rowbottom get a good run in the young Sydney midfield to make us some quick cash? I’m intrigued…


    1. Not to me. Plays more of an outside game when up the ground. Look at Jelly and Gaff numbers for a comparison.
      GCS also looks hard to get a decent steer on with so many rotations. That could settle to more of a Swallow, Greenwood, Brodie, Miller (and Weller) you’d think.


    2. It’s enough for me not to start him JL. What do the best wingers on the competition average? I reckon you’re probably looking at a Lachie Hunter there? Gaff does alot of work on the inside too these days, but perhaps him a few years ago. About 100ppm?

      I think you would be hoping for about 95 at an absolute minimum. So he’s probably almost in All-Australian conservation’s if he does that. Not saying he can’t, I’d just rather wait and see and pay a little more if need be.


  4. For all those who think that a high number in the CBA column means SC gun you’re wrong.
    CBA means player was at the centre bounce it doesn’t mean he got the ball or laid a tackle or scored points. If it did we’d all be ranking Paddy Dow above Sam Walsh and Jack Martin. Any chance of running a PPCBA?


  5. LOL at you all frothing over this. Suddenly you’re saying Marsh series is indicative of the real thing whereas whenever anybody draws attention to how spuddy Grundy was you’re all “Its only Marsh series it means nothing.”
    I’ll give you a tip for free it’s more important who spudded it up in preseason than it is who ripped it up in Preseason. Rookies excepted


  6. Can’t decide on Steven or brayshaw to go with Whitfield, Dusty and Smith.

    Steven played well and is a proven scorer, how will he go with selwood and Duncan back though and he did look to be carrying a little bit of weight will he hold up physically and mentally!?

    Then there’s brayshaw who freo looks to be wanting to progress especially without Mundy and Acres now. Looks like Fyfe and Walters to play more forward. Will brayshaw be the one to burst for us or will he bust with his DE%….

    TU Steven
    TD Brayshaw


  7. IMO, I think the references earlier, were made in context to AS’s : “These numbers……….” and “I’ve included……..”
    Ahhh statistics, from what angle we choose to look at them from, will reflect what we are seeing.

    AS your statistics are a brilliant piece of research and education, we just have to find what’s hiding in the shadows.
    Cheers All


    1. they will be in the stats sheets that were posted during those first two weeks. I don’t have them in this format sorry!



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