Congratulations sodes!

Written by Motts on August 10 2015

SCT regular sodes won the $3,000 weekly prize in Round 19 for his score of 2,878 and that most definitely is worth its own post. Well done mate!!!

Here’s the team that got him over the line by a whopping 49 points:


  • Shaw 122
  • Langdon 99
  • Simpson 112
  • Newnes 104
  • Houli 103
  • Smith 101


  • Dangerfield 152
  • Selwood 145
  • Priddis 107
  • Pendlebury 129
  • Treloar 94
  • Steven 101
  • Goddard 119
  • Neale 123


  • Goldstein 155
  • Jacobs 156


  • Swan 168
  • Zorko 134
  • Higgins 145
  • Gray 90
  • Martin 151
  • Bontempelli 116

sodes now sits in 6th overall – just 62 points away from the competition leader. On behalf of everyone on the site mate, we wish you all the best!


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27 thoughts on “Congratulations sodes!”

  1. Great job Sodes – If I could somehow sneak my subscription over to you so you win an extra $3000, I would, as it’s worthy of $6000.


  2. I had the misfortune of playing Sodes this week 🙁 Knocked out 2608, and got smashed. Tough league is Catta’s SCT Challenge. Congrats Sodes!


  3. Well done mate, and like MJ mentioned, why stop at the weekly prize? Aim high and climb all the way to the top of that overall ladder, you have the team and hopefully trades in hand to do so!

    On a side note, I thought my team was on track until Wingard & Yeo decided to pull their handbrakes. Finished with my highest score of 2,741 and ranked 33rd for the round.

    Geez the SCT site is up & about with no less than 3 members still in contention for the grand prize. All the very best for the run home and those still playing in SC Finals.


  4. Brilliant stuff! Look at that Ruck combo points total! Congrats and really hoping you can take it out mate. #SCTRepresent


  5. Thank’s Motts, as you can tell by my punting I like to play safe and try to pick players that stay on the park. Had good cover this week which helped and no player scoring bad. I’ll come back to earth next round but with couple of trades left who knows with o/a. Anyway happy with weekly prize and put it to good use,now better get back to work.


  6. Good Work Sodes, I’ve got 9 but let a couple more go In Simpson and Selwood, the minute I start losing patience with them they start pulling out blinders !! 1 trade left, probably better used for an LTI since I’ve got no cash to go with !


  7. Well done Sodes. Great achievement mate. We have been chatting as ever about our Saints & SC & i never knew that was your team! Cannot believe that you only managed 9th spot in AB’s SCT league – no wonder we were flying as the top placed league.
    I feel honoured to be the 2nd ranked Saints fan in o/a after you Sodes (PS, Viper Death Squad who was on here last week is 3rd!).
    14 players the same.
    Good luck in the o/a & the 50K. Use those 2 trades wisely mate.


  8. Legendary performance Sodes. I would love to see you and the other highly ranked SCT coaches take out the top 2 places overall.
    I hope I last long enough to play you in the league finals.


  9. Awesome stuff sodes. Congrats on an amazing round and also an amazing season. All the best in the coming weeks. Badger



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