Cow Growth Reference Tables 2020

Written by Father Dougal on March 15 2020


Time to put up the Cow Growth Reference tables. Top row is the starting price of the cow, second row is their score each week, and then their prices. As with real Supercoach, prices do not change until after a player has played three games. Price changes do take deflation into effect. Well, past deflation it changes some every year.  They will be more than close enough for growth estimation. Obviously, no real cows will score the same thing every week, but the basic growth patterns and amounts are still useful when you want to get an idea of what you can expect for growth at various points in the season.

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I managed to mistype 80 as 82 in the header of the 80 Column.  The calculations are for 80, not 82, it is just the column header that is off, not the numbers. Too much else to do to go back and change it. (Sorry.)

Thanks for reading. For some value of reading…….



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4 thoughts on “Cow Growth Reference Tables 2020”

  1. Wow you lads must put in some serious man hours!

    I’ve completed the entirety of the 2019 afl draft pool statistics from the junior leagues through to the under 18 champs and the 2018 remaining cheapies statistics from that draft pool across the state leagues and under 18s and it has taken an eternity!

    Great work FD, much appreciated.


  2. thanks FD!
    I seriously hope some 123k rooks bob there heads before Rnd 1 and downgrade a few of those expensive rookies i have… generate more cash and faster

    can I get a TU/TD please..

    TU: Yeo

    TD: coniglio



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