Discussion: Rookies Yet To Debut

Written by The Salamander on June 25 2021

Most of us, I think it’s fair to say, are more familiar with the playing list of whatever club we support, than those of other teams.

Bomber raised the question of what rookies are left to debut this season in this week’s Polling Station thread, and I thought it was a good question – but probably one that’s better suited to a discussion format rather than a poll.

So, what players from your club should we keep an eye out for between now and the end of the season? And is there anyone we ought to cross our fingers and hope slips through to 2022?


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10 thoughts on “Discussion: Rookies Yet To Debut”

  1. I hope Charlie Comben slips thru to 2022.
    Is slated for some VFL action in about a month and then who knows.
    North desperately need another tall forward option.
    He would make for a good R3 next year IMO


  2. I’ll start us off with some Carlton rookies:

    Josh Honey ($123,900, MID/FWD): Named on the extended bench for this week, so a chance to debut on Sunday. Has been pushing his case in the VFL recently. I haven’t seen him play, but a lot of Carlton fans have been calling for him to get a game, so I assume there’s a reason for that.

    Brodie Kemp ($123,900, MID): Spent his first couple of seasons at the club recovering from injury; highly touted in his draft year. Should end up as a midfielder eventually, but versatile enough to play in a number of different spots – which may or may not be good from a SuperCoach standpoint.

    Lochie O’Brien ($180,500, MID): Pick #10 back in 2017; hasn’t been able to really establish himself at AFL level yet. Outside type/winger, from memory. Another one who has been named on the extended bench this week.

    Sam Philp ($171,100, FWD): Out for the season.

    Sam Ramsay ($123,900, MID): From the same 2019 draft class as Kemp and Philp; 20 years old and yet to debut. Midfielder.

    Alex Mirkov ($102,400, RUC): Picked up recently in the mid-season draft. 21-year-old project player. I doubt we’ll see him this year.

    Jordan Boyd ($102,400, DEF): Another mid-season pick. Will probably get a look at some point this year, but not sure about his role. He’s been playing as a small forward in the VFL, so he might do that, but we also really need a good small lockdown defender, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see us try him there. Neither are likely to be great from a SuperCoach standpoint.

    Corey Durdin ($117,300, MID/FWD): Second-round pick in last year’s draft; if his 4 disposal game in the VFL is anything to go by, he’s unlikely to get a look this year, unless we go into full-blown ‘play the kids’ mode.

    Jack Carroll ($117,300, MID): Also a second-round pick from last year’s draft. Not one I’ve heard much about to be honest.

    I think that’s everybody.


  3. Connor West (WCE) would have got a run bar an ankle injury. Shuey, Kelly and Yeo all back means we now probably put him on ice and run him through the WAFL for the rest of the year.

    Swans assistant coach Don Pyke on Will Gould (SYD): “His last 6 weeks have been really strong & he’s getting close [to a debut]. Watch this space, hopefully he can crack a game in the next month or so”.


  4. They don’t quite qualify, but Nick Bryan and Zach Reid at the hangar have both only played one game and I hope thats all. Bryan is going to be ten year ruck/fwd tandem with Draper, and Reid is earmarked for the long term key defence role.
    I copped a lot of flack early daws for putting Harry Jones up as a better career prospect than Joe Daniher at the same stage…these two are similar.


  5. Here’s a bunch to watch out for:

    Elijah Hollands, GCS, $180K mid/fwd
    Luke Pedlar, ADE, $162K mid
    Mark Hutchings, WCE, $158K mid/fwd (has already debuted of course, but you know what I mean)
    Jack Carroll, CAR, $117K mid
    Joel Jeffrey, GCS, $102K def
    James Peatling, GWS, $102K mid/def
    Jackson Callow, HAW, $102K fwd

    These are the ones I’ve seen/heard a bit of buzz about. No guarantees of course, rookies in the back end of the season tend to be a fickle lot.


  6. Nth Melbourne: Eddie Ford( $117k FWD). “Eddie is very very close (to a debut).. I don’t think he’s too far away” Jack Ziebell



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