Dual Position, Baby!

Written by Huttabito on December 4 2019

They will however not doubt be replaced in our sides by Dusty and Whitfield who headline the names of those who gained FWD status.

With the 2020 team picker just around the corner, champion data has released the full suite of dual position changes for next season. New players with DPP for 2020…

Dustin Martin (Rich) Fwd/Mid
Lachie Whitfield (GWS) Fwd/Mid
Hugh Greenwood (GC) Fwd/Mid
Darcy Cameron (Coll) Ruck/Fwd
Brandan Parfitt (Geel) Fwd/Mid
Jack Steven (Geel) Fwd/Mid
Nathan Jones (Melb) Def/Mid
Levi Casboult (Carl) Def/Fwd
Sam Petrevski-Seton (Carl) Def/Mid
Bayley Fristch (Melb) Def/Fwd
Braydon Preuss (Melb) Ruck/Fwd
Jack Ziebell (NM) Fwd/Mid
Paul Ahern (NM) Def/Mid
Noah Balta (Rich) Ruck/Fwd
Jade Gresham (StK) Fwd/Mid
Paddy Ryder (StK) Ruck/Fwd
Jordan Dawson (Syd) Def/Fwd

Unfortunately, on the other side of the coin is the full list of Players who lost DPP for 2020…

Patrick Dangerfield (Geel)
Josh Dunkley (WB)
Tim Kelly (Geel)
Travis Boak (Port)
Jack Billings (StK)
Mitch Robinson (Bris)
Andrew McGrath (Ess)
Will Setterfield (Carl)
David Mundy (Frem) Mid
Sam Menegola (Geel) Mid
James Worpel (Haw) Mid

Rowan Marshall (StK)
Scott Lycett (Port)
Rory Lobb (Frem)

Darcy Moore (Coll)

Any players who gained DPP that piques your interest?


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6 thoughts on “Dual Position, Baby!”

  1. Whitfield looks a lock. Dusty will be popular. Parfitt may tempt a few but has only shown glimpses of his potential thus far. Greenwood may push the top 10 forwards while Steven if fit should be good value with a good scoring history for a forward. A bit there to ponder.


    1. Serious question:
      Steven has played some awesome games for St Kilda. However, he has aged (as we all do) and his mental health may create questions. Additionally Geelong have a long list of accomplished FWDs & Fwd/Mids as well as a number of emerging players they will want to give game time to.
      I think a fit Stevens could be a currently underestimated gun for Geelong but is he a risk at the selection table?


  2. Thanks Hutta! I’m more interested in the other side of that coin – there’s always one bloke who loses DPP, gets shunned because of it, and then becomes the player you wish you’d started with. I think Dunkley might be that guy in 2020.


  3. Good to see some SuperCoach chat!
    I’m an EPL and AFL fan, cricket doesn’t give that itch.
    Was already keen on Greenwood and Steven thinking they might get DPP. They look likely. Now lock in dusty and Whitfield and that’s my 4 starting forwards right there at this stage



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