Cow Talk – Round 22

Written by Father Dougal on August 26 2015

Small or Far Away – Father Dougal on Cows

Small or far away….small, definitely small, because cows are of small relevance now. Most people either have no trades, or need what they have to deal with injuries. Is anyone even out there? Bueller…..Bueller……anyone…..Bueller…….right thought not. 🙂

Random Cow Thoughts:

Now that the Cows are either slaughtered or out to pasture, I’d like to know if anyone has suggestions for things they would like to see in Cow Talk next season. Keep the format the same, something added, anything not of interest? No promises on what I end up doing since I don’t want to write checks that I can’t cash, like Father Ted, but I’d love to hear what you all think and would like.


Author: Father Dougal

First time player, new to both Supercoach and the AFL. Having fun though! Now a second time player. Let's see if I learned anything! Oh, I learned a little. Now a third year player and running out of excuses.

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4 thoughts on “Cow Talk – Round 22”

  1. I’m not picky FD. Happy to read any content you generously provide.
    Just wish I had a few axes with which I could cull a cow or two.


  2. When Cameron was in Egypt Land…….Let my Cameron GOOOOOOOO 😉

    All good, FD! Great if you can back up again next year, very unique article for SCT!



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