Dead Team Challenge Results

Written by Father Dougal on September 21 2015

Dead Team Challenge compiled team sheets 2015 minus Diz

Hi Everybody!

It seems only appropriate that “Heavenly Creatures” would win a competition run by Father Dougal; and it did. By a lot!

1 Heavenly Creatures 41846
2 B’s Team 39461
3 Jurn Sturns 39402
4 Death Adder 38666
5 Roo Bloke 38267
6 Mutley 38095
7 Father Dougal 37752
8 Bonsai 37538
9 Silverbacks 37509
10 SL 37333
11 Deez Nutz 37171
12 LW 36735
13 O’s Team 36149
14 Frosty 35330
15 Motts 35063
16 Huttabito 34977
17 Diz 34178
18 Bearded Burbler 34029
19 Dead Parrots 32704
20 Twitch 32682
21 Sainter 32588


HC is 2,385 ahead of the next team, meaning more than a Fyfe difference. Most of the teams that had a rough time had Gary as captain, and I’ve got some ideas for how to better handle captaincy next season. I also need to improve my very manual scoring system; my apologies for the delay in the results!

Tomorrow when I have figured out how to post a spreadsheet I’ll put one up with all the teams. I know my reaction to seeing my team again was pretty much “What was I thinking….?”   🙂




Author: Father Dougal

First time player, new to both Supercoach and the AFL. Having fun though! Now a second time player. Let's see if I learned anything! Oh, I learned a little. Now a third year player and running out of excuses.

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9 thoughts on “Dead Team Challenge Results”

  1. Well done on a comprehensive win in the DT league Heavenly Creatures!

    Thanks for running it and a great concept FD.

    The likes of Minson , Wines , Clark , as well as having Smith and Malceski in the backs rather than Shaw hurt me. However , 4th very respectable.


  2. Thanks for running this Father Dougal. I really enjoyed checking my team every now and again to see all the mistakes I’d made.



  3. Didn’t know we had a dt league, i finished on 47206 and 338 overall, had 5 premos out last round lost top 100 😐

    also finished rank 636 in Real dreamteam



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